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Feb 9 2017

An Early History of International Students at MIT

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MIT accepted its first international student in 1866, only one year after its first classes were held in a storage warehouse. By 1895, 39 from a total of 984 students were international. Three times more students came from Turkey than from Texas.

In 1909, President Maclaurin began his tenure at MIT with a vision to build a more diverse and inclusive Institute and “build a better understanding between countries.” Through his efforts, the number of international students doubled in just ten years. 1 in 15 students at MIT came from a foreign country, possibly the highest proportion of international students in a U.S. institution.

In a 1917 Boston Daily Globe article, the President of the Latin-American Club at MIT stated that “Every Latin-American student at the Tech is just another link between North and South America. … If North and South America stand together they can insure the future peace of the world.” To achieve this ideal, MIT provided admissions pamphlets in Spanish... read the post »


Jan 6 2017

MIT’s Fight against Gender Discrimination in STEM

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This fall, I took SOC-STD 98LH Education and American Society at Harvard. It was a wonderful course, with fascinating readings and discussions, an incredibly helpful professor, and ample writing practice. I miss the class now. 98LH was one of the required junior tutorial options for Harvard Social Studies concentrators (i.e. majors), intended to prepare students for their senior thesis. Thus, we read one long book or several long articles every week (for a total of ~300 pages a week) and wrote a 25-page final research paper. The amount of work took some getting used to, but I can definitely say that I learned a lot and improved in both reading comprehension and academic writing and research.

For the final paper, I chose to research the history of gender discrimination and Title IX at MIT. I first learned about MIT’s committment to gender equity during my summer research on immigrant students at the Institute (more here). The 1890 yearbook included a statement that “Since 1873,... read the post »


Dec 8 2016

Checking in with EA Applicants

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Hey there, Early Action Applicant,

I just saw Chris’ post about EA decisions being released next week. And I wanted to check in. 

If you don’t read past this paragraph, just remember one thing: your admissions decision does not in any way reflect your worth. A negative decision does not negate your abilities, accomplishments, and dreams. It doesn't mean you weren’t “good enough” for MIT. Like, for real, it’s not about that at all. A positive decision doesn’t guarantee you success, or even lead you to success—you do. MIT’s nuclear reactor will not give you special powers. Sometimes, students here live for weeks on a deadline-to-deadline schedule, so it’s hard to take advantage of all the opportunities. It’s hard anywhere to achieve your dreams.

It’s going to be a tough week. Don’t feel embarrassed about being anxious, or worry that you’re worrying too much. As I’ve written before, no one knows if they’re going to get in (relevant fun fact: MIT doesn’t do legacy admissions). So... read the post »


Oct 9 2016

2021 Applicants: Answers to Your Emails

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Hi 2021 Applicants!

It’s been two weeks since my first post addressed to you. It’s a long weekend and thus an excuse to pretend that I don’t have to do work yet (although this is work; also, according to my Writing Advisor, “thus” is a very math major word and shouldn’t be used in essays). This post is addressed to all the Applicants who have emailed me, and it contains all the answers to your questions that I could know, some generalized for the public. If you’re not an applicant this year, but emailed me already, I’ll get to your questions later. And if you’re wondering why I didn’t send out any personal email responses, well, I got 46 emails just from Applicants plus at least 30 more from hopefuls in grades 8-11, and I don't want to keep any of you waiting longer than others (also the reason why this post is so long). Thank you all for your emails and kind words and for sharing your experiences! I appreciate y’all!

Number 1 tip that I can give you to answer all your... read the post »


Sep 22 2016

Hi, Applicant to the Class of 2021!

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Whew, it’s been a long week! But I was thinking today about this time during my senior year of high school and that was really… (in)tense. I haven’t experienced that much uncertainty in my life before or since. I mean, that semester I'd think that I was heading to MIT one hour and then think that I wasn't getting into my state college the next. And I got lots of work here now, but at least I know the professors will accept it. So I wanted to reach out to you, MIT Applicant for the Class of 2021, and see how you’re doing.

If you haven’t started worrying about the applications yet, that’s cool. I started worrying sophomore year of high school, and definitely wasn’t wiser by senior year. Once I’d gone through the respectable sources about college admissions, I descended into the depths of College Confidential forums. Now, don't go to these, but there are whole threads where people post their stats, activities, and essay summaries, and then say whether they did or did not get... read the post »