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Mar 10 2017

Glassblowing at MIT

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MIT is really cool. MIT has a glassblowing class. I took the glassblowing class over IAP. It was really cool (wait actually it was really hot lol). This blog post is about my journey into the art of glass. :)

Class 1: All about glassblowing, safety, and collecting the glass.

The very first class was safety day. Why? Because glass is super hot, and making contact with this molten mess would be quite unfortunate for both your mind and body. We’re actually recommended to wear long sleeve shirts and jeans to shield ourselves from the heat.

Anyways, we also learned how to collect the glass from the furnace on a pipe or punty (long rod), because its pretty difficult to make anything out of glass if you don’t know how to obtain any glass. The furnace is kept at around 2,000 degrees which again by the way IS REALLY FREAKING HOT, and the first time collecting glass was probably THE MOST INTENSE MOMENT OF THE ENTIRE CLASS!!!!

So this video was one of my first times collecting... read the post »


Jan 15 2017


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I would like to start off by thanking you all for deciding to read this blog post. It is highly relevant and important.

As you all know, it is around the time of winter break. I chose to spend my break at home. But alas, while all my friends and family were out enjoying the hot winter sun (California) I was stuck inside, held hostage to what Google defines as the “sudden involuntary expulsion of air from the nose and mouth,” otherwise known as sneezing. Sneeze after sneeze after sneeze after sneeze after sneeze. I was truly trapped. Nothing, not even DayQuil: Cold and Flu Multi-Symptom Relief could stop my snot. But as time heals all, eventually, I started getting better. Fewer and fewer sneezes, less and less snot. I’d say I’m about 90% better right now, but because I still have some residual sickness, my last sneeze was during the writing of blog post and I am currently sneezing at a rate of around 1.3 billion times more sneezes per day than usual. I am not an accurate... read the post »


Dec 1 2016

Next House Thanksgiving 2016 (sort of a guest post)

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"Delicious food"
"Better than home"
"My favorite dorm event"
"I was so hungry and then I wasn't hungry after I ate the good food"
"Best cooked meat I’ve had all school year."
"Amazing people"
"Next House Best House"
These are all quotes that have been used to describe Next House's annual Thanksgiving celebration. I wish I could tell you myself how wonderful it was but unfortunately I was not located at MIT during Thanksgiving break. However, I was able to ask Kyle S’16 (the organizer of the event) if he could talk a little bit about the event and this is what he told me:
"The Next House Thanksgiving dinner has happened for the past three years. A few of us who were not going home for Thanksgiving first organized it in 2014. Since then, it seems to have grown each year. This year, we had around 70 signups and we think approximately 85 showed up. The dinner is generously sponsored by our heads of house and... read the post »


Nov 17 2016

Dear High School Senior

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Dear High School Senior Stalking College Admissions Blogs:

The purpose of me writing this blog post is to give you some ideas on how to spend your time instead of freaking out about upcoming admissions decisions.

Here is a list of things I came up with.

(PS sorry it's all numbers, I couldn't get this editor to bullet the nested lists :( )

  1. Read a book

    (Step 1a would be to buy a book if you do not own one). These things can be pretty good, especially when you don’t have to write a five-page in-depth analysis on the tone of the main character’s dog’s whimper.

  2. Build a thing

    You are creative. You can do things. I know it. Does your cat/dog need a house? Build it a cat/dog house! Do you need a particle accelerator? Build a particle accelerator! (Don’t know how to build a particle accelerator? That’s okay, because the internet is a helpful thing!) (Don’t want a build a particle accelerator? That’s okay too, I guess.)

  3. Learn a language.... read the post »


Oct 2 2016

weather and stuff

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I do not own any fall clothes. It seems that this is going to be a problem for me.

I Iive in a triple. One of my roommates, Claire, is from Wisconsin, and the other, Abby, is from San Diego. Last week I get home from class one day to see that Claire has received a big box of “fall clothing.” Abby and I stand in awe. What is this “fall clothing,” and do we need it? (The answer is yes; we do need it). I own some jeans and one or two warm long sleeve layers, but according to Claire and to wikihow, this is not sufficient. At home, I consider cold days to be days where omg I am actually wearing a long sleeve shirt. Here, I hope there will be days where a long sleeve shirt will be all I am required to wear.

Fall clothing means wearing scarves for something other than fashion. It means layers and boots. It means coats. It means I better go shopping soon.

It’s October and there’s a northeaster, which means it’s cold and gloomy and windy.


My first taste of fall. Yeah, I will... read the post »