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Erick P. '17

Feb 20 2017

Using to Write a Post About

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The writing process is different for every one of your favorite bloggers. I usually have to wait for inspiration to hit before I'm able to sit at a computer for hours writing out an entire post in one sitting. I use a variety of tools to help me, from Evernote for keeping track of ideas to Google Docs when I collaborate with someone else. Last week I shared a guest post by Sam U. '16 about how MIT helped him launch his startup Funny enough, I actually used Fireflies to help me stay organized while writing this post about Fireflies.

Fireflies is a service that blends artificial intelligence with natural language processing to improve one's productivity. I love using MIT products, especially ones where I know the founders. It really exciting to know their story and see their values and priorities manifest into their inventions.

So I was sitting in the Media Lab when I saw in the news that Fireflies just launched their newest product, for Slack. I reached... read the post »


Feb 13 2017

Guest Post: Started From the Dorm Room Now We Here

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The following is a guest post by Sam U. '16


When I applied to MIT, I wanted to be the first man on Mars--or even one of the nerdy guys in the control room screaming with joy. I had just finished up an internship at a large defense company and was ready to learn anything and everything about aerospace. However, as a bright-eyed freshman in an environment brimming with opportunity, I ended up trying more than just aerospace.

From the start, I knew that MIT had a strong culture of computer science--’Course 6’. So much so, that about a third of my class ended up graduating with a CS degree. It was hard to go a day at the Institute without discussing something related to software or tech startups. Entrepreneurship permeated the culture. Student collaboration and hard, motivating problems were prevalent, which together cultivated creativity and rapid execution that could be found in almost every corner of the institution.

Although I decided to stick with aerospace after testing... read the post »


Feb 9 2017

Sights, Sounds, Smells, Tastes, and Feels of IAP

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Las Vegas: At CES 2017, my friends and I networked with startup founders, rode an UberCHOPPER for free, and got into the TechCrunch afterparty. But my main reason for being there was to get more into virtual reality. I did that at both the Innovations Showcase and the Upload afterparty. There, I got to meet with virtual reality experts and learn more about the industry's future.




Washington DC: While we were visiting one of our friends in DC, it turned out that one of my MIT frat brothers was also staying in DC, interning for the Department of Energy. So they took us around the city.

During our adventure, we came across the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Notice any similarities to other famous domes?

After some googling, it seems that the construction of the two is unrelated (Thomas Jefferson Memorial by John Russell Pope and MIT Dome by MIT alumnus William Welles Bosworth). Interestingly, both architects were inspired by the Rome Pantheon and... read the post »


Jan 26 2017

Augmented Reality in Action

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Augmented reality is technology that enables you to overlay digital objects onto the real world. And it's pretty freaking cool.

I've been following augmented reality and virtual reality closely since the beginning of 2016, but it wasn't until the AR in Action conference last week at the MIT Media Lab that I got to try out an augmented reality headset for the first time. Above is a short demo of me using the Meta 2. On the computer screen, you could see what I was seeing. I played around with a digital Earth floating in the room, spinning it around and stopping it to look at different parts. There was also a demo of the human brain and a gesture-controlled user interface.

To everyone else, it looks like I'm just standing there waving my hands around in the air. But from my point of view, I'm moving digital objects around the room, spinning and zooming in on them with different gestures.


Throughout the conference, I met lots of interesting augmented reality... read the post »


Jan 19 2017

Forbes and MIT

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On Jan 3rd, Forbes published their annual list of the 30 Under 30 of 2017. For six years now, Forbes has put out lists of the top 30 innovators under the age of 30 for each of 15-20 industry categories. The Tech and Social Entrepreneurship categories have included well-known names, like Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Spiegel, and Malala Yousafzai. The Entertainment, Music, and Sports categories have included even more famous names, from Bruno Mars to Jennifer Lawrence to Lebron James to Ronda Rousey. 600 winners a year may seem like a lot, but according to Forbes there are 15,000 nominations per year to choose from. That's a 4% acceptance rate, less than MIT's 7.9% acceptance rate!

Speaking of MIT, how many MIT alums end up on the 30 Under 30? Turns out Slice of MIT has published short bios of our alums in the 30 Under 30 for the past three years. (Slice of MIT is a cool blog written by our Alumni Association)

More Than 30 MIT Alumni Named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Lists 2015

More than 25... read the post »