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Jun 15 2018

7 Reasons MIT Is Special

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Final year at MIT is done!

I don’t miss it… yet. But the realization hits all seniors at different times: seeing friends for maybe the last time, checking out of the room, walking the stage to shake hands with President Reif during Commencement, or simply walking down the street as a new adult.

For now, my life hasn’t changed. I have a summer job at MIT Admissions and commute to campus every weekday. But it’s a summer arrangement and lacks the permanent feeling of a full-time job offer. Right now, I’m visiting my family in Ohio, and it feels like always.

Except, I do miss the dorm showers—their water pressure, the speed of them heating up. It hit me while I was shivering under the frigid water in my new apartment. Not even looking at my empty dorm room with the awful splatter paint job exposed had that effect. But I was in a rush when I moved out. Plus I’d already said goodbye to friends—MIT has always been special to me because of the community, not the landmarks or even the... read the post »


Jun 14 2018

Guide to MIT: Choosing a Dorm

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This post is the second in a series of Guide to MIT posts. Check out Guide to MIT: Academics here.


CULTURAL FIT: I cannot emphasize this point enough. No matter how (in)convenient the accommodations are, you will not be happy in a dorm that doesn't have your people. Sometimes, you’ll find your best living group on only one floor or lounge of a dorm, and it will be your family. Here are some tips to figure out where you’ll fit best:

  1. Ask multiple residents about their experience with the dorm during REX and CPW.
  2. Watch the dorm i3 videos on
  3. Visit all dorms. Even if you’re absolutely certain where you want to live, it’s helpful to discover different places at MIT and make new friends.
  4. Don’t stop at the first impression when making your decision.
  5. Ask if the floors or lounges of the dorm have different sub-cultures (e.g. in East Campus or Simmons), or if the dorm is pretty uniform in culture (e.g.... read the post »


Jun 3 2018

61 Photos from my Time at MIT

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On the day before my non-senior friends left for home, we went out on a burger + ice cream + jewelry trip to Harvard Square. It was a wonderful way to say goodbye for the summer. 
Speaking of friends, my best friend and neighbor (the one with green hair) is a pet mom to two bearded dragons, named Mushu and Crickey. 
I made another embroidered thing for a friend. Is it emo enough? 
Spotted at the Boston Museum of Science: one of the sample songs to learn about sound was performed by the MIT Logarythms a capella group! 
Bloggers strike funny poses after the annual CPW Meet the Bloggers, a glorious event for which we are required to wear t-shirts with our faces on them. 
The First East and beyond seniors on our Last First Day. (credit to L.S. '18)
I will never get tired of the wonderful view from the inside of Lobby 10, right under the Great Dome. It makes me grateful to be here every day, and I've loved it ever... read the post »


May 30 2018

51 Things I Want to Say to 2022s

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Dear Members of the Class of 2022, 
It's been an absolute pleasure to interact with you over the past six months, starting with all your wonderful questions and comments at the Early Action webcast. I've enjoyed getting to know you online and in person, and I have loved your memes and inside jokes. Now that I'm leaving the Institute, I feel confident that it's in good hands with y'all. 
Before I met you, one chilly autumn night at around 4am, I sat down to finally write down all the thoughts and pieces of advice I've accumulated over my time here. I was somewhat inspired by Ben Jones' legendary 50 Things post (which you should totally read!), but also by the Class of 2021's struggles to adjust to the Institute. This post, of course, won't make things easy for you, but I hope that some of these thoughts can help, even a little bit. 
As you submit your first MIT forms and choices, I wish you the best of luck. Please reach out if you have any questions. Also, I'd love... read the post »


May 20 2018

50 Reflections on 50 Things

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Dear Class of 2022, 
12 years ago, Ben Jones, aka The Blogfather, shared 50 pieces of wisdom with the Class of 2010, which became 50 Things, the most-read blog on MIT Admissions. As a member of the Class of 2018, I have often referred to The Blogfather's advice, and some of his words, such as Things #1, #35, and #50, have gotten me through hard times. As I get ready to graduate, I wanted to share how I experienced Ben Jones' 50 Things as a student. I recommend you keep his post open while you read my responses. 
  1. Friends change, it’s true, though I resisted the idea at first. When you come to MIT, you will often find your people right away, and it might feel like nothing could go wrong. But in college, some “friend turnover” is unavoidable. We’re all here for a limited number of years. Still, you will always remember your upperclassmen mentors from your freshman year, and the first class on your hall that you welcomed, and the freshmen you met in your last year and were... read the post »