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May 26 2009

Moneyman’s Top 10 - a Greatest Hits

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So, Thursday is my last day at the Institute. I am sadexcitednervous-nostalgichappyconfidentready about taking the next step in my life's adventure (much as I am sure our graduating students are feeling about their own imminent departure from these hallowed halls).

As I depart MIT, I thought I would do a final post with my top 10 greatest hits (if you will), blog posts that are MUST READS from the 5 years of my blogging history. If you disagree with my picks (and comments on them) feel free to add your own below.

10. This post (or really series of posts) provides information on how we determine your family contribution. Before the recent introduction of our online calculator, this was the best way to find out information on the intricacies of our analysis. Even though these posts are over 4 years old, much of the information is still valid. Read the intro here, and parts 1, 2, and 3 follow.

9. My Random 10 Songs on iTunes post, back before everyone else did it (that would be in... read the post »

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May 12 2009

Calculating your Financial Aid

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Exciting news today:

After much work, we in SFS launch our new online financial aid calculator today.

This new service allows families to estimate the cost and financial aid award at MIT based upon their individual income and assets. Using technology developed by our partner, Think Ahead LLC, families can now enter their information, see an estimated family contribution and financial aid award, and estimate the effect of various "what if" scenarios on their financial aid packages.

This new service allows both domestic and international students to receive information assisting them in determining whether they can afford the cost of an MIT education. MIT is the first college in the nation to provide a way for international students to estimate their awards, and we join a small (but growing) number of colleges to allow domestic students to see into our needs analysis formula.

There are some items and limitations to be aware of when using the calculator. As always, the... read the post »

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Apr 14 2009

The Tax Man Cometh…

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Ah, the lovely days of April, when we sit back in relaxation and breathe in the sweet smells of spring [insert corny sound effect here].

Not quite...

April is indeed lovely (I wish I were outside right now) but it is anything but relaxing. And with CPW about to begin, it seems appropriate not to forget one of our other financial aid populations, returning undergraduate students for 2009-10.

Tax day is quickly approaching (tomorrow) -- the day by which US citizens and residents who've earned income in the last year must submit either a completed tax return or an extension. April 15 is also our priority deadline for upperclass (rising Sophomores - Seniors) financial aid applications. A copy of the email below was sent to students yesterday:

The April 15th 09-10 financial aid application deadline is near! We are writing to notify you that as of the date of this notice your aid application for the 2009-10 academic year remains incomplete. Note: If you have recently sent in application... read the post »

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Apr 13 2009

Getting ready for CPW

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Hello everyone. It's time to get psyched for the arrival of CPW, MIT's extremely amazing, immersive, and entertaining exhibition of all things which encompass the experience of enrolling at (e)MIT - [did you appreciate all of the assonance?].

I thought I would spend a little time here highlighting what you should expect from Financial Aid and Student Financial Services during CPW since we will be there to assist you throughout the event.

First, though, a quick financial aid update.

At present we have produced financial aid awards for 1012 admitted students. We are still missing complete application files from another 240 of you. We are currently working on 68 applications for students who completed their application folders in the last few days.

If you are one of those people who just completed your financial aid application, you should be receiving a copy of your financial aid award inside your CPW registration packet when you check in. If you've brought your parents with you,... read the post »

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Apr 10 2009

Spring Means New Beginnings

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The arrival of spring means new beginnings, but also the end of an era. The holy days many of us observe this week, Easter and Passover, share a theme of transition – leaving something behind as you start on a new road.

New beginnings can be exciting – witness the return of spring to the Boston / Cambridge area in the last few days – but I, for one, also miss and take a moment to mourn the passing of the old ways. I enjoy winter -- its quiet tranquility, its inner reflection -– and I mourn its passing as I welcome the earth’s new birth.

With the themes of new beginning in mind, I write today to share some news of a new beginning of my own. On May 29th, I will be leaving MIT, a place where I have served for nearly the last seven years as Director of Financial Aid, and a place that I consider to be home. I will be starting my own new journey as Dean of Financial Aid / Associate Dean of Student Affairs at Columbia College and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science... read the post »

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