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Mar 14 2018

MIT Regular Action Decisions Now Available Online

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MIT Regular Action admissions decisions for the Class of 2022 are now available at


> > > < < < 


You can log in using the same username and password that you use to log in to your MyMIT account. There are no interim screens, so you should be sure you are ready to receive your decision online before logging in to


Between Early and Regular Action, 21,706 students applied to join the MIT Class of 2022. As of today (inclusive of Early Action), we have offered admission to 1,464 students.

These 1464 students are truly exceptional. The admitted Class of 2022 includes archers and architects, fangirls and farmhands, whizzkids and wunderkinds, from Australia to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. Individually they represent more than 60 countries and 1,000 high schools; together, they constitute an incredible community, each contributing a set of rare skills and perspectives while holding in common the highest caliber of cognition... read the post »


Mar 9 2018


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We're closing in on Pi Day and still in the midst of making decisions, which I know many of you await with varying degrees of anxiety. But while you're here, and we have your attention, I would like to ask for your help in making MITAdmissions better.

tl;dr: this summer, we're going to completely redesign our website (as well as the website for SFS). It will be a complete overhaul, probably exceeding in terms of potential transformation the move from our old site that Ben built back in 2006 to this, the site you're reading right now, which redesign we undertook in 2010. We've been talking about this kind of redesign for the last few years and finally got the budget and the design firm to do it right, and I'll be leading the project.

For the last few weeks, around the edges of committee, Elizabeth and I, along with other members of the comm team, admissions officers, and the bloggers, have been brainstorming ideas about what we want this site to be, how we want it to work, and... read the post »


Feb 16 2018

MIT and Slavery

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Earlier this week, MIT President Rafael Reif sent the following email to the community: 

To the members of the MIT community,

At MIT, we face facts, and we turn passionately toward the future. Today, however, we must attend to some newly uncovered facts from our past.

A distinguished member of our history faculty, Professor Craig Steven Wilder is the leading authority on how the emergence and growth of American colleges and universities is entwined with the history of slavery. Last spring, I sought Craig’s advice on how MIT could best explore its historical connections in this realm. Based on our conversation, SHASS Dean Melissa Nobles and I immediately endorsed his proposal: to develop an ongoing undergraduate primary-research course, to be called “MIT and Slavery.”

Led by Professor Wilder and MIT’s archivist for reference services Nora Murphy, the class began last fall, meeting in the MIT archives. In December, the students presented to me what they have discovered so... read the post »


Jan 13 2018

Spotlight: MIT stands with the people of all nations

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If you go visit right now, you'll see this has been set at the homepage Spotlight as of Friday and continuing through the weekend. 

The purpose of this homepage is to reaffirm MIT's support for international students, whatever country they call home, no matter what "some people are saying." 

It also reminded me of Yuliya's blog post on the early history of international students at MIT, particularly the introduction: 

MIT accepted its first international student in 1866, only one year after its first classes were held in a storage warehouse. By 1895, 39 from a total of 984 students were international. Three times more students came from Turkey than from Texas.


In 1909, President Maclaurin began his tenure at MIT with a vision to build a more diverse and inclusive Institute and “build a better understanding between countries.” Through his efforts, the number of international students doubled in just ten years. 1 in 15 students at MIT came from a foreign... read the post »


Dec 19 2017

2.009 Recap: wearables, games, and other SUPER products

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Last week, I posted the webcast of the final presentations for 2.009 (Product Engineering Processes), a capstone product design course in Course 2 (MechE). As promised, I wanted to follow up with a recap blog post this week now that the 2.009 staff has posted the final presentation videos

You can watch the full video here: 

If you would like to watch a particular team demo a particular product, you can use these timestamp links to skip ahead to that point in the video: 

  • Silver team: fireSense, a wearable for firefighters that can detect if a room is unsafe to enter without opening the door (brochure
  • Red team: Blink, glasses that allow those living with extremely limited motor function (e.g. ALS patients) to control smart home devices with their eyes (brochure
  • Green teamtachi, a board game platform for the visually impaired and sighted to play together (brochure
  • Pink team: Volti, a hands-free music page turner for musicians (brochure
  • Blue... read the post »