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May 20 2018

50 Reflections on 50 Things

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Dear Class of 2022, 
12 years ago, Ben Jones, aka The Blogfather, shared 50 pieces of wisdom with the Class of 2010, which became 50 Things, the most-read blog on MIT Admissions. As a member of the Class of 2018, I have often referred to The Blogfather's advice, and some of his words, such as Things #1, #35, and #50, have gotten me through hard times. As I get ready to graduate, I wanted to share how I experienced Ben Jones' 50 Things as a student. I recommend you keep his post open while you read my responses. 
  1. Friends change, it’s true, though I resisted the idea at first. When you come to MIT, you will often find your people right away, and it might feel like nothing could go wrong. But in college, some “friend turnover” is unavoidable. We’re all here for a limited number of years. Still, you will always remember your upperclassmen mentors from your freshman year, and the first class on your hall that you welcomed, and the freshmen you met in your last year and were... read the post »


May 15 2018

Things to Do in Cambridge and Somerville

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Welcome to my seventh and final(!) tourist-y post. Previously, I have blogged about events for book lovers, summer in Boston, places in downtown Boston, and three Boston adventures. This time, I'm moving away from the big city lights and into the "suburbs" of Cambridge (which is where MIT is located) and Somerville (which is a subway stop past Harvard). The two towns are great if you want to relax, and Somerville especially can feel like magical world without stress. 

The events and locations are arranged by subway stop, from nearest to farthest (with respect to MIT's main campus). 




This April, I attended my third BAHFest (Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses), “a celebration of well-argued and thoroughly researched but completely incorrect scientific theories” (I've blogged more about BAHFest here). This year, two out of six selected BAHFest speakers were MIT undergraduates! I was thrilled to support my friends. As a bonus, the keynote speaker was... read the post »


May 6 2018

Guide to MIT: Academics

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Nearly three years ago, I published a post provocatively titled “CLAAASS,” now known as “Before you Register for Classes: Tools, Tips, and Resources." This post expands on CLAAASS to discuss MIT Academics in general. It is the first installment of the Guide to MIT (coming next: residential system), inspired by the recent comMITment of the Class of 2022—WELCOME PREFROSH!!!

The sections of this post are: 

1. Degree Requirements

2. Support Resources

3. Semester Structure

4. Grading System

5. Scheduling and Registration


(for a formal overview, go to

The degree program currently consists of:

  • 6 GIRs (2 Calculus courses, 2 semesters of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology),
  • 8 HASS subjects (including at least one in each category of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, and 3-4 subjects in one department to attain a HASS Concentration),
  • 2 REST subjects (introductory, though rarely easy, Restricted Electives in Science and... read the post »


Apr 26 2018

Journey back Home from PE Class

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It's finally spring in Boston! And unlike the occasional t-shirt weather spurts in February and March, it seems like this streak of sunshine and relative warmth is here to stay. 

In this final quarter of my time at MIT, I am taking not one, but two PE classes, back-to-back: Fitness & Meditation first, Yoga right after. Although having to take half of my PE requirement in the last 6 weeks of college makes me "that senior," I'm pretty happy I doubled up. Saves me time not having to cross over to the West side of campus twice, even though it is only a 10-minute journey. 

On Monday, the weather was so nice, and my mood was so good after all the exercise and meditation, I photodocumented my trip back home from PE class, for the blogs. Below are 29 photographs, with captions about culture and architecture. 

The spherical building in the back is Kresge Auditorium, where MIT holds its biggest performances, such as those of the MIT Symphony Orchestra or Concert Choir. Fun... read the post »


Apr 19 2018

What I Wanted to Say to Prefrosh before CPW 2015

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NOTE: I drafted and abandoned this post in the spring of my freshman year. It is now my last chance to share these freshman thoughts with you. Editor's notes were added in the spring of senior year. For reference, here is my past avatar, a more accurate depiction of me when I wrote this post. 


On the week of Pi Day, my friend and I both wondered how a whole year had passed. I remember my Pi Day very clearly, but I do not comprehend my state of mind back then. I want to have a conversation with that person, the high school senior Yuliya who was so much less confused. What was I thinking then that made the world so clear? What was I expecting from my college experience?

For example, I had zero doubts about being a math major. I had a clear life plan to start in the first semester—after all, freshman fall with Pass/No Record had to be the easiest of all semesters, right? The assumption seems so silly now, embarrassing even. I was also terrified in a very literal sense of... read the post »