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Afeefah K. '21

Jul 15 2018

8,726,400 SOS: Killing Time…Not Really

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*written by Sheila B. '21 as a part of the 8,726,400 Seconds of Summer guest post series*

Lesson learned--you should always have a backup plan. Or improvise. After end of IAP rolled around, I was one of those frosh who realized that holy crap, summer was coming and I didn't have anything lined up. I cursed myself for wandering through Career Fair with a name tag that blatantly announced my inexperience and non-Course-6-ness (go EAPS), picking up free swag like Trick or Treat. As friends excitedly spoke of internships at Microsoft, Google, or MISTI, I frantically searched the job postings and email lists for something to tide me over the summer. I even stuck a note on the door for myself and my roommate (who also frantically looked for stuff to do) that said, "Keep Calm and if All Else Fails, UROP."

Good news--I did find things to do. I applied for a job at the US Consulate where my parents live for the first part of summer, and for the later part of summer managed to persuade... read the post »


Jul 6 2018

8,726,400 SOS: Massachusetts to Michigan

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*written by Liz O. '21 as a part of the 8,726,400 Seconds of Summer guest post series*

Home Sweet Home

I was not imagining coming home for the summer, back during Fall Career Fair in late September. I was feeling confident and professional in a button down shirt and grey blazer, handing out my resume to half the booths I walked past because I may have gone a little overboard and printed more than I needed. There were so many big name companies, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, Dropbox, etc. I was enthralled.

Then, as I was about to head back to my dorm and call it a day, I made the biggest rookie mistake ever. I made eye contact with someone. And because I have no will-power, when they smiled at me, I smiled back and started walking towards them. I took a flier to be polite, then looked at the address…

A Michigan Address.

After a quick conversation with the woman running the booth, I realized that this company might not have the big name brand like the companies I had... read the post »


Jul 1 2018

8,726,400 SOS: A Summer With Tulip Interfaces, Inc

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*written by Sharon L. '21 as a part of the 8,726,500 Seconds of Summer guest post series*


Have you ever considered how everyday objects like sneakers and computer monitors are manufactured? As it turns out, it’s a pretty involved process that involves passing components between various factory workers and machines, as well as quality control devices in between. Regardless of your role within the factory, whether it’s figuring out how many products are being made each day or even putting together parts, manufacturing can be disorientingly involved. Unfortunately, many manufacturing plants use fairly manual processes for figuring out these measures and relaying instruction changes.

 Tulip engineers demoing the factory workbench, along with the Tulip gateway and platform setup on the monitors.

That’s one of the problems the startup I’m working at this summer is tackling. Tulip, a spin-off from the MIT Media Lab LuminAR project, is creating a manufacturing platform to... read the post »


Jun 27 2018

8,726,400 SOS: Self-Discovery Within An Internship

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*written by Grace C. '21 as a part of the 8,726,500 Seconds of Summer guest post series*


It’s the end of finals. I’m sitting at a plastic table amongst hundreds of other students in the Johnson Track Center as I stare at my completed 7.014 exam. I get up to hand the thick packet to a TA and I waltz out of the Z-Center, the sun bathing me in its warmth.

"I finished the GIRS, am in a super romantic relationship with economics, and am ready to embark on the next adventure: an internship in New York City"

I AM DONE. Not only with my exams, but freshman year in general. Relief, freedom, and possibility overwhelms me, feelings that were buried and unearthed cyclically throughout the year in hues but never with this much intensity. For the first time, I feel like my life is sort of on track. I finished the GIRs, am in a super romantic relationship with economics, and am ready to embark on the next adventure: an internship in New York City.

Fast-forward. It has been three... read the post »


Jun 25 2018


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In the past five weeks or so, the pace of my life has dramatically slowed down. After running at 75 mph for the past year, I barely walk at 3 now. And while it still feels insanely weird to be moving so slowly, I’ve found myself with a lot of time to “stop and smell the roses.” 

There’s this tendency at MIT to start making summer plans all the way back in January. Some were finishing of UPOP seminars. Some had internship interviews lined up. Some signed summer contracts with their UROPs. Others were getting ready to send off their MISTI applications. And it made sense too. We only have three real summers as MIT students and the opportunities that are available in that time appear endless. It really makes you feel like the world is your oyster. If you’re willing to put yourself out there, that is.

My January looked a little differently. In fact, I’d say that my January was more representative of the average student’s here. I had no idea what my summer was going to look like.... read the post »