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Sep 6 2009

Disappearing (or life goes on)

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I feel like I owe it to those (few?) who've followed me closely these last few years to come back and say a quick and proper good bye. I actually had several more entries partly written, but never got a chance to finish them up in a timely fashion, and now it's just way too late to go ahead and publish them. It's been a real pleasure, and great privilege. If you're interested, like I've been threatening to do for some time, I've started a personal blog here. Best of luck to you all. Don't be a stranger.


from Santa Cruz, CA

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May 27 2009

Where are you going, where have you been? (Part I)

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Part I: Academics

"You do know that MIT is unlike almost any other college in the country, right?".

A few months ago I was cooking dinner with my boyfriend and he was telling me about his visit to UCSC. He had gone to see a friend from high school who was either a junior or a senior there and was blown away by the setting. "Absolutely beautiful," it was exactly his kind of place, too. Full of a very wholesome, very natural beauty. Everywhere was mountains and trees and ocean and hippies. She had spent several days showing him and a few others around, introducing them to her favorite trees and caves and perches from which to view the sunset. And at night there was always something to do. Parties with friends and bonfires in true collegiate style. Wow, sounds perfect, like a movie, I said. Yeah, he thought so too, but then she said something strange. Toward the end of his visit, she'd asked, "What are you supposed to learn in college, anyhow?"

By his account she is an intelligent... read the post »

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May 25 2009


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dammit, my laptop and camera got stolen out of my room. Campus police has been thusfar unhelpful as usual in locating the perpetrators.

These entries might take a lot longer than I thought. Gotta start over. Good thing I already turned in my thesis.

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May 24 2009

Where are you going, where have you been?

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In light of the halfways, quarterways, three-quarters-ways done with MIT posts that have been popping up left and right and the all-around mayhem of everybody waxing poetic about their life experiences hoping someone out there is reading, learning something, or just caring out of the corner of their heart a little bit from time to time, well, here's my announcement that I'm throwing my hat into the ring with the rest of them. Nobody is startled. I'm sure. But I'm going to do it anyways. I've lost the element of surprise, alas, but I'll try to make up for it in thoroughness.

Seeing as how I have two weeks of free time between now and graduation, and I've broken many, many promises of various entries on this and that in the last years, I'm embarking on a multi-part project called "Where are you going, where have you been" named after a rather creepy (but incredibly good) Short Story, the context of which has absolutely nothing to do with what I will be talking about (unless... read the post »

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May 15 2009

Still Going…

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May 8th was when the senior thesis was due. But there's an unofficial actual deadline for the senior thesis that I am now desperately trying to make. That is, next Thursday, May 21th. That is, if I want to graduate on June 5th. For some reason I always pictured that I'd have more time... Hmm I don't know when I was actually planning to hand it in... June 4th maybe?

Hi Lulu,

I was wondering about your thesis since I hadn't heard from you and the due
date was last Friday. You can have an extension until Thursday, May 21. It
is the absolute last day I can accept a thesis. I am in the office from
1:30 to 5:15 so drop it off sometime between those hours.

Good luck with the completion of the semester and your thesis.

Have a great day!

[Course Administrator]

As of right now, I have 12 pages written, and sketchy headers for the next 7 or so sections (Shot Noise, Dark Current, Variations in Quantum Efficiency, Saturation and Pixel Overflow, Readout Noise, A/D Converter Nonlinearity,... read the post »

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