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Yuliya K. '18

Dec 30 2017

Sketches from the Fall Semester

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Lamborghini recently brought this magnificent display to campus. I believe it qualifies the company for the “Best Intern Recruitment Strategy” award. (Poster next to car said: The cooperation between Automobili Lamborghini and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology started in October 2016 through a partnership with the MIT - Italy program of Dr. Serenella Sferza and Professor Carlo Ratti. THe collaboration already brought to Sant’Agata Bolognese a first MIT graduate-- Patricia Das, Mechanicals Engineering, Class of 2017-- to experience the thrill of working in the Super Sport Car field. One year later, Automobili Lamborghini proudly announces its collaboration with two MIT labs: the “Dinca Research Lab,” led by Professor Mircea Dinca, Department of Chemistry, and the “Mechanosynthesis Group”, led by Professor Anastasios John Hart, Department of Mechanical Engineering. THese new collaborations will lead to new technologies in the fields of the Energy Accumulation Systems,... read the post »


Oct 31 2017

Three More Tales of Junior Year

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(sequel to Three Tales of Junior Year)

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love MIT

A shocking confession: one time, I almost transferred to Harvard. I even had a recommendation lined up from a Harvard professor. “But,” you might ask, “aren't bloggers supposed to love MIT?” I guess sometimes they don't.

I couldn’t go through with the transfer though. And not just because application process is scary. But also because, in my months of deliberation, I fell in love. With my life at MIT. I loved the niche I found here, and stayed because of my friends, my hall, my dorm, and the opportunities I got as a rare HASS major.

I stayed because I’d miss the First East random lounge craziness, and the gorgeous murals on our. Because I couldn’t imagine classes I loved at MIT anywhere else—with a spice of the technical in the liberal arts. I'd miss seeing the Charles River and the skyline from the East Campus courtyard while carrying dirty laundry. I couldn’t run off to Boston at a moment's... read the post »


Oct 26 2017

Ask Me Anything! Responses

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Hi Everyone!

In my previous post, I announced a blogger AMA on Thursday, 10/26, 7-9pm EDT. That's over now, but you're welcome to email me with additional questions or ask them in the comments below. I can't promise to get to them soon, but I'll try my best.

For reference, I've done this before on the application process here. This time, however, I wanted to talk about more than just The Process. Every college is different, so it's important for you all to take the time to find out what MIT can offer, and if it is right for you. I can think of at least one excellent school (once my #1 choice) where I would've been miserable, had I decided based on reputation alone. So, this AMA was about life, the universe, and everything! 

Note: on Thursday, 10/26, this post was updated live. I've highlighted all the questions so you can read only what's relevant to you. Make sure to scroll down to the comments as well!


Last week, Allan K. '17 and I did a... read the post »


Oct 23 2017

ABCs of Senior Year

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Ageing: for all the all-nighters I can no longer pull off, and all the clubs I have gained access to.

Brain and Cognitive Sciences: aka Course 9, my new minor, because everyone should take at least one class about the Brain to appreciate humankind and the self. 

Cats: specifically, the 3 cats my hall welcomed this year (including two kittens!). 

Shadow, 9 weeks old (cared for and photographed by Kristen Y. '19)

Drinks: I own 31 different teas, mostly decaf. I also currently own 6 flavors of seltzer and 2 flavors of kombucha. Wholesome.

8.02 (“Eight-oh-two”): the mostly-freshman GIR (General Institute Requirement) I can no longer postpone taking. Also the class that gave me a new friend and a renewed connection with an old friend—no regrets over taking it as an upperclassman (plus, I can attend pset parties again!). 

Frosh (of First East): for the awesome people I hope never regret choosing MIT, or our hall. Although you will get hosed and jaded, and although the hell... read the post »


Sep 24 2017

Watch the Tea with Teachers Video Series!

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Last year, an exciting new project started at MIT—Tea with Teachers, a YouTube series meant to bridge the student-faculty divide by showing professors’ interactions with students in an informal setting. TwT videos are not about professors’ research and academic careers. Instead, they highlight who the professors are outside of MIT. And the videos are truly fascinating. Watch them below!

I wanted to blog about TwT for a while, and finally got the opportunity to connect with the team when my neighbor, Tho T. '19, joined it. The people in TwT have been wonderful during the process of preparing this post, contributing their time and voices and including me in their group’s work. This blog is about the Tea with Teachers series and the experience of being on the TwT team, in the words of the Tea with Teachers creators. If you would like to be involved in the process and meet some of the world's best professors over tea, see information on open team positions at the bottom of the page.

... read the post »