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Aug 20 2018

East Campus REX Events!

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To all the prefrosh who are about to arrive / on their way here / already here: Welcome to MIT! All of us, no matter our class year or living group, are excited to have you here :)

We at East Campus are especially excited for the REX events we’re hosting for y’all this year. This year, our theme is “Wild Wild West” and we plan to deliver on this - come to the East Campus courtyard and you’ll probably see at least one person walking around in our badass Rush shirt or wearing a brightly colored cowboy hat. In particular, the people wearing the cowboy hats are around to give you tours and answer your questions (or your parents’ questions, if your parents are sketched out by how hardcoar East Campus is :P). But any of us hanging around the courtyard will be happy to show you around or answer your questions about East Campus or MIT in general!

Some of you have probably already looked at this, but if you haven’t: here’s the complete list of REX activities MIT is offering this year. I... read the post »


Aug 9 2018

an unnecessarily long post on how much i like spotify

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EDIT: Petey mentioned in the comments that we should make a blogger playlist, and we did. Here it is - listen to it while you read this post!

This summer, I've come to realize my love for a certain being that has brought a lot of joy and happiness into my life.

If you've read the title of this post, you'll know that this being is no other than Spotify and oh boy this is by far the best piece of technology I interact with on a regular basis.

I love music. I played various instruments for 13 years of my life before coming to college and pursuing my interests in a cappella and guitar. I listen to different music depending on how I feel a certain day, and am passionate about a few very specific genres. With all of this said, I have no idea why I didn't get a Spotify account sooner. Some of my friends started a family plan in second semester that I hopped on not really knowing what I was in for. And granted, for the first few months, I didn't really use Spotify much differently... read the post »


Jul 25 2018

an essay writing journey

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To the rising seniors beginning to think about their college essays - hello, fellow kids. Are you as stuck on what to write your college essays about as I was exactly two years ago? Some of you probably are. Some of you are probably thinking that it’s way too early to be thinking about college essays, and maybe you’re right, but I really like writing! College essays gave me the creative writing space that I never really got outside of writing excessive amounts of fanfiction, so I was pretty excited to get started on them. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t hard to write, though!

I’ve been meaning to do some sort of college essay post while I’m still young enough to remember what I was thinking as I wrote them (it’s been two years, yikes). I didn’t want to just post my essays straight onto this blog, though. I don’t want to be *that* kind of college blogger.

Instead, I thought I’d show you guys one of my essays through Google Docs revision history. For those of you who don’t use... read the post »


Jul 22 2018

Summer Reading

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(Preface: This post is essentially a tribute/continuation of Selam’s posts from past summers - as she wrote, “sometimes MIT students like to do things other than science, technology, or engineering”, and I would like this year’s cohort of students applying to MIT to know that as well! If you would much rather write a paper than do a problem set, you’re not alone here :) )

Before I had friends, I had books. For those of you who weren’t shy and introverted as kids, this may sound really sad, but those of you who were will know what I’m talking about.

The universes within books were my worlds, and the characters within those universes were my partners in crime, my enemies, my friends. I had a wild imagination as a kid and spent hours daily daydreaming up new stories for the characters in my favorite books, which translated into a very extensive fanfiction writing phase in middle and high school. I eventually moved on to RPG video games as my preferred form of media, but I still... read the post »


Jun 26 2018

Murals of East Campus

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(This is the second half of the Art of East Campus series. The first part can be found here!)

My first and lasting impression of the standard college dorm room can be summed up by this picture. This might be because my formative experiences with college living spaces were from residential summer camps - at every single camp I went to, I was housed in a dorm room that looked something like that picture. I think I entered college subconsciously expecting this from my dorm as well. I didn’t go to CPW, and even though I had prowled the East Campus website extensively and seen pictures of its interior, the magnitude of how different EC is from normal college dorms didn’t fully hit me until I walked in for the first time.

For those of you who have visited East Campus might know, the walls of all ten halls here are almost entirely covered with murals painted by students over the years. Some of these murals have long and storied histories, while some of them were probably painted last... read the post »