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May 13 2018

An Ode From A Science Fair Junkie

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There’s this idea that every moment in your life, every experience you go through adds to your being in some way or form. You essentially become a mosaic of all that life gives you. Your high points lay the foundation for the confidence you carry. And your low points remind you to take every step forward with humility. And while all of those moments and experiences deserve equal recognition in who we become, some just color you more than others. If there is any such life experience that’s had a lasting impact on me, it’s science fair.

This weekend, approximately 1800 high school students from across the world will be competing at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. 1800 kids with deep passions and big dreams. 1800 kids walking around downtown Pittsburgh, display boards and models in hand. I’m walking around today too. In Cambridge. With a backpack full of finals studying to do. I’ve been one of those 1800 kids for the past three years of my life. And in the blink... read the post »


Apr 12 2018

The Other Side

Posted in: Miscellaneous

This was me about a year ago:

Even now, I remember what it felt like to finally be on MIT’s campus. As my Uber pulled up on Mass Ave, the hustle and bustle of the street had a certain magic to it. The cars were stuck in place by commuter traffic and people rushed across the street as the signals changed. The sky was a pleasant grey, and my face felt the light drizzle that preceded a good rain. There isn’t much that was happening. And yet, that moment is embedded into my mind. It’s the first thing I experienced when I got on campus. It’s a moment I won’t ever forget.

This is me now:  

I woke up today, to a similarly pleasant scene. The sun is shining over the Boston skyline. The river moves with a gentleness, rowers float their way past my window. My roommate's prefrosh is up early (earlier than me!). She stares outside of the window, amazed by the scene in front of her. It reminds me of exactly one year ago. When, MIT was a new place that amazed me with every little thing.... read the post »


Mar 27 2018

I’m a Muslim Woman and…

Posted in: Life & Culture

What day is it?? It’s March 27th. Which means two things. Happy Birthday Dad! And also Happy Muslim Women’s Day! I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging about the Muslim community at MIT for a while now. To be honest, I didn’t quite know where to start. Do I talk about the Muslim Student Association? Do I talk about the prayer space that’s a short walk away from my dorm? Do I talk about the halal food that’s served in McCormick’s dining hall? Or do I talk about how safe I feel walking down the Infinite in my hijab?

When I found out about Muslim Women’s Day, I immediately knew that this was the perfect opportunity to make a blog post. I can’t think of a better way to showcase the Muslim community than through some of the most amazing women I’ve met at MIT. Throughout the past year, they’ve become my closest friends, my shoulders to cry on, my philosophical raconteurs, but most importantly my role models. Through a series of questions and answers, these women discuss their... read the post »


Feb 1 2018

Tidbits of IAP

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Jan 9 2018

A Texan’s Guide to Surviving a Boston Winter

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It’s IAP and I've slowly but surely gotten into the rhythm of things. To the point where it feels like I never left for winter break at all. 

But things have changed. I mean DRASTICALLY and COMPLETELY changed.

This is what the East Coast looks like from an airplane window:

I’d imagine that is exactly what Antarctica looks like.

With the wet residue of the daunting “bomb cyclone” covering everything that isn’t concrete and temperatures that keep fluctuating between freezing and way below freezing, proper winter attire has become really REALLY important.

Having dealt with no more than an inch or two of snow at a time, figuring out how to stay warm (and dry) in a Boston winter has been an adventure. It’s been a lot of advice from experienced friends, googling and learning from mistakes.

I’d like to think that I’ve finally nailed it. So for those of you that are winter-naive (like myself), there’s hope. And for those of you that were born in a six-foot pile of snow, feel... read the post »