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Erick P. '17

Sep 25 2017

HackMIT 2017

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My first hackathon ever was last year at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York. It was a bust. My team left halfway through and I gave up trying to finish our project on my own. I still regret that. I promised myself the next time I was in a hackathon, I would finish the project no matter what.

This past year, I've been increasingly fascinated with blockchain technology. A blockchain is basically a list of records linked together with cryptography for security. A blockchain is stored on every node in the network rather than in a central server. And it's so much more than that, but we'll go down that rabbit hole another time. Anyways, I was getting tired of just talking about the blockchain. I wanted to actually code something that uses it.

One of the most interesting companies I've seen in this space is Sia. Sia is a blockchain company that lets people rent out their extra hard drive space to others while still keeping everyone's files secure. It turns out that Sia actually started at... read the post »


Aug 28 2017

Advice from Graduating Seniors

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Orientation has begun. Convocation starts in less than an hour, where the Class of 2021 will gather and President Reif will give a welcoming address. At that time, the Class of 2021 will officially be freshmen.


MIT can be overwhelming will all the advice you hear left and right. But I think the advice that has helped me the most is the advice from upperclassmen. So I asked some of my closest friends who were graduating if they had any advice they wanted to give to the upcoming class.



Advice from Graduating Seniors

John P. '17 MIT is a great opportunity for personal growth, and a big part of that is understanding your limits. Find your breaking point, and learn how to make time for yourself in order to recover. Trust me: You're better off learning to balance ambition and happiness. I spent a semester burned out because it took me a long time to learn this balancing act. Focus on it early.


Andres A. '17 Try to find a way to serve the MIT community. Not only... read the post »


Aug 22 2017

Solar Eclipses and Bloggers

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A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. To someone standing on Earth, the Moon would cover the Sun. In a total solar eclipse, the Moon covers the Sun completely, blocking all direct sunlight. The day becomes dark and you can see the stars. Some animals might even get confused and you could hear crickets chirping or roosters crowing.

On Monday, August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse was visible within a band across the United States. The Moon completely blocked out the sun over a path that included the states of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kentucky, Tennessee, and South Carolina. For the rest of the country and other countries, the moon only partially eclipsed the sun.


Elizabeth C. '13 and I watched the solar eclipse from Kresge Oval on MIT campus. The MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences was organizing a viewing outside on Kresge with telescopes set up and eclipse glasses to pass around. There was a huge crowd... read the post »


Aug 18 2017

Play Labs

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January, eight months ago:

MIT Launches Play Labs VR Accelerator For Students and Alumni

Awesome! I love that MIT is putting more of a focus on virtual reality and augmented reality technology. So what is Play Labs? Play Labs is a new startup incubator/accelerator program for MIT startups using "playful technologies". By playful technologies, they mean using new technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D modeling, gamification, and artificial intelligence to improve video games, e-sports, healthcare, simulations, manufacturing, etc.

They are choosing 5-10 startups for their first batch in summer 2017. Each of them will get hands-on mentoring as well as a $20K initial investment. Afterwards, they are potentially able to get follow-on investments as part of their seed round (up to an additional $80K).

Play Labs is run by Bayview Labs and is being hosted by by MIT Game Lab, with help from venture capital firm Seraph Group and [email protected]. I've been involved with the... read the post »


Aug 9 2017

Commencement 2017

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This week on Blogs That Should Have Been Blogged A While Ago: "On Commencement day, I almost got grabbed by police for getting too close to the front while both my friends met Tim Cook outside of the bathroom."


Commencement. Two months ago. Wow, where does the time go? Summer's almost over. It's time for the next year, whether that's college, senior year, junior year, post-grad, first job, etc, etc. I originally intended to just post some graduation pictures with some Commencement quotes and call it a post. But now I'm going through these photos and it's making me miss my '17s. Hope you guys are out there all over the world rocking it. What have you guys been up to? Remember to call home and all that, and visit Boston sometime. All you SF MIT folks and NY MIT folks and international MIT folks and wherever else MIT folks. I bet one of you is in space right now, or at least at NASA. Definitely SpaceX and Tesla. Google and Microsoft no doubt. Hope your startups are going well.... read the post »