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Aug 22 2017

Solar Eclipses and Bloggers

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A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. To someone standing on Earth, the Moon would cover the Sun. In a total solar eclipse, the Moon covers the Sun completely, blocking all direct sunlight. The day becomes dark and you can see the stars. Some animals might even get confused and you could hear crickets chirping or roosters crowing.

On Monday, August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse was visible within a band across the United States. The Moon completely blocked out the sun over a path that included the states of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kentucky, Tennessee, and South Carolina. For the rest of the country and other countries, the moon only partially eclipsed the sun.


Elizabeth C. '13 and I watched the solar eclipse from Kresge Oval on MIT campus. The MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences was organizing a viewing outside on Kresge with telescopes set up and eclipse glasses to pass around. There was a huge crowd... read the post »


Aug 18 2017

Play Labs

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January, eight months ago:

MIT Launches Play Labs VR Accelerator For Students and Alumni

Awesome! I love that MIT is putting more of a focus on virtual reality and augmented reality technology. So what is Play Labs? Play Labs is a new startup incubator/accelerator program for MIT startups using "playful technologies". By playful technologies, they mean using new technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D modeling, gamification, and artificial intelligence to improve video games, e-sports, healthcare, simulations, manufacturing, etc.

They are choosing 5-10 startups for their first batch in summer 2017. Each of them will get hands-on mentoring as well as a $20K initial investment. Afterwards, they are potentially able to get follow-on investments as part of their seed round (up to an additional $80K).

Play Labs is run by Bayview Labs and is being hosted by by MIT Game Lab, with help from venture capital firm Seraph Group and [email protected]. I've been involved with the... read the post »


Aug 9 2017

Commencement 2017

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This week on Blogs That Should Have Been Blogged A While Ago: "On Commencement day, I almost got grabbed by police for getting too close to the front while both my friends met Tim Cook outside of the bathroom."


Commencement. Two months ago. Wow, where does the time go? Summer's almost over. It's time for the next year, whether that's college, senior year, junior year, post-grad, first job, etc, etc. I originally intended to just post some graduation pictures with some Commencement quotes and call it a post. But now I'm going through these photos and it's making me miss my '17s. Hope you guys are out there all over the world rocking it. What have you guys been up to? Remember to call home and all that, and visit Boston sometime. All you SF MIT folks and NY MIT folks and international MIT folks and wherever else MIT folks. I bet one of you is in space right now, or at least at NASA. Definitely SpaceX and Tesla. Google and Microsoft no doubt. Hope your startups are going well.... read the post »


Aug 1 2017

Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

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Behold, the first sentences of four different unfinished summer blog posts:



On Commencement day, I almost got grabbed by police for getting too close to the front while both my friends met Tim Cook outside of the bathroom.


So I bought some Ethereum at $7 and it's worth $400 now...


Looks like I decided to write something at a reasonable hour. NOPE! It's 3:58 AM here in China.


My birthday is in less than an hour, my bus leaves in less than an hour, I need to do laundry, and I'm still completely unpacked.



Some say the cure to writer's block is to have a nice cup of tea while listening to some tunes to get the mind flowing. I prefer to use to force me to write walls of text and lose all of my progress if I stop typing for more than 7 seconds.


This works to cook up a first draft, albeit with a lot of misslepped words and grammar errors. I don't like publishing half-baked work. I like to knead the... read the post »


Jun 9 2017

Skullhouse Road Trip

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I have an idea.

Live blogging. I've never tried live blogging before and I think I have a great opportunity. My fraternity, Phi Kappa Sigma (aka Skullhouse) has a tradition where the senior class goes on a cross rountry road trip between finals week and Commencement. The mission that we chose to accept is to visit the hometown of every senior brother going on the trip. This means we have two weeks to travel to Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Austin, New Orleans, North Carolina, Delaware, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. We're travelling by plane to Seattle and renting a van once there to take all the way back to Boston. We must be back in Boston by June 9th for Commencement.


Day 1, Wednesday 5/24: Leaving Boston

I finished my finals on Tuesday, so my flight out of Seattle is on Wednesday. At Seattle, we're crashing at the Phi Kappa Sigma chapter of the University of Washington, nicknamed "Phi Pools". One of our brothers had previously stayed at Phi Pools while he interned... read the post »