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Sep 18 2017

The Swing of Things

Posted in: Miscellaneous, Life & Culture

If you had asked me what I thought college life would be like back when I was in high school, I would have said something like “prolly pretty busy right?”

Poor me. I had NO IDEA.

Let’s run this through. I present to you my schedule from this week:

Highlight Reel:
: Nothing actually happened on Monday, which makes it the most normal day this week.
Tuesday: I did have a lot of white space on Tuesday, but I also went to the Society of Women Engineers event as well as the HackMIT Git seminar. (Free dinner: achieved. Pepper Sky is SO GOOD)
Wednesday: Wednesday was a LOT. Fortunately, I now know how to make a website, something that I never actually knew how to do before. Also, the resume workshop was filled with some very kind and helpful company reps and upperclassmen - and, as it happened, was also filled with Chipotle. (Free dinner: achieved)
Thursday: One of Petey’s former students came in to give a talk about his work at Buzzfeed, and it was actually really cool.... read the post »


Sep 7 2017

100% Completion

Posted in: Miscellaneous

HELLO WORLD and welcome to my playthrough of a new game - college! I’m streaming/blogging live from MIT and I’m indescribably excited to start playing. The game takes a pretty long time to complete, but it’s choose your own adventure, and there are an infinity of options to choose from. There are also many ways to play. Sure, you COULD just beat the dungeons to get your hands on the prized diploma, but it’s way more fun to complete all the sidequests as well.

What are sidequests? Well, they’re smaller quests you can complete alongside the main quest (which is, of course, graduation), and often, they make the game a lot more interesting. Completing all the sidequests means that you’ve 100%ed the game - in other words, you got the fullest possible experience. This particular game has a ridiculous amount of sidequests, so I’m going to list the ten that I definitely want to complete. Some of them are easy, and others are a little harder, but if I can finish all of them, I’ll consider... read the post »