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not a definitive guide

Jun 26 2018 | Discussion

Journey back Home from PE Class

photodocumenting the trek across campus

Apr 26 2018 | Discussion

CPW Is Here!

Welcome to MIT.

Apr 12 2018 | Discussion

Spotlight: MIT stands with the people of all nations

we are one MIT

Jan 13 2018 | Discussion

For applicants affected by natural disasters

Sep 25 2017 | Discussion

senior house / pilot 2021 / senior house

facts, and a thought

Jul 11 2017 | Discussion

MIT Was Great in the 1800s

(and it's still awesome today)

Apr 19 2017 | Discussion


What Learning Chinese at MIT has meant to me

Feb 26 2017 | Discussion

Follow Me: A Video Tour of Campus

in which you get to hang out with my friends and walk around MIT through the magic of the internet and moving pictures

Feb 23 2017 | Discussion

An Early History of International Students at MIT

studying the people MIT made, and the people who made MIT

Feb 9 2017 | Discussion

21 Firsts

highlight reels from the last few years, as I prepare to say goodbye

Jan 8 2017 | Discussion

MIT’s Fight against Gender Discrimination in STEM

an excerpt from a fall class paper

Jan 6 2017 | Discussion

Checking in with EA Applicants

because I just saw Chris' post, and you probably did, too

Dec 8 2016 | Discussion

MIT EA Decisions To Be Posted Thursday, 12/15/16, at 6:28PM ET

Dec 7 2016 | Discussion

Fantastic Course Numbers and Where to Find Them

A List of Ways MIT is like Hogwarts

Nov 30 2016 | Discussion

Kevin’s Room

Portrait of an MIT Student

Nov 26 2016 | Discussion

It’s the FIRST DAY of CLASSES!!!!!

A summary of the first half of the day/how I'm feeling, with many exclamation points!!!

Sep 7 2016 | Discussion

MIT of the Late 1800s, According to the Students

snippets of history from the first 10 yearbooks

Aug 27 2016 | Discussion

Chris inspired me to do dumb things

I went to Disney World. It was fun, I guess.

Jul 20 2016 | Discussion

1st Year at MIT

Everything there is to know about my first year here

May 28 2016 | Discussion

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