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Jul 21 2014

Blogger Application 2014!

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It's summer in Cambridge, which means three things: 

1) I've begun cold-brewing my own iced tea as per Kenji's instructions

2) I've setup a WeMo Switch connected to IFTTT so I can turn on my air conditioner with a text message from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD




Jul 10 2014

I Suppose It Was Inevitable That We Have An Office Instagram

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Nearly five years ago I added a Facebook share button to the blogs. It's strange to think that was so long ago, and also strange to think that it was once not obvious that people would come to the blogs any other way than navigating to or searching for Of course, it's also strange to think I once had a full head of hair and wasn't exhausted by 10 PM every night. And this too shall pass

TLDR: we on Instagram now. The account is curated primarily by my colleague Holly, who will be taking and posting many square, filtered photos of MIT. 


As some of you know, the admissions blogs originally grew out of independent student blogs which Ben collated and eventually centralized under this domain. Nowadays, our bloggers post here, but they also have continued to post elsewhere too, on different platforms. I've never been that interested in connecting the two, mostly because I wanted to respect some distinction between what bloggers post for us and their... read the post »


Jun 18 2014

Makers @ MIT

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President Obama has proclaimed today National Day of Making, an opportunity to recognize and encourage a new generation of makers and manufacturers to share their talents and hone their skills. As part of the celebration, the President is hosting an inaugural White House Maker Faire, where more than 100 technically creative folks from all over the country will showcase things they've made.

A tremendous number of individuals and organizations have come together to support the National Day of Making through efforts, initiatives, and announcements, including:

  • Kickstarter, which is today launching a new funding category specifically for Makerspaces
  • 3D Systems, The Coca-Cola Company, and, who are providing more than 1,500 3D printers and kits as part of a drive to ensure that all 3,000 FIRST Robotics Teams have access to 3D printing equipment
  • Chevron, which is announcing a $10 million commitment to the Fab Foundation with plans to support the creation of 10 new... read the post »


Jun 6 2014

Commence the Commencing!

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147 classes have graduated from MIT in its history; today, the Class of 2014 will join them as alumni of the Institute. 

The 148th Commencement will be webcast starting at 8 AM ET, with color commentary by our very own Matt McGann.

You can follow the commencement on Twitter, on Storify, or via #MIT2014 on your social media system of choice. 

I must admit I'm a bit sentimental about this particular commencement. The Class of 2014, including Anna, Emad, Kate, Natanya, and Tom, were the first undergraduates whom I helped admit, and I've seen them grow from small, squishy prefrosh to unbelievably intelligent and compassionate adults. Most of my functional cohort (and some of my closest friends) from grad school are graduating today as well before heading to different corners of the planet to help make it a better place. It's very, very hard to see the Class of 2014 leave, but I'm so glad that they are.  Congratulations, kids.

I intend to spend most of the day watching the... read the post »


Jun 3 2014

So @mitblogs_ebooks exists

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Some of you may remember @horse_ebooks, a Twitter account which, before it was bought and subverted by Buzzfeed, was a truly delightful gibberish machine which spouted pseudorandomly generated spam tweets from a collection of source texts. Some of my favorites:



Fraudulent or not, @horse_ebooks helped inspire an entire genre of surrealist _ebooks-style Twitter bots, which actually do take source texts and produce randomly generated tweets inflected by the voice of various academics, journalists, and programmers. Because they are randomly generated, many, perhaps most, of these tweets aren't very funny. But some of them are really funny, if in an admittedly odd way, because... read the post »