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Sep 24 2017

Watch the Tea with Teachers Video Series!

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Last year, an exciting new project started at MIT—Tea with Teachers, a YouTube series meant to bridge the student-faculty divide by showing professors’ interactions with students in an informal setting. TwT videos are not about professors’ research and academic careers. Instead, they highlight who the professors are outside of MIT. And the videos are truly fascinating. Watch them below!

I wanted to blog about TwT for a while, and finally got the opportunity to connect with the team when my neighbor, Tho T. '19, joined it. The people in TwT have been wonderful during the process of preparing this post, contributing their time and voices and including me in their group’s work. This blog is about the Tea with Teachers series and the experience of being on the TwT team, in the words of the Tea with Teachers creators. If you would like to be involved in the process and meet some of the world's best professors over tea, see information on open team positions at the bottom of the page.

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Sep 24 2017

42: The Answer to Our Changing Educational Needs

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Note: xTalks: Digital Discourses is a seminar series from the MIT Office of Digital Learning designed to facilitate awareness, deep understanding, and transference of educational innovations at MIT and elsewhere. Last week, I attended a fascinating xTalk by Lou Guenier, Pedagogical Director at the 42 Silicon Valley engineering college. This blog post is a summary of the event.


At 12 years old, Lou Guenier left the French public education system. His travels led him to a remote Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas. In a place without electricity or Internet access, Lou realized the amazing possibilities of modern technology to transmit knowledge across the world. While at the monastery, he built a renewable energy device and an online platform for the monks to study and spread their ideas across the world.


According to Lou, every person today has potentially more impact on society than the President of the United States had twenty years... read the post »


Sep 16 2017

MIT Experience FAQs

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Last week, high school counselors from across the country came to a conference at MIT. One of the events was a student panel, and I got to participate. We heard some great questions from the audience, worth sharing on the blogs. Note that the answers reflect my personal experiences, and do not represent the views of other students. For diverse personal takes on MIT life, read other bloggers’ posts here.


Name, Year, Major, Place of Birth, Dorm

Hi! I’m Yuliya, a senior majoring in Course 17 - Political Science & Course 24-1 - Philosophy, with a minor in Course 9 - Brain and Cognitive Sciences. I was born in Donetsk, Ukraine, and moved to Central Ohio during my freshman year of high school. I currently live on the First East floor of East Campus.


What are you currently excited about?

After this, I'm heading to 9.46 Neuroscience of Morality. It’s a very “MIT” class, counting for both my Philosophy and Neuroscience requirements. And it’s been pretty... read the post »


Aug 21 2017

Discover Exercise and Wellness FPOP

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My Freshman Pre-Orientation Program (FPOP), Discover Exercise and Wellness (DEW), was amazing. 

DEW was nobody's first choice of FPOP, at least not for anyone who participated. That hurt for a couple of days—"If I can't get into an FPOP, what can I get into an MIT?” I figured DEW was worth trying anyway: best to get comfortable on campus before the orientation stampede. And I didn't want to miss any MIT opportunities (helped that I got accepted as a blogger while packing).

The 3.5 days of DEW, also the first days of college, were intense. The East Campus Head of House warned the frosh after dorm rush to not go at 90 mph from the start, but he was too late. On my first day at MIT, I talked to my roommate, from the Discover Aerospace FPOP, until 4 am. It was the latest I had stayed up in my life (with the exception of New Year’s Eve in Ukraine and maybe CPW). The DEW FPOP gave me new friends and skills. Made me appreciate the breadth of MIT offerings for athletes and beyond.

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Aug 16 2017

Calm in Suburban Ohio

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When I think of suburban Ohio, my family’s current home, I recall the time I danced down the street under the Big Dipper constellation. A dozen fireflies lit up the trees. There was no one around—a terrifying scenario in Cambridge, MA, but a soothing one in the suburbs. That was a night the cicadas came back, and I wished city sounds would drown out their mating snaps.

During the day, the sky here is a plain blue and the houses are beige. The white picket fences have no locks or latches. Sometimes a contractor showers the fences with a high-pressure hose, and it confuses me. Why clean the fences when they don’t even close?

Cars here slow down for a deer family of four. In Bambi times, animals feared humans. Now the mama deer stares at me. I should’ve Googled if deer attack humans. But at least the mother deer’s three babies are concentrated on grass.

At sunset, the runway pond burns. On the Ohio planes, you can see the full sky dome. There's periwinkle. Royal purple. A most... read the post »