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Thanks Guys

A thank you from a blogger to the best audience ever.

Dec 27 2016 | Discussion

Psetting en route to North Carolina

Sectionals vs. Midterms

Dec 13 2016 | Discussion

Biological Engineering at MIT

My thoughts, feelings, and opinions (and slight ranting) about biology both at MIT and in general

Nov 20 2016 | Discussion

2021 Applicants: Answers to Your Emails

Inspiration, Process, Components, Stress Mgmt, and More

Oct 9 2016 | Discussion

Being Sick at the Institute

the firth law of therbodydabics *sniff*

Sep 22 2016 | Discussion

Hi, Applicant to the Class of 2021!

here, i try to convince you that it's ok to be dazed and confused right now

Sep 22 2016 | Discussion

Memory down résumé lane

Serif or sans-serif?

Sep 20 2016 | Discussion

Thoughts on personal wellbeing

freshman year + finding happiness

Aug 23 2016 | Discussion

summer’s end

Aug 5 2016 | Discussion

Turning the Tide

My thoughts on an important report

Jun 20 2016 | Discussion

Advanced Standing Exams: know your stuff, get out of a semester-long class!

You should really consider taking them.

May 24 2016 | Discussion

Updated MIT Groceries Guide (guest post)

A requiem for Stata.

May 4 2016 | Discussion

How to Make Friends

Disclaimer: Attempt at your own risk

Apr 30 2016 | Discussion

Mini-Guide to CPW


Apr 6 2016 | Discussion

It’s Pi Day, Pi Day

the infinite is alive with the buzz of drones, and the 2020s bake pies

Mar 14 2016 | Discussion


life the last few weeks

Feb 20 2016 | Discussion

PSA: CrowdMath, by Art of Problem Solving and MIT PRIMES, is a thing now

a brief note in between committee breaks

Feb 11 2016 | Discussion

My “Normal” High School

What it was like going to an ordinary high school

Jan 16 2016 | Discussion

Questions for 2016

And what I gained after a semester at MIT

Jan 3 2016 | Discussion

ROTC Is Life (In a Good Way)

Everything you ever wanted to know about ROTC at MIT (and then some)

Dec 18 2015 | Discussion

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