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Mar 7 2012

I have SMASHING news!

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'Allo poppets!!

Sir Nigel Archibald Blogberry here! Marianne and I docked the commvee for some petrol while the kids fetch a cuppa and some take-away. Earlier this year Eliza asked us to install wireless Internet on the old boat. In fact she was rather demanding, although I must say now I quite enjoy being able to stream BBC Radio to Zanzibar while on safari. She also insisted I begin a web journal which sounded like a simply magnificent idea.

So let me tell you about our most recent discovery! Whilst rummaging about in the archives of the Bodleian I had found an old map of labyrinthine catacombs along the banks of the Charles River. So we pipped across the pond to explore the secrets of the old colonies and whatnot. I must say upon our arrival the seafaring natives looked at us a tad queerly, but after I deployed some primitive sign language they seemed to understand and welcome us. Some of them even brought us some terrific whopping rashers of bacon that were simply splendid.

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