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three things i made recently

lasers, radio, and a chocolate chip cookie loaf

Feb 15 2017 | Discussion

An Early History of International Students at MIT

studying the people MIT made, and the people who made MIT

Feb 9 2017 | Discussion

Twenty-One Days Abroad in Twenty-One Photographs

a curated photo dump of an IAP in Spain

Feb 8 2017 | Discussion

Life during IAP

i dump my brain a little

Feb 5 2017 | Discussion

Anatomy of a Problem, Part 2

and the power of the many

Jan 22 2017 | Discussion

Anatomy of a Problem, Part 1

and the power of the few

Jan 22 2017 | Discussion

Ode to PNR

First semester in review

Jan 20 2017 | Discussion

a few things from civic media

race in sports, human experimentation, and hidden figures

Jan 13 2017 | Discussion

A Recap of the 2.009 Final Presentations

rough, tough, messy!

Dec 26 2016 | Discussion

Homestretch: The Final Weeks

A hand-drawn doodle post about classes and stuff

Nov 28 2016 | Discussion

Kevin’s Room

Portrait of an MIT Student

Nov 26 2016 | Discussion

Biological Engineering at MIT

My thoughts, feelings, and opinions (and slight ranting) about biology both at MIT and in general

Nov 20 2016 | Discussion

Invitation to Cross-Register

Guest post by Katherine W. '17 :D

Oct 14 2016 | Discussion

my day in pictures

Oct 13 2016 | Discussion

How to miss deadlines at MIT

Policies for late assignments, and ways to keep your grades afloat when life inevitably happens

Oct 12 2016 | Discussion

A typical first semester

more or less

Sep 22 2016 | Discussion

jr fall

classes &c

Sep 19 2016 | Discussion

Brains, Voltaire’s Son, and Other MIT Things

Notes from the Start of Junior Year

Sep 16 2016 | Discussion

a week of class notes

airplanes, ethnography, and some bonus doodles

Sep 11 2016 | Discussion

You should consider studying economics if…

for those who aren't totally set on what to major in

Sep 8 2016 | Discussion

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