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Shannon M. '12

Oct 13 2010

Science, Technology, and Elephants.

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Every year, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus comes to town and parks their train right behind Simmons. This is one of those well-known campus-wide facts that everyone looks forward to but isn’t really something that’s mentioned as an MIT selling point. Like, “come to the best engineering school in the world—we have a circus live behind our campus for a week every fall!”

This all being said, I should clarify: it’s not really the circus hosting that we look forward to. It’s the elephants. Specifically, the walking of the elephants from the train tracks behind Simmons down Massachusetts Avenue, straight in front of MIT, then down Memorial Drive in front of Killian Court on their way to the TD Gardens where the circus is actually held.

Rose ’14, a Simmons resident, has been excited about the coming of the elephants for over a month. So excited, in fact, that I came home after class last Friday to this lovely mural on my whiteboard.

I have a confession to make: I’ve never... read the post »

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Jul 18 2010

A Pythagorean Triple of Awesome

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I should probably start out with this: oh hey, guys, I’m living in Boston this summer in my sorority house with a kickass river view of Boston,


I’m UROPing in the Doyle lab in the basement of building 66 (which is the ChemE building), I actually have time to shop at Trader Joe’s at least once a week, and my life is awesome.


Case in point. During the school year, it’s really easy to forget that you actually go to school in Boston. Freshman year, I could literally lie in bed and know whether or not the Sox had a home game based on if lights were on in Fenway. Even then, though, I was lucky to make it into Boston (and I’m excluding visiting the numerous fraternities who have houses in Boston, because those aren’t exactly representative of the city itself) once a weekend. Honestly, the activation energy required to get across the bridge, even if you take Saferide, is sometimes just too great to overcome when you can just stay Cambridge-side instead and conserve your energy for... read the post »

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Apr 16 2010

A Shot in the Life

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I had literally never taken a screen shot until I got to MIT. Seriously. I guess I just never had needed to or something, but once I got here I started taking them all the time, just to remember that day the windchill hit -20, or that time someone said something stupid on gchat and I clearly had to share it with everyone we knew, or to preserve that one crazy coincidence that would never happen again, or whatever. And now that I'm almost at the end of year two here, I have a whole portfolio of hilarious moments forever preserved from the exact second they happened.

So if you really want an unedited look at what life is like as an MIT student... here is cross section of my semester in screen shots.

1) I hit exactly $0.00 on my TechCash account. Do you realize how hard this is? This is like actually using up all the change in your wallet before you can accumulate any more. This just does not happen.

Picture 1

2) There were once only 24 HOURS UNTIL RING PREMIERE.

Picture 2

3) Three of our Theta... read the post »

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Feb 23 2010

“Well, you just cost me money.”

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On any given day, you'll totally forget how awesome it is that you're an MIT student, and that there are people outside of MIT who automatically assume that you're some crazy child genius and an expert in anything and everything just because you go here- and then you get emails like this. I'm still working on the Ring Premiere entry, but a friend forwarded me this in the meantime and I had to share.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Emma
To: bmf

me: hello, Bexley Desk
guy: hi, is this MIT?
me: this is a dorm at MIT.
guy: can you connect me to the science department?
me: this is a dorm, I don't really know how to do that. MIT has multiple science departments, so you'd need to call the main number and be more specific.
guy: well, i was calling to settle a bet between me and my stepdaughter. We wanted to know if the moon is a planet or not.
me: well, the moon is a satellite of the planet earth, not a planet itself. it's a natural satellite.... read the post »

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Feb 11 2010

T Minus One.

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(Class of 2007's Ring)

The Brass Rat is MIT's class ring, which is earned at the end of sophomore year but premiered early during spring semester. It's one of the most recognizable rings in the world, based on shape and the prominent beaver on its bezel, but the specific details of each class's Rat are chosen by a Ring Committee, or "RingComm," a group of 12 people chosen at the end of freshman year to represent the class in designing the class ring (and plan Ring Delivery, but first things first).

There's an extensive entry on Wikipedia; I would link to all the entries about the Brass Rat and Premiere/Delivery, but I think I'm just going to tell you to go here instead and start reading. Back when she was at MIT, Mitra '07 was a member of her class's RingComm. It's all kind of a big deal around these parts, and wouldn't you know, it happens to be the start of our sophomore spring semester...

That said, these fools and I make up the 2012 RingComm.

We have been seeing each other... read the post »

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