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Feb 24 2008

Living Off Campus

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Hello, gentle readers! For those of you who don't know me, I've been here all along -- I just had a busy fall semester and decided to take a break from blogging. I'm here now to talk about one of the big changes I've faced since the summer ended: living off campus. I lived in the East Campus dorm during my freshman and sophomore years, but when some friends were graduating (and thus, had to move out), I realized I didn't want to lose that part of my community I most enjoyed. Of course, since MIT guarantees on-campus housing to undergrads for eight semesters, I was under no obligation to leave my dorm. But when my friends started looking at houses and apartments in Boston, the wheels starting turning in my head, and I joined the search.

As you may know, virtually all MIT freshmen are required to live in on-campus dormitories, even though they can technically join MIT-recognized fraternities, sororities, or independent living groups (FSILGs) during their first year. (Some freshmen... read the post »

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Jul 2 2007

Bring Your Audience to Work Day

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I'm always one to celebrate the more obscure holidays. After all, they receive the least press, the least Hallmark coverage, and most importantly, the least amount of employers willing to accommodate a paid vacation day. I'm always one to shoot for the underdog, the least privileged of the group -- because after all, if I can open someone else's eyes to something new or surprising, and it doesn't break my bank, why shouldn't I?

Today was "Bring Your Audience to Work Day," definitely one of the more obscure occasions of note. Created by a leading young visionary in the online blogosphere, this special day aims to shed light on the professional lives of bloggers, authors, and even stage professionals who have unusual day jobs.

This summer, as in January, I've perched myself atop the flat terrain of Fort Worth, Texas, as I continue to explore the complex field of freight railroading. I'm not out working in a rail yard -- I've actually got a desk job at the BNSF Railway's national... read the post »

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May 18 2007

A Week In Review

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So I was looking through my camera tonight, and here's what I found:

It's Director of Financial Aid Daniel Barkowitz, holding up some fondue!

As his associate advisor for a group of six freshmen, I got to tag along to the end-of-year dinner at the Wine Cellar Restaurant, just across the Harvard Bridge from MIT. We had an exquisite dinner of cheese, meat, and chocolate fondue... paid for by the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming. It was about $50/person!

(There were three types of fondue -- this one had cheddar in it, and there was another that had artichoke hearts and emmenthal.)

Kim Brink '10 is all dressed up for the occasion

The main course -- three or four different meats here ... lamb, shrimp, all raw... you cook it yourself on a skewer in a marinade, fondue-style. The sauces were excellent!

And then for dessert, we had hot chocolate fondue -- this one had caramel and almonds in it. Yeah, it was really good. Those fruits were skewered, dipped,... read the post »

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May 16 2007

More on the Paris Metro

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Confusing screens at Chatelet station, Paris

The term's almost over! While I'm excited for the summer, with a continuation of my January internship at the BNSF Railway in Texas, I'll also be missing some of the great experiences I've enjoyed this semester. I'll tell you about one of them here.

For the past four months, I've been working with the MIT Design Lab to propose improvements to and new ideas for the metropolitan Paris subway system. (I introduced this to you sometime in February.) Our effort is directly sponsored by RATP, Paris' public transit authority, and we met at their corporate offices over Spring Break to present research we had done so far. Technically it's a grad class, and yeah the class is about half master's, half PhD students (and then me), but age doesn't matter so much in these things.

RATP headquarters (Maison de la RATP/House of RATP) near Gare de Lyon, Paris

For the first three weeks or so, we developed ideas independently... we urban planners,... read the post »

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Apr 8 2007

MIT, You Make Me Wanna Wait!

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(Come to the 3rd floor of the Student Center at 12 noon on Friday of CPW. There will be several of us, including a MIT professor, talking about why this can be a really good idea.)

So you got into one of the best, most stimulating and resource-rich universities in the world. Welcome – MIT’s an amazing place (no matter what you’re here to study), and I bet you’re really eager to come – not just for Campus Preview Weekend, but to start your academic and life voyage as a freshman this fall semester. You’re probably already planning your summer, the changes from home to college ... what to bring, how you’ll spend those last days with friends and family, perhaps visiting your favorite childhood haunts in a last bid to say goodbye. But what if you held off on all that?

Sounds crazy, right? – because you want to get away from your parents as soon as possible, start your own life, and not be told when to go to bed and what not to eat... well, whatever the reason, college is a way to leave... read the post »

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