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PSA: Attend Local MIT Admitted Meetings!

Note to ADMITTED, CURRENT, and FORMER Students

Mar 26 2017 | Discussion


What Learning Chinese at MIT has meant to me

Feb 26 2017 | Discussion

An Early History of International Students at MIT

studying the people MIT made, and the people who made MIT

Feb 9 2017 | Discussion

MIT’s Fight against Gender Discrimination in STEM

an excerpt from a fall class paper

Jan 6 2017 | Discussion

Thanks Guys

A thank you from a blogger to the best audience ever.

Dec 27 2016 | Discussion

Tips for the EA deferred

send us your FUN form by February 15th

Dec 17 2016 | Discussion

Biological Engineering at MIT

My thoughts, feelings, and opinions (and slight ranting) about biology both at MIT and in general

Nov 20 2016 | Discussion

A Note of Hope for Freshmen at Career Fair

Yes, freshmen can find jobs!

Sep 21 2016 | Discussion

MIT of the Late 1800s, According to the Students

snippets of history from the first 10 yearbooks

Aug 27 2016 | Discussion


How MIT has helped me keep a life long promise

Aug 22 2016 | Discussion

Life of a Black Person

A followup to the amazing Black Lives Matter Post

Jul 11 2016 | Discussion

“Never Calculate without Already Knowing the Answer!”

xTalk about the "Art of Insight" by Prof Sanjoy Mahajan

Jun 1 2016 | Discussion

1st Year at MIT

Everything there is to know about my first year here

May 28 2016 | Discussion

Advanced Standing Exams: know your stuff, get out of a semester-long class!

You should really consider taking them.

May 24 2016 | Discussion

Updated MIT Groceries Guide (guest post)

A requiem for Stata.

May 4 2016 | Discussion

Online Learning Ecology in The United Kingdom

An xTalk on Amazing Programs and FREE Resources

May 1 2016 | Discussion

MIT And/As Marathon

doing things that are hard

Apr 17 2016 | Discussion

Mini-Guide to CPW


Apr 6 2016 | Discussion

If you could track minute-by-minute data on yourself, would you?

4 Weeks of sleep, activity, heartrate, and computer usage data reveals something

Apr 6 2016 | Discussion


Why getting into MIT meant to so much to me

Mar 5 2016 | Discussion

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