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May 13 2017

ISEF, BAMF, and other west coast adventures

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I'm blogging from above approximately Michigan en route from Boston to San Francisco. I'll be spending two weeks on the left coast for a mix of professional and personal travel. I typically blog about these kinds of trips retrospectively but figured I'd lead on the front end for this trip to a) explain why I might be uncharacteristically quiet on the blogs for the rest of the month, b) alert Californians to some interesting opportunities and events, and c) illustrate the bicoastal life that I (and a lot of other MIT people) increasingly live on different ends of the Boston <-> Bay Area wormhole.

So, here's a quick overview of what my next two weeks (probably) will look like:

May 13-14: Bae-Area Bloggers

I'll arrive this afternoon, try to grab a quick coffee with CMS/Civic classmate Rodrigo, who now runs product at Neighborly, before heading over to a celebration dinner for Jess K. '10 graduating from med school.

Tomorrow, I'll drive down to South Bay and conduct... read the post »


May 4 2017

Fall 2017 Transfer Decisions Will Be Released Today

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Today we're releasing our decisions regarding transfer applicants who applied for admission for Fall 2017.

Transfer applicants, unlike freshman applicants, receive decisions via email from our office to the address listed on their application. The emails will be sent late afternoon today, May 4th, and you should receive it seconds later through the magic of midichlorians. 

Our transfer admissions process was quite competitive: 582 students applied to transfer, and we have admitted 24. And as usual, we are very excited about the students we have admitted, and often chagrined about those we could not. 

As a former transfer student myself (not to MIT), I know that this process can be a difficult experience. For those of you who were admitted: welcome to MIT. For those who weren't: keep on trucking. I transferred, but if I hadn't, things would have been fine. Remember, college is mostly what you make of it, here or anywhere else. Either way, I wish you the best of luck wherever... read the post »


Apr 26 2017

Humans 101 @ MIT

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Every year the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS) publishes a list of introductory subjects offered across its departments. The purpose of the list is to provide admitted students with a basic roadmap to the SHASSy side of MIT as they try to navigate the Institute and figure out where their interests lie. Many MIT students are interested in SHASS subjects, but economics at MIT is different from AP Macro, and disciplines like CMS/STS are rarely offered at high schools. So this list can help articulate/reveal the many options available as students consider their HASS requirement or disciplinary focus. 

The list for fall 2017 includes: 


21A.00 Introduction to Anthropology: Comparing Human Cultures; HASS-S  | G. Jones
21A.500J/STS.075J Technology and Culture; HASS-S  | S. Helmreich
21A.520 Magic, Science, and Religion; HASS-S  | G. Jones

Comparative Media Studies (CMS)

CMS.100 Introduction to Media Studies; HASS-H, CI-H  | J. Picker and... read the post »


Apr 17 2017

Marathon Monday

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Today is the 121st Boston Marathon, the oldest, and most famous, marathon in the world. The race begins at 10AM in Hopkinton, a suburb of Boston, and winds 26.2 miles through Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brookline, and finally Boston, where the freshly-painted finish line welcomes runners home, under the protective wing of the Boston Public Library, and in the company of all those who ran before and with them. 


Today, I'll also be watching, rather than running, the Marathon, for the first time since 2013, when the Tsarnaev brothers killed my friend Martin, and later MIT Police Officer Sean Collier. Regular readers of this blog may recall my post, last April, about MIT and the Marathon, and what each taught me about the other. One hard lesson I've learned, as a described in that post, that it's possible to overtrain both body and mind to the point where either/both get injured. That's what happened to me: overuse injuries in my knees and hips that never... read the post »


Apr 3 2017

Reaffirming our support for international students

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In January, President Trump signed Executive Order 13769, or "travel ban," which, among other things, suspended entry to the United States for residents of certain countries. This past weekend, a group of universities including MIT filed an amicus brief in federal court opposing the travel ban. The brief argues that international students and faculty, including (but not limited to) those from the countries affected by the ban, contribute to our campus and the world afterward, and that the travel ban harms students, faculty, scholars, and universities.

Since January, when the order was signed, we have heard many questions from prospective international students. Some of these questions have come from citizens of the countries covered by the ban; others have come from international students from countries not (yet) affected by the ban, but who worry about anti-international sentiment and are reconsidering their decision to apply to universities in America (according to one recent... read the post »