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Sport CPW

cpw at senior haus

Apr 13 2017 | Discussion

Skullhouse CPW

chicken waffles fire smores volcano steak shake

Apr 13 2017 | Discussion

MacCPW, et al.

in case you couldn't make it

Apr 9 2017 | Discussion

In Anticipation of Pi Day 2017

bloggers past and present try to make you feel better right now

Mar 13 2017 | Discussion

To Those with Dreams Deferred

in which Selam of Pi Day Past rants about how things are arbitrary

Dec 17 2016 | Discussion

Reaffirming our support for undocumented students

and clarifying our policies for applicants as Regular Action approaches

Dec 9 2016 | Discussion

Checking in with EA Applicants

because I just saw Chris' post, and you probably did, too

Dec 8 2016 | Discussion

Dear High School Senior

I know you're stalking us

Nov 17 2016 | Discussion

Flow: Writing Like Yourself

*insert prospective 2021 clickbait tagline*

Oct 19 2016 | Discussion

October potpourri

rambling about college admissions, stress, fun, etc.

Oct 16 2016 | Discussion

2021 Applicants: Answers to Your Emails

Inspiration, Process, Components, Stress Mgmt, and More

Oct 9 2016 | Discussion

Hi, Applicant to the Class of 2021!

here, i try to convince you that it's ok to be dazed and confused right now

Sep 22 2016 | Discussion

Our 2016-17 Application Essay Questions

For those of you rarin' to go.

Jul 26 2016 | Discussion

Warmth, Happiness, and Baked Goods (guest post)

The best way to spend your time off.

Jul 25 2016 | Discussion

On Essay Writing

A guide to essay writing for the express purpose of obtaining admittance to an institute of higher learning

Jul 22 2016 | Discussion

1st Year at MIT

Everything there is to know about my first year here

May 28 2016 | Discussion

Advanced Standing Exams: know your stuff, get out of a semester-long class!

You should really consider taking them.

May 24 2016 | Discussion

Trip Report: ISEF 2016

May 13 2016 | Discussion

It’s Not Me, It’s You

How to kiss goodbye to a school that rejected you

Mar 29 2016 | Discussion

Stove-Cook Your Oatmeal and Never Look Back

To not-admitted applicants and anyone who knows anything about fuses.

Mar 19 2016 | Discussion

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