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Two Classes about the Brain That Blew My Mind

and I just had to share

Mar 6 2018 | Discussion

A reading list for a week at MIT

All my classes have required reading this semester!?

Feb 27 2018 | Discussion

Give MIT Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences a Chance

Yultide Day 5

Jan 31 2018 | Discussion

Making Decisions

“I don’t know”

Nov 10 2017 | Discussion

a semester in notes

wordless words

Sep 23 2017 | Discussion

Three Tales of Junior Year

Accidental Harvard Class, UROPs, Experimenting in College

Jul 10 2017 | Discussion


Jun 5 2017 | Discussion

Making the hard decision

a couple of brutally honest stories from friends here that had originally wanted to study literature or art

May 17 2017 | Discussion

A Tour of Phonology, Part 1

fənɛtɪks ɪz fʌn!

Apr 12 2017 | Discussion

freshman spring

in which today is the first day of spring

Mar 20 2017 | Discussion

Course 18

thoughts on being a (pure) math major

Mar 11 2017 | Discussion


What Learning Chinese at MIT has meant to me

Feb 26 2017 | Discussion

a week of class notes

airplanes, ethnography, and some bonus doodles

Sep 11 2016 | Discussion

You should consider studying economics if…

for those who aren't totally set on what to major in

Sep 8 2016 | Discussion

MIT of the Late 1800s, According to the Students

snippets of history from the first 10 yearbooks

Aug 27 2016 | Discussion

I Ended Up Working for a Reality TV Show

Aug 5 2016 | Discussion

This is where my decisions have taken me

perspectives from grad school

Jul 15 2016 | Discussion

neutrality isn’t about objectivity—it’s about who has the power

some words on facebook trending topics, and also net neutrality

May 20 2016 | Discussion

An Embarrassing One Minute

everything that can go wrong...will find a worse way to manifest itself

Mar 8 2016 | Discussion

Sophomore Fall Recap

Entropy, Research, and Other Out-of-Class Happenings

Feb 17 2016 | Discussion

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