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[email protected]: Cassava Connection

Part 1 of a series, starring a man, a plan, and a root vegetable.

Apr 2 2018 | Discussion

Fig. 2: Frühlingsgefühle

Spring Fever

Mar 24 2018 | Discussion

Fig. 1: Fernweh

Wanderlust in the Best Country in the World

Mar 18 2018 | Discussion

Around the world in 30 days

...ok, maybe more like I'm Traveling a Lot this IAP

Feb 15 2018 | Discussion

hey kids you should apply

there's still time!

Dec 4 2017 | Discussion

Ask Me Anything! Responses

life and admissions

Oct 26 2017 | Discussion

Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

I, uh, don't really have an excuse

Aug 1 2017 | Discussion

MacCPW, et al.

in case you couldn't make it

Apr 9 2017 | Discussion

Reaffirming our support for international students

Apr 3 2017 | Discussion

In Anticipation of Pi Day 2017

bloggers past and present try to make you feel better right now

Mar 13 2017 | Discussion

An Early History of International Students at MIT

studying the people MIT made, and the people who made MIT

Feb 9 2017 | Discussion

MIT at Copley Square

Yet more photos of #NoBanNoWall protests in Boston, plus an update from President Reif.

Jan 31 2017 | Discussion


Jan 30 2017 | Discussion

21 Firsts

highlight reels from the last few years, as I prepare to say goodbye

Jan 8 2017 | Discussion

To Those with Dreams Deferred

in which Selam of Pi Day Past rants about how things are arbitrary

Dec 17 2016 | Discussion

Checking in with EA Applicants

because I just saw Chris' post, and you probably did, too

Dec 8 2016 | Discussion

A Night Off Campus

and some dancing

Oct 21 2016 | Discussion

Flow: Writing Like Yourself

*insert prospective 2021 clickbait tagline*

Oct 19 2016 | Discussion

2021 Applicants: Answers to Your Emails

Inspiration, Process, Components, Stress Mgmt, and More

Oct 9 2016 | Discussion

Hi, Applicant to the Class of 2021!

here, i try to convince you that it's ok to be dazed and confused right now

Sep 22 2016 | Discussion

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