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Aug 10 2014

Do I have a story for you…

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First of all, can you believe the blogs are 10 years old? That's insane. Equal in insanity magnitude is I became a blogger in 2008, which feels an odd mix of distant and weirdly close. Like the first time your hometown city appears on road signs after a long drive – so close, but so far.

I attribute a statistically significant portion of this to a mismatch between the amount of stuff you can do in a given year, and the amount of stuff your brain *thinks* you can do. When you cram those years with stuff, you're so heads down in your work that you hardly notice dates flying by you like hurricane that sucked up a palm tree (get it? DATES?! eh?).

But then when you pop up and think back to just a few months or weeks ago and you remember where you were then, it feels like it __must__ be far away, because looks at all these new experiences you've had. The new pains you've ached. The hard things you can do that you didn't even know existed back then. That must have taken a long time... read the post »


Apr 30 2012

A couple of hacks from a couple of hacks

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Another CPW has come and gone, and with it the throes of prefrosh staring wide-eyed with smiles plastered on their face being carted from free food and festivity time and time again. It's always an energizing event for me, seeing all you guys excited to be here and the prospect of studying here reminds me that I'm pretty fortunate to have had the opportunity myself. That's an easy thing to forget when you've got your head down in your work day in and day out. 

Of course, CPW brings out the best in a lot of people: facilities pays extra attention to make sure things are just so, professors and students organize tons of events to show off all the nifty things they can do, and hackers – MITs clandestine purveyors of engineering spectacle–are no exception.

This year, there were a number of particularly impressive hacks throughout the weekend. For starters, Lobby 7, the entrance to MIT from the road, was transformed into a circus ring!


Here, you can see a tightrope walker... read the post »


Mar 2 2012


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All around North America, it's been a pretty snowless winter. Some people are excited by that, because the cold, bleak winter is a tough time for them and the less snow, the more they can deny winter exists. For me though, it's tragic. Snow is one of my favorite things, and winter is probably my favorite season. I'm just not built for the beaches and heat. Sunburns suck, sand doesn't do it for me, and the heat is just tougher for me to handle. The cold though, especially up in the mountains, is invigorating. The hush, the electric cold tingling your lungs with every breath; soft fluffy powder (you NE folks will just have to imagine what I mean) and vistas unrivalled. Yes, I was meant for the mountains.

So imagine my disappointment when I'm eagerly waiting for a huge storm to blow in, skis in hand, and it never happens. After the massive amounts of snow we had around here last year, it was torture. I had resigned that  this would be the year we had no winter. And for a long time,... read the post »

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Feb 21 2012

TERMinal Velocity

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Hard to believe but my time at the institute is starting to wrap up. I'll save the sappy gushing for a later post though. Most people's last terms are comparatively lighter, with lots of time to focus on all sorts of projects. 

I, for better and worse, am not most people. My term is the heaviest one yet for me, both in terms of academics and non. So lets take a peek into my day:


6.002x (Circuits and Electronics)

One of MITs pilot online courses for their new high-quality online learning initiative, MITx, 6.002x is actually open to the world for registration. You could all take it with me if you wanted to (and you should! It's fantastic). The kicker is classes for the rest of the world start first week in March, and ours have been going since the beginning of February, so we'll stay 4 weeks ahead to blaze the trail, stomping bugs, talking about ways the class can be improved, and generally preparing it for mass consumption. The class itself is all about circuit design,... read the post »

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Jan 23 2012

MIT Outing Club: Ice Climbing

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A critical factor in getting outdoors is having something to do, and for most people, they go through a rotation as the year goes round and temperatures and conditions rise and fall. For me, summer and fall mean rock climbing, and winter and spring mean skiing. But I've become more and more interested in adding a few new winter sports to the mix, and the one I've had my eye on the most is ice climbing.

If you want the technical definition of ice climbing, I don't know it. But a layman's definition might be something like trying to get up cold vertical stuff using axes and crampons and an assortment of other tools, just like climbing makes use of your hands and feet to get up not-that-cold vertical stuff. The gist of it is you swing these ice axes up over your head, sinking them into an ice sheet deep enough for you to support yourself on, and kicking spikes on your feet into that same ice sheet to stand on. Climbing is a motion somewhat like climbing a ladder: Hang on left arm,... read the post »

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