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Jun 9 2017

Skullhouse Road Trip

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I have an idea.

Live blogging. I've never tried live blogging before and I think I have a great opportunity. My fraternity, Phi Kappa Sigma (aka Skullhouse) has a tradition where the senior class goes on a cross rountry road trip between finals week and Commencement. The mission that we chose to accept is to visit the hometown of every senior brother going on the trip. This means we have two weeks to travel to Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Austin, New Orleans, North Carolina, Delaware, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. We're travelling by plane to Seattle and renting a van once there to take all the way back to Boston. We must be back in Boston by June 9th for Commencement.


Day 1, Wednesday 5/24: Leaving Boston

I finished my finals on Tuesday, so my flight out of Seattle is on Wednesday. At Seattle, we're crashing at the Phi Kappa Sigma chapter of the University of Washington, nicknamed "Phi Pools". One of our brothers had previously stayed at Phi Pools while he interned... read the post »


May 19 2017

Places to Sit at MIT

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I came to MIT with an ambitious goal: to sit everywhere on campus. Oh yeah, and to get an MIT degree. After four years, I've completed neither goal. Never fear, I'm taking another semester in the fall to finish my studies and to continue sitting in places.

The two goals are related. Whenever I get stuck on my work, I like to find a new place to study. The change of scenery is refreshing and jumpstarts my mind to continue working. MIT has some breathtaking architecture.

After four full years of being here, I still don't feel like I've learned everything I've wanted to learn nor explored all the places on campus I've wanted to explore. Luckily, MIT allows students to take extra semesters (known as "super-senior" status) to finish up a degree. I'm excited to be taking advantage of this opportunity to continue learning what MIT has to teach me.

In the meantime, these are some of the highlights of some of my favorite places to sit and study on campus over the past couple of years.

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Apr 13 2017

Skullhouse CPW

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CPW doesn't get boring, even for current students. Despite many of us having classes and tests during CPW, we still put in the effort to throw events and have a good time with the prefrosh.

My fraternity, Phi Kappa Sigma aka Skullhouse, is no different. We get our work done as early as possible and set aside time during our weekend to have fun CPW events like the ones we do for Rush. FSILG's (Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups) in general put on a lot of events to dispel the myths of MIT fraternities and sororities and show what our communities are actually like.


Gerry's World Famous Fried Chicken and Waffles

During CPW, our incredible house chef Gerry makes a batch of his world-famous fried chicken. At the same time, our incredible brother who is skilled at cooking Martin makes a batch of his world-famous waffles. Together, they make a combination that's so confusingly delicious for how mismatched it looks.


Bonfire on Beacon Street

We set... read the post »


Apr 1 2017

MIT Researchers Develop Autonomous Shoe Technology

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MIT alumni have been responsible for some of the most revolutionary inventions in the world. Radar, modern lithium-ion batteries, canned soup, and the spreadsheet are just some of them. Today I found out about a new revolutionary technology being developed at MIT by the Self Treading Insole Design Experiment group (STrIDE). Using the same technology that's found on autonomous cars, STrIDE has developed sensors for your shoe that alert you of incoming hazards and obstacles. The demonstrated use case is to avoid incoming traffic while walking and texting, but I think this technology would be extremely useful for helping people not stub their toe.


MIT Researchers Develop Self-Stepping Shoe

From the article:

"The smart device, an algorithm-based sensory attachment that connects to any footwear insole, uses high-precision radar and real-time GPS to automatically avoid obstacles and hazards in a walker’s path, especially oncoming pedestrians.

The 2×2″ device, called Toe the... read the post »


Mar 29 2017

Five Years of Admitted Student Gatherings

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*Scene opens*

I'm standing in front of a house with my family. MIT branded balloons are tied to the mailbox. There is a poster of the Dome on the front door. Inside, we are welcomed into the MIT community by alums, students, other parents, and fellow future classmates. We enjoy food as we talked about MIT, New Jersey, cool things to do at CPW, what we enjoyed about high school, potential majors, and what we wanted to be in our futures.

At one point, we sat down and listened to a sophomore tell us about her MIT experience. I don't remember exactly what was said, but I remember I was excited. I was excited to be there. I was excited that CPW was in less than a week. I was excited that I beat all the odds and that I was now wearing my MIT jacket around school as a student and not an applicant.


That was my first Admitted Student Gathering in March 2013. And I've gone every year since (except junior year, sadly).


2013 - as a Prefrosh

Me in the gray blazer, second row.

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