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Daniel Barkowitz

May 26 2009

Moneyman’s Top 10 - a Greatest Hits

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So, Thursday is my last day at the Institute. I am sadexcitednervous-nostalgichappyconfidentready about taking the next step in my life's adventure (much as I am sure our graduating students are feeling about their own imminent departure from these hallowed halls).

As I depart MIT, I thought I would do a final post with my top 10 greatest hits (if you will), blog posts that are MUST READS from the 5 years of my blogging history. If you disagree with my picks (and comments on them) feel free to add your own below.

10. This post (or really series of posts) provides information on how we determine your family contribution. Before the recent introduction of our online calculator, this was the best way to find out information on the intricacies of our analysis. Even though these posts are over 4 years old, much of the information is still valid. Read the intro here, and parts 1, 2, and 3 follow.

9. My Random 10 Songs on iTunes post, back before everyone else did it (that would be... read the post »

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