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Yachts, Drones, and Lessons from the Media Lab

How to lose a phone in 90 seconds

Oct 1 2015 | Discussion

“Picture yourself as a stereotypical male”

and other ways to improve your test scores

Sep 3 2015 | Discussion

Some Advice

Sometimes I wish I could tell freshman-me that everything's going to be okay

Aug 20 2015 | Discussion

dear frosh: here are the things we want you to know

a firehose of advice from upperclassmen: tips and tricks for freshman year

Aug 13 2015 | Discussion

A (Belated) Letter to July

In which I start blogging again with an angsty video

Aug 3 2015 | Discussion

Ode to Freshman Days

composed in the wee hours of morning

Jul 29 2015 | Discussion

What I Did in High School

in the actual sense of the phrase

Jul 20 2015 | Discussion

Bursting the MIT Bubble 1.0

things to do in Downtown Boston

Jun 22 2015 | Discussion

Random Random Projects/Moving Out of Random

Randomly zigzagging about until I find myself in the future, somehow no longer in Random.

Jun 13 2015 | Discussion

how to choose your major

putting people in boxes, feat. credit for reddit, social science, and lots of yarn.

Jun 6 2015 | Discussion

A Mischievous Anniversary Tonight

Four score and ten years ago...

Jun 1 2015 | Discussion

How to trick yourself into thinking that you’re writing a report

The most productive procrastination technique revealed at last!

May 17 2015 | Discussion

A Hard MIT Class

...or is that redundant? And yes, hiiiiii.

May 10 2015 | Discussion

MIT Gothic

You are reading an admissions blog post. You are reading tumblr.

May 3 2015 | Discussion


In which I try to vlog every day in April

Apr 24 2015 | Discussion

Is CPW a lie?

I asked for opinions.

Apr 17 2015 | Discussion

an Easter vigil

alive at east campus

Apr 5 2015 | Discussion

“So what are you majoring in?”

*sweats nervously*

Apr 4 2015 | Discussion


navigating work/life balance - and spring break photos

Mar 28 2015 | Discussion

Some More Pi Day Facts and Advice

You thought all that was over, didn't you?

Mar 23 2015 | Discussion

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