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Nov 12 2015

It’s the middle of November. Do YOU know where your Early Action application components are?

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Shortly after 4PM ET we sent out the following email to the (relatively small but still nonzero number of) Early Action applicants for whom we are still missing a component of their application.

Typically we have pretty reliable email delivery, but just in case some of you didn't get it, I'm reposting the email in its entirey below. This is also good advice for how to get stuff to us generally. 

Thanks for applying to MIT!
You're receiving this email because we do not have a core piece namely, a recommendation and/or a transcript of your Early Action application yet. But don’t worry! We know this may be for reasons out of your control. There is still plenty of time to complete your application in time for Early Action consideration. You should submit what you need, and we will review your application when it's ready.
Before you do anything else, please read through this email for what to do next and for answers to some frequently asked questions!
At this... read the post »


Nov 4 2015

Listen to Admissions: Holly on applications, art, and action team

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Earlier this summer I sent out an email to the office asking if anyone who doesn't blog would like to be interviewed for the blogs. A few minutes later, my friend Holly responded and said that, duh, of course she would. 


Even if you don't know Holly, you may have received something that she's made in the mail. Holly is a Senior Counselor for Communications, and she basically makes all of our print publications, as well as being the token #millenial on our social media. One reason I love working with Holly is because she's always down to try anything new and creative just because it's new or creative. 

Last week Holly and I finally got to sit down and talk about ourselves. The transcript from that interview ran almost 11 pages, which seemed downright cruel to blog. So instead, we decided to post the audio to Soundcloud, so you can listen to it whenever and however you like. I listen to a lot of podcasts and radio shows, and used to run one for my college newspaper, so... read the post »


Oct 26 2015

A Collection of Curious Creatures at the MIT Zoo

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There was another hack on campus this morning! This time, it would appear that some hackers decided to turn the Infinite into a zoo, featuring the imagined animalistic avatars of some MIT courses, programs, and student groups.

I'm happy to report that -- arguably unlike regular zoos -- you will notice that these animals are allowed to freely roam the campus, and that none of them were harmed in the making of this hack. 






















I also like that the hackers reserved an exhibit -- complete with photo booth -- for the strangest and most exotic creature of them all: the wild, weird humans of MIT. 


Oct 21 2015

Hack to the Future

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26 years ago, Doc Brown and Marty McFly traveled 26 years into the future, arriving in the same place, at a different time, to save the future from its past.



This morning, October 21st, 2015, I walked into Lobby 7, and was greeted by a hack; a hack to the future.




Like many current (and future) MIT students, I suspect, I loved the BTTF movies as a kid. But, as CollegeHumor pointed out last week, the future hasn't quite turned out like the past thought it would. 



Watching that video, I wished we could save the future from the past. But then I remembered that we can. All futures have a past; indeed, one reason we do history is to realize that futures are products of their pasts. And one thing you do when you study history is to realize that while the past determines the future, it never does so determinatively. That we make the future even as we cannot see what we are making. That... read the post »


Oct 20 2015

Happy 21st Birthday to the Random Hall Milk

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21 years ago today a very special carton of milk was brought home from the supermarket to a dormitory at MIT. It has lived there ever since. 

If you've never met the Milk, then you should read Vincent's biography of the Milk that he posted on these blogs two years ago:

Nineteen years ago, a fairly lactose-intolerant resident of Random Hall decided to make Macaroni and Cheese for dinner. Deciding that a little carton of milk couldn’t possibly hurt, he made his way to Shaw’s, a grocery store, braving and somehow surviving the treacherous Boston weather. Being an MIT student, he bought the milk carton and made his way to his floor—Bonfire—only to realize a grievous error. He had forgotten to get any macaroni!

Ultimately, he decided that Mac and Cheese wouldn't help him complete his p-sets or levitate objects and he could probably do without them. The milk carton, despite its cream-filled protests, was chucked into a refrigerator, in which a stretch of time found it confined.... read the post »