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Aug 24 2015

So apparently the Media Lab figured out how to 3D print glass

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I saw a tweet from MIT News late last week about how some researchers at MIT, centered at the Mediated Matter group in the Media Lab but including folks from mechanical engineering and the Glass Lab, had figured out a way to 3D print glass. I'd actually seen some objects on display at the Lab back in June, but had no idea how it worked; at first, I didn't even think it was glass, because I didn't think 3D printing glass was even possible. 

a 3D printed glass vessel


Last week, however, Mediated Matter posted an (incredibly satisfying and visually gorgeous) video that shows how the process works: 

GLASS from Mediated Matter Group on Vimeo.

More details from the G3DP project website

Mediated Matter Group in collaboration with MIT's Department of Mechnical Engineering and MIT's Glass Lab. Additional researchers include Michael Stern (MIT MechE), Shreya Dave (MIT MechE), James Weaver (WYSS Institute, Harvard) and Peter Houk (Director, MIT Glass Lab).


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Aug 18 2015

The Freshman Application Is Now Live

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tl;dr: Click here to apply to MIT.


The freshman application is now live on MyMIT. Our online application guide, with an overview of each of the components of the application, including essays, letters of recommendation, required tests, interviews, and supplemental portfolios, is here.

Our essay questions this year are (100-250 words each, depending on the question): 

  • We know you lead a busy life, full of activities, many of which are required of you. Tell us about something you do simply for the pleasure of it.
  • Although you may not yet know what you want to major in, which department or program at MIT appeals to you and why?
  • At MIT, we seek to develop in each member of our community the ability and passion to work collaboratively for the betterment of humankind. How have you improved the lives of others in your community? (This could be one person or many, at school or at home, in your neighborhood or your state, etc.)
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Aug 10 2015

Trip Report: IOI 2015 in Kazakhstan

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Late last month, on July 25th, I boarded a Lufthansa flight from Boston to Frankfurt, and then Frankfurt to Almaty, the cultural and educational (but not political) capital of Kazakhstan, en route to the 27th International Olympiad in Informatics.

The International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) is the world's preeminent programming competition for high school students. Like its counterparts in math (IMO), physics (IPhO), chemistry (IChO), biology (IBO), linguistics (IOL), and other domains of science (ISOs), the IOI convenes delegations of students from all over the world to compete in a kind of academic olympics. At IOI 2015, 322 students from 83 countries competed to solve six hard problems; the top performers were awarded medals, and all contestants were generally fêted with great ceremony and circumstance.


(Note: before I came to MIT, I did not know the ISOs existed. I had never known anyone to compete in any of them, or even participate in any of their qualifying... read the post »


Aug 3 2015

What It’s Like To Major In Science Writing at MIT

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As some of you know, I got my master's degree from the Comparative Media Studies program at MIT. While I was a graduate student, CMS merged with Writing to form CMS/W, which includes the Science Writing program and its associated undergraduate major/minor in Science Writing. 

According to CMS/W: 

The curriculum in science writing is designed to enable the student to develop mastery of the craft and rhetoric of writing about the worlds of science and engineering for broad audiences. This writing major is an option for students interested in science journalism, longer forms like the science documentary, and communication issues related to the public understanding of science and technology. It is also designed to work as a complementary major for students majoring in science, engineering, or another field of study at MIT. This major includes a three-subject exposure to an allied field such as science, or comparative media studies. Students also fulfill an internship requirement,... read the post »


Jul 14 2015

Be A Blogger 2015!

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It's summer in Cambridge, which means three things:

1) I'm slow-cooking ribs at least once a week

2) My Google search history is basically variations of "where to buy industrial sized vats of SPF 50"

3) It's time for those of you who might want to be bloggers to TAKE THE PLUNGE

What does it mean to be an admissions blogger? Here is the opening paragraph from the blogger training manual that Lydia and I send to all the new bloggers during blogger training:

The mission of the blogs is to allow our bloggers to express to the world what being a student at MIT is like.

You should interpret this mandate expansively. We want you to write about the formal admissions process (essay tips, interview advice, etc), but we also want you to write about things you do at MIT. Admissions officers can write about holistic admissions authentically. We can’t write about what it’s like to be in a Sadoway lecture, or planning stuff for REX, or UROPing, or deciding how to pick your classes,... read the post »