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Afeefah K. '21

Oct 8 2017

10 ft from Hasan Minhaj

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This past summer, Hasan Minhaj FINALLY made his way to my hometown on his homecoming tour. Keep in mind, this is a person I’ve been wanting to see in person since basically forever ago. Hasan Minhaj? In MY town. Blessing us with 72 minutes of geniously scripted & reflective comedy? How could I miss something as paramount as that? (Turns out I could. Two words: SOLD OUT). When I casually scrolled upon his face on an MIT Facebook event, I went hysterical to say the least. Yall! Second chances actually do exist! They’re out there! For you and you and you...

As the sun set above the MIT campus last Saturday, I excitedly made my way to Kresge. Three whole hours before the event began. Front row seats were necessary, even if it meant psetting out in the cold. I’ll have you know, I was the fifth person in line (pretty good for an amateur like myself, right?).

When Hasan finally made his way onto the stage, his face glowing with the auditorium lights, my excitement and energy was not... read the post »


Sep 17 2017

def hackMIT();

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P.S: This is the only bit of coding I did this weekend. Stay tuned for the next three HackMITs to hear about a possible project ;)



Sep 6 2017

Take Off

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It’s been two weeks since I’ve been on campus. Two weeks since I left behind my home in Texas to make a new one here. In these past fourteen days I’ve already been on three flights. And as I attempt to make sense of the plethora of information that has made its way into the gentle folds of my brain (you know, through orientation, random upperclassmen conversations and “light reading”), I can’t help but draw a parallel. The past two weeks have been much like a take-off. The packing. The uneventful sitting around in the boarding area. The anxious march through the plane door. And last but not least: the abundance of information that is shared with all and for all during the safety demonstration. So here it goes:

Hi there! Welcome aboard! On behalf of our pilot and flight crew, I’d like to thank you for choosing ‘Tute Airlines. Our flight time will be approximately four years with the final destination being Killian Court. We will be flying at an altitude of 141 feet at the ground... read the post »