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Guide to MIT: Choosing a Dorm

the good and not-so-good reasons

Jun 14 2018 | Discussion

Guide to MIT: Academics

requirements, resources, and miscellaneous info

May 6 2018 | Discussion

How to not love CPW but love MIT

(for the most part at least)

Apr 30 2018 | Discussion

Visual Arts @ MIT

how we practice and pursue it here

Mar 30 2018 | Discussion

A reading list for a week at MIT

All my classes have required reading this semester!?

Feb 27 2018 | Discussion

A Day of IAP

3 Classes and Soup

Jan 16 2018 | Discussion

We Were Deferred

Dec 30 2017 | Discussion

Ask Me Anything! Responses

life and admissions

Oct 26 2017 | Discussion

The First UROP

Initiating a Life of Research

Oct 14 2017 | Discussion

Advice for the MIT Interview

keep b r e a t h i n g

Oct 6 2017 | Discussion

For applicants affected by natural disasters

Sep 25 2017 | Discussion

MIT Experience FAQs

from high school counselors

Sep 16 2017 | Discussion

Writing the MIT Application Essays

Hurgh. I know.

Aug 28 2017 | Discussion

On the Scattering of Senior House

or: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Acknowledge the Bomb

Jul 12 2017 | Discussion

Work Hard, Play Hard

Me trying to find a balance between work and fun

Jul 6 2017 | Discussion

Making the hard decision

a couple of brutally honest stories from friends here that had originally wanted to study literature or art

May 17 2017 | Discussion

PSA: Attend Local MIT Admitted Meetings!

Note to ADMITTED, CURRENT, and FORMER Students

Mar 26 2017 | Discussion


What Learning Chinese at MIT has meant to me

Feb 26 2017 | Discussion

An Early History of International Students at MIT

studying the people MIT made, and the people who made MIT

Feb 9 2017 | Discussion

MIT’s Fight against Gender Discrimination in STEM

an excerpt from a fall class paper

Jan 6 2017 | Discussion

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