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Jan 12 2016

A brief history of 2.007, the MIT class that inspired FIRST Robotics

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If you're like me (and I'm willing to bet a lot of our readers), then you spent last Friday and Saturday eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the 2016 FIRST Robotics FRC game at the annual kickoff event. I've blogged before about FIRST, which was a transformational experience for me as a high school student, and which I have been involved with as a student, mentor, and (now) admissions liaison since 2002. 

Before I came to MIT, I knew that Professor Woodie Flowers had helped Dean Kamen found FIRST back in 1992. What I didn't know at the time is that FIRST was actually modeled after a legendary MIT class in mechanical engineering, 2.007, which Woodie started teaching at MIT in the early 1970s. For decades, 2.007 has been a core course in mechanical engineering at MIT. Our own Dean of Admissions Stu Schmill took it with Woodie back in the 80s; one of his classmates, Megan Smith is now the current Chief Technology Officer of the United States and the former head of Google[x]. It's been... read the post »


Dec 21 2015

Next Steps for EA Deferred

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On Wednesday, December 16th, we released decisions for Early Action (EA) applicants. There was a definitive resolution for those students who were admitted or denied in EA. Deferred students, however, will have to wait a little longer as we reconsider their cases in Regular Action (RA).

I've had a number of deferred students write in with questions so I wanted to post a quick entry that answered some of them publicly.

What new stuff should I send?
The only "new" thing you need to send in is the February Updates & Notes form. You'll use the FUN form to tell us your midyear grades and anything new that has happened or will happen. As always, you can send us stuff via fax (617-687-9184) or mail, but the FUN form is the best way to update us. The FUN form is due by February 15th.

You may still submit a supplemental portfolio, but you do not need to; I would only consider this if you were planning to do so during EA but ran out of time. If you are retaking tests in December or... read the post »


Dec 18 2015

Recapping Trashion 2015

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Two weeks ago, after a long day of committee was complete, I headed over to the student center to a different committee, this time to judge current MIT students at the annual Trashion Show.

The MIT Trashion Show is a fashion show that celebrates creative fashion design while promoting waste reduction and sustainability. Student designers from MIT and other schools in the Boston area create pieces made of trash and recycled materials, which are then modeled on our runway. Trashion was founded in 2011, is an annual event run by the MIT UA Committee on Sustainability.


I blogged about judging Trashion last year, and, for some reason, the organizers invited me back to judge again this year, along with Professor John Fernandez of Architecture, Professor Martin Hackl of Linguistics, environmentalist & filmmaker Jennifer Galvin of the Thoreau Foundation, and Bina Venkataraman, who directs global policy initiatives for the Broad Institute and teaches in STS


Trashion Show... read the post »


Dec 16 2015

MIT Early Action Decisions Now Available Online

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MIT Early Action admissions decisions for the Class of 2020 are now available at

> > > < < <

You can log in using the same username and password that you use to log in to your MyMIT account. There are no interim screens, so you should be sure you are ready to receive your decision online before logging in to

This year, 7,767 students applied for early admission to MIT, and we have offered early admission to 656. These students hail from more than 500 high schools scattered across the globe, from Alaska to Zimbabwe. We can't wait to welcome them to campus to join the 4,527 outstanding undergraduates who already call MIT home. Though they all do different things — construction and cross-stitch, algorithms and astrophysics, deontology and design — they are united by rigorous academics, high character, and a strong match with MIT's global mission to better humankind.

We deferred 4,776 applicants. These students will be reconsidered... read the post »


Dec 8 2015

MIT EA Decisions To Be Posted Wednesday, 12/16/15, at 6:28PM ET

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I've stopped watching Tom Brady catch a double-reverse pass long enough to tell you, as the title says, we will be releasing Early Action decisions online next Wednesday, 12/16/15, at Tau Time (i.e. 6:28PM ET).

To check your decision on the 16th, visit and log in with your MyMIT username and password.  

In order to verify that you will receive a decision on the 16th, you should visit and log in with your MyMIT username and password. I recommend you do this now to make sure everything works for you. Strange things happen to people who don't verify they will receive their decision! 

Don't let this happen to you...

If you've forgotten your MyMIT password, you may use our automated system to reset it. Simply visit MyMIT and click on the lost password link. There is a similar link for forgotten usernames. If you're having trouble using our automated username/password recovery process, please email mymitpassword [at] mit [dot] edu with... read the post »