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Our Room (formerly, THE Sal Khan’s Room) is Being Converted into WiFi!

we made this post just for the title

May 29 2018 | Discussion

Why the title of this post is really important

I got to present my UROP work looking at the titles of graphs at the Vision Sciences Society conference in Florida!

May 28 2018 | Discussion

I’ve Been Staring At The Edge of The {Charles River}

'long as I can remember, never really knowing why

May 26 2018 | Discussion

Sentimental Objects (part two)

sophomore trinkets

May 25 2018 | Discussion

Designing a Calculator with FSM Logic

A web dev lesson from an MIT sophomore!

May 25 2018 | Discussion

a shocking look inside a macgregor single

where my loners at

May 23 2018 | Discussion

50 Reflections on 50 Things

thinking back on The Blogfather's wisdom in my senior year

May 20 2018 | Discussion

Things to Do in Cambridge and Somerville

places and events, illustrated

May 15 2018 | Discussion

MIT Moms

We stand on the shoulders of giants....!!

May 14 2018 | Discussion

Little Rectangles

Thoughts from Junior spring

May 14 2018 | Discussion

An Ode From A Science Fair Junkie

in honor of intel isef 2018

May 13 2018 | Discussion

Class of 2022 Wait List

An update for students who accepted a place on our wait list

May 8 2018 | Discussion

Murals of Senior Haus

"find where you thrive"

May 8 2018 | Discussion

Guide to MIT: Academics

requirements, resources, and miscellaneous info

May 6 2018 | Discussion

Quantifying Angst

the most course 6 thing we've ever done

May 5 2018 | Discussion

Fall 2018 Transfer Decisions Are Now Live

may the 4th be with you

May 4 2018 | Discussion

it’s ok that it’s not ok

sometimes things will happen, and you have to just let yourself be.

May 4 2018 | Discussion

[Guest Post] Love Is Hard (A Sequel)

wherein anon feels different from how he felt seven months ago

May 3 2018 | Discussion

1 Week of Meals for $8: How-To’s and Tricks

Tackling Food Insecurity

May 2 2018 | Discussion

How to decide, when you’re deciding

a pretext for productive procrastination

May 1 2018 | Discussion

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