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Oct 9 2014

My new job @ admissions

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I was rewriting my profile this morning - the first substantive update in five years - to reflect my new role and responsibilities in the office when I suddenly realized that I hadn't actually blogged about my new role and responsibilities in the office. This is a problem, but unlike most we take on here at MIT, it's a easy one to solve. 

As many of you know, most of my career has been essentially doing "web stuff", including the blogs, for the office. And I'm still helping Kris out with them and other communications projects. But earlier this summer, I assumed a new job as an assistant director of talented outreach, overseeing our recruitment and evaluation of students with exceptional academic and technical achievements.

I'm new to the position, but the role it plays in our office is old: it was most recently done by Dawn, and Matt handled the substantive duties for many years before then. Essentially, my job is to find some of the most intelligent, most skilled, most creative... read the post »


Sep 12 2014

California Love

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Every year our office travels all over the country to speak to students about MIT. The goal of these presentations is to demystify the Institute and our admissions process, particularly for those far-flung audiences that might not otherwise be able to visit MIT or speak to an admissions officer in person.

Our destinations fall into roughly three categories:

  • Central Meetings: major events, held at large venues, to which we invite everyone in our prospect database in a ~100 mile radius
  • School Visits: visits to individual high schools
  • Community-Based Organizations (CBOs): visits to CBOs, which may work with students from a region or community who span several different high schools

This year, I traveled to Southern California. I spent a week driving all over the region speaking to as many students as I could. I'm writing notes for my colleagues about my journey, and I thought I'd share some of them with you all to see what it's like to be an admissions officer on the... read the post »


Aug 29 2014

Credit for Reddit

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There's a story my mother likes to tell about the time, soon after I began first grade, she received a polite but concerned note from my teacher. Evidently, when my time to show-and-tell had arrived, I read aloud from a library book about reproductive biology, with a degree of anatomical specificity my teacher considered frankly inappropriate for my age and audience. My teacher clarified that I was not in trouble because none of my classmates understood what I was talking about or indeed had seemed to pay me any attention at all (this was a recurring theme of my childhood and also my adulthood). Some parents might have discouraged 'inappropriate' intellectual interests, but I have long been grateful that my mother, who helps children with special needs navigate elementary school, never let my education get in the way of my learning.

Love you, mom


One of the best ways to learn is to teach, both because in order to teach you have to know your stuff, and because through... read the post »


Aug 17 2014

What Are We Waiting For

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Freshman orientation for the Class of 2018 officially begins in two weeks. Next week, however, some students will begin arriving on campus to participate in one of 22 Freshman Pre-Orientation Programs (FPOPs), which offer students an early introduction to in the social life of learning at MIT. As the FPOP website says: 

Build an underwater vehicle. Make friends. Work in the Cambridge community. Learn what it means to install public interactive art. Kayak. Play robotic soccer. Visit a nuclear reactor. Swing your way through a ropes course. Learn to paint. Roll your own sushi. Wear paper clothing. Travel to Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Spend a day feeding the homeless. Learn about yourself. Challenge yourself.

We've blogged a lot about FPOPs in the past. This year's FPOPs include: 


Aug 13 2014

The Blogs Turn 10: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

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Cruftblogging 2014

Last week the blogs turned ten. We celebrated by asking a bunch of former bloggers to come back and blog for us. In case you missed it, here's an index of their entries: