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Jul 16 2016

On Moving

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Hey, blogs. How ya doing?

Long time no see...

Or, I guess, write.

All last semester I was thinking of the right way to say goodbye to this corner of the Internet, to sum up all my feelings from the past four years into a couple paragraphs and punchy phrases. This fictional super-eloquent me would end with the blog version of a mic drop, and then peace out from MIT and the East Coast to start a new chapter.

Well, it's July now. I graduated more than a month ago with the double major in CMS & 7A. I'm a driver's license away from being an official Montana resident. I'm a full-time employee writing and editing scripts for the YouTube channel SciShow. I'm car owner, or at least a car loan payer. And – dare I say it – I think I'm a Real Adult™ now.

But I'm still kind of tethered to MIT. Not in a trapped way. I just thought I'd want to get as far away as fast as possible, to start fresh, to not think about the stresses of school for a loooong time. And I do, and I did, and I took... read the post »


Feb 7 2016

IAP & Senior Spring

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The month of January felt like a whirlwind this year – it was filled with spontaneous trips, future-job-preparation stuff, and lots and lots of video. I was definitely busy, filling up most hours of my days with activities rather than taking the month to rest. But it was a good busy, a fulfilling busy, rather than one laced with sadness or inadequacy. Those feelings tend to sneak into my experiences at MIT, but I think I've found little ways to fight them off at this point.

But, back to IAP.

I wanted to take advantage of the fact that New York is a cheap bus ride away before I move away from the East Coast for a while. I saw two Broadway shows while I was there, Allegiance and Fun Home. Allegiance told the story of Japanese-American internment camps, and featured an entirely Asian-American cast and primarily Asian-American creative team. Fun Home is based on Alison Bechdel's graphic memoir (subtitled A Family Tragicomic) about growing up and working through her own identity and... read the post »


Dec 16 2015

Dear Prospective 2020s

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Dear Prospective 2020s,

You've made it this far, and EA decisions are coming out in a couple hours. Yuliya K. '18 made a lovely post compiling a list of distractions for the final stretch. Distractions are great – I use them often to reroute my train of thought away from worry or overwhelmedness – but I also find a lot of solace in kind, honest words. So that's what I can offer, because that's what has helped me most this semester. Most of this advice is paraphrased from people that I consider to be mentors, because I think I'm still a bit too young and foolish to be justifiably preachy about things I've learned so far. So here's the most important thing:

You're going to be okay.

It may not feel like it right now, if you're a bundle of nerves and it feels like your future is riding on this EA decision. It may not feel like it if you get in, and you're not 100% sure this is the right school for you but you have external pressures to comMIT. It may not feel like it if you get... read the post »


Nov 2 2015

On Escaping

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I have five different takes of this video that were scrapped before I finally figured out what I wanted to say. I think that's how this semester is going, though. I'm working on so many different types of projects that it takes me a couple tries to even get in the right mindset to make something for myself. 

I'm still not sure this is "good." But it's beginning to delve into some of the things I've been feeling this year about being a senior at MIT, and I think that was enough for me to finally finish and post it. I also gave up scripting this one, so my initial monologue was incredibly long and circuitous. Cutting it down to 7 minutes was a challenge, but if you get bored at around 3 or 4 minutes (as I think, statistically, people do with YouTube videos) I won't blame you. 

Self-deprecating disclaimers aside... 

Things you will see in this video: angst, pretty shots of Cape Cod, not-so-pretty shots of mac and cheese, an attempt at a timelapse video of the sunset, thoughts on... read the post »


Oct 3 2015

My Last First Month

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Thoughts on September:

Me, now that it's October:

It feels weird to be a senior.

It feels weird to be a senior while excited freshmen are just beginning their MIT journey and everyone is asking "what are your plans for next year???" and I internally scream "I DON'T KNOW" but manage to smile and say "um, maybe taking a gap year before applying to grad school or possibly working if I find a cool company who wants to hire me."

A whole month of school has already passed, people suited up for the Fall Career Fair and are interviewing with companies, classes are settling into a rhythm, the pumpkin takeover is underway, and I am nowhere closer to having an answer. This Monday I put on a nice sweater and got my photo taken for the yearbook. For my senior quote, I submitted: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I hope they publish it.

These days, I spend about half my time off MIT campus and am only 3 units above the credit cutoff to be considered a full-time student. I'm busy, but also happier... read the post »