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Feb 26 2018

“This Weather Tho”

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Weather is a funny little thing. There are times when the sun shines so brightly that it literally carries you out of bed. Other times, a thick fog envelopes the Boston skyline, almost always enveloping your soul with it. And as you stand outside, staring up at the sky, noticing that the clouds have been sitting at the dark end of the color gradient for much too long, you become really really sad. “Where has the sun run off to?” you wonder. Has it decided to leave you here with your never-ending cycle of psets and more psets? Has it decided that the artificial lights of your dorm room and Barker library are a good enough replacement? You become angry with the sun. You start wondering if it never loved you the way you loved it.

But then you wake up one morning. You expect it to be like any other morning, no noise, no sun, no need for window shutters. And as you lethargically open your eyes, you’re forced to shut them close again. You’ve forgotten what morning brightness is like.... read the post »


Feb 1 2018

Tidbits of IAP

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Jan 9 2018

A Texan’s Guide to Surviving a Boston Winter

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It’s IAP and I've slowly but surely gotten into the rhythm of things. To the point where it feels like I never left for winter break at all. 

But things have changed. I mean DRASTICALLY and COMPLETELY changed.

This is what the East Coast looks like from an airplane window:

I’d imagine that is exactly what Antarctica looks like.

With the wet residue of the daunting “bomb cyclone” covering everything that isn’t concrete and temperatures that keep fluctuating between freezing and way below freezing, proper winter attire has become really REALLY important.

Having dealt with no more than an inch or two of snow at a time, figuring out how to stay warm (and dry) in a Boston winter has been an adventure. It’s been a lot of advice from experienced friends, googling and learning from mistakes.

I’d like to think that I’ve finally nailed it. So for those of you that are winter-naive (like myself), there’s hope. And for those of you that were born in a six-foot pile of snow, feel... read the post »


Dec 17 2017

Dear Seniors

Posted in: Freshman Applicants

Life has drastically changed in the past few months. You’re in a moment that feels like it will define the rest of your life. You’ve got one year left and a whole lot of stuff to do. And whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, you subconsciously know that this year is going to be life-changing. You started in one place and will end up in another.

You’ve got mixed emotions. You can see college peeking at you from around the corner. You’re excited about getting to finally be your own person.You can’t wait to throw your cap up high at graduation. But you’re also a tad bit sad. You’re going to miss your family. And your friends. And home cooked meals. And the laundry you don’t have to do. You’re worried how the future will play out.

College applications just don’t seem to end, and as you open yourself up, in essay after essay, decisions become really REALLY scary. You’ve cried. No, SOBBED you’re way to sleep. You’re terrified of the taste of rejection. You’ve made yourself sick... read the post »


Dec 10 2017

Up To Snow Good

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a storm is coming, are you listening

in killian, the snow is glistening 

a wonderful fight

our snowman's a sight


walking in a winter wonderland