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Dec 4 2014

how i used a selfie stick for good

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i just finished 6.811, principles and practices of assistive technology (PPAT)!

it's a higher level interdisciplinary course 6 class that tackles hardware, software, and mechanical solutions to the needs of boston area clients. i can't even begin to summarize everything i learned this semester, but you can start to poke around in the 6.811 course website to learn more about what we cover. the class was started by seth teller and has grown into a gem that features the best guest speakers in the field, interactive labs (including navigating campus in a wheelchair), and lots of workshops and time to prototype your team's project.

our team was paired with a client that was looking for a way to use his iPhone to take steady, clear photos. it sounded simple enough—there are plenty of existing iPhone mounts that go every which way! however, our client has a spinal cord injury with limited fine motor skills and it turned out to be a very nuanced problem. below is a demonstration of how... read the post »


Oct 16 2014

i saw you

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i absolutely love the blogs, but there are a number of other places to vicariously ride the ups and downs of MIT. they can't tell you if you'll get into MIT, they don't have any formal advice about navigating the treacherous requirements each semester spits at you, but there's a lot to glean from the comments.

of course, the platforms all have some kind of bias. they're moderated, but not rigorously. they show that my peers are clever, enduring, innovative and thoughtful—and sometimes immature, petty and enjoy a good sexual innuendo or two.

as i share these not-so-public-not-so-private collages of MIT, i feel like i'm opening pandora's box. you are still forming your opinions of MIT. maybe releasing all the evils of MIT is risky.


1) MIT Confessions

clever. heartbreakingly honest, sometimes immature, sometimes so college. and always so embarrassingly MIT? we're lucky to have some people share their good news.

there are upsetting experiences. and lighthearted... read the post »


Jun 26 2014

College Application Anxiety

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I recently received an email from a rising high school senior who was worried not about getting rejected from MIT, but rather what would happen if they did get into MIT by some miracle-lightning-strikes-a-unicorn-and-chris-peterson-and-scrambles-his-brain-to-send-the-acceptance-magic. 

Fear! Panic!

To address the worry that follows the question what if I actually get in

I completely understand the fear and anxiety that comes with possibly getting into not only MIT, but to any rigorous, awesome school. Unless you are an international Olympian at being Kanye West (or uh, at Physics) you might be caught at some point, post acceptance giddiness, thinking that MIT might be too hard, too fast, or too something that makes you feel like you're not actually the right fit.

To know that you have MIT in your sights shows that you must believe in yourself to some extent, but it is possible that you (like many others) worry that you can only do so much as a high school senior and... read the post »


Apr 9 2014

Spot the Blogger

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When the CPW schedule came out  when I was a prefrosh 50000 years ago, I turned into a puddle of excitement. A puddle!

I tried to plan out a full itinerary and ended up with something like this:

... and miserably failed at attending all the events I had hoped to be at.

While this is not a guide to optimizing your CPW experience... here are a few things I wish I knew as a prefrosh!

1) Your host loves you, so try your best to get to know them! Remember that your host is fully aware of the commitment of hosting a prefrosh, so don't feel like you are a burden. However, you shouldn't plan on glomming onto your host—remember that campus is filled with hundreds of other prefrosh just like you, so it'd be a shame to not go out and meet them :)

2) The MIT Mobile application will help you navigate across campus and on the Boston side where you might find events from FSILGS. Download it and check it out! You can also use for a simple Google Maps version of... read the post »


Mar 25 2014

The First Time I Underpacked

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I'll be honest—I had never really planned on going abroad during college. Not even for a bit! (I'm starting to think I'm always more homesick than I realized...)

It's a preposterous idea considering how many opportunities MIT churns out every year to send my friends everywhere from DC (okay, that's not really abroad!) to London to Paris to Seoul... I just figured it wouldn't be the worst thing if I stayed a little closer to home.

Earlier this semester I committed to taking CMS.634, Designing Interactions. The class, taught by the director of the Media Lab's Mobile Experience Lab, is small, demanding and moves incredibly quickly. Each semester the class works with a different client to learn and apply ideas about interaction design to either improve an existing solution or address an unresolved need. It's a class that ends up sprawling across multiple disciplines, so a unique mixture of architecture, computer science, design and media studies students are thrown together for a... read the post »