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Apr 9 2018

I went outside!

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Seriously, this is a real occasion. People talk about never leaving the MIT bubble, and I didn't really think about how little I actually leave campus until I eventually realized that I barely leave my dorm, let alone MIT. Which is why my first blog post in a million years is about me doing the unforeseeable and Going Outside! (It's also because I took a bunch of really nice pictures and want people to see them, tbh)

MIT seems to realize that its students need to get out more, so we actually have something called the MIT Outing Club. Most of what they do is organize trips into the Great Outdoors for MIT students, but they also have rental cabins that students can use for a small fee. One of the halls in East Campus has an annual camping trip, and this year they rented out MIT OC's Camelot cabin in Rumney, New Hampshire over the weekend.

The trip wasn't very long - it lasted a grand total of 26 hours, which could probably set records for the world's shortest camping trip, but we... read the post »


Feb 14 2018

Semester II: v. hosed

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You know you’re hosed when it takes you a week after classes start to write about your classes. Seriously, look at this mess.

(Realistically, it looks more like this because who even goes to all of their classes? Definitely not me - I decided to write this post right after I decided I wasn’t going to attend any of my Monday classes)

Sophomore Standing

If you’re scratching your head and wondering how exactly MIT is allowing me to take this many classes, it’s because I accepted early sophomore standing, which gets rid of the 57 unit credit limit that second semester freshmen normally have. Basically, to get sophomore standing, you have to have 96 units of credit by the end of first semester, have completed 25% of your GIRs, and have taken one CI-H/HW class. Somewhere between 25-30% of freshmen are offered sophomore standing, but I’d estimate that the percentage that actually accept is probably closer to 10-15%. There are a lot of reasons to accept/not accept sophomore... read the post »


Dec 31 2017

Thoughts for the New Year

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I was reading through my old blog posts and realized that it’s been a while (read: the entire semester) since I’ve blogged about my thoughts and feelings on things, so in honor of New Year’s Eve, I decided to reflect on the sidequests I planned at the beginning of the year.

Sidequest 1: Learn the building numbers. I would still consider this one incomplete because I’ve had to sheepishly check the MIT map saved on my phone more recently and more frequently than I’d like to admit. For the most part, though, I generally know the number of the building that I happen to be standing in.

Sidequest 2: Get my Pirate Certificate. Technically, this is only 25% complete because I only got through the fencing PE class. However, I am now on the varsity fencing team, and that’s arguably cooler than getting a Pirate Certificate (at least, that’s what I tell myself).

Sidequest 3: Collect 60 free t-shirts. I have a bare minimum of 10 free t-shirts, and that’s only counting the ones that I wear... read the post »


Dec 4 2017

Lambda Tea

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There are times when I feel incredibly lucky to exist in close proximity to so many creative and amazing individuals, and right now is one of them.


The machine is the brainchild of MIT’s very own startup Lambda Tea, and the three wonderful human beings responsible for its creation are Catherine Zeng ‘20, Robert Henning ‘20, and Jingwei Ma ‘20 (pictured below from left to right).

When Jingwei invited me to Lambda Tea’s grand opening, my second reaction was, “Wow, a boba machine is literally the most useful thing ever, why hasn’t anybody thought of that?” (My first reaction was, of course, “HOLY CRAP BOBA MACHINE”) So after their grand opening and some debugging, I asked them some questions about how and why they decided to create basically the best thing ever.

The Lambda Tea team originally received funding from Sandbox (an MIT seed-funding initiative for its students) for another idea... read the post »


Nov 14 2017


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This might look like a regular old picture of the Stata Center on a cloudy morning...but wait, there's more.

Do you see what I see?

Take a closer look at that sail!

Looks to me like a sail with a C on it...a C-Sail...

It's a C-Sail on CSAIL!

(For those of you who still don't get it: the Stata Center houses the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, aka CSAIL. Most people pronounce this sea-sail, hence the punny hack.)