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7 Reasons MIT Is Special

reflecting on the Institute at the end of four years

Jun 15 2018 | Discussion

The Class of 2018 Graduates from MIT

Jun 8 2018 | Discussion

Ask Me Anything! Responses

life and admissions

Oct 26 2017 | Discussion

Wearing the apron

This was written on an empty stomach

Oct 8 2017 | Discussion

Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

I, uh, don't really have an excuse

Aug 1 2017 | Discussion

To Those with Dreams Deferred

in which Selam of Pi Day Past rants about how things are arbitrary

Dec 17 2016 | Discussion

2021 Applicants: Answers to Your Emails

Inspiration, Process, Components, Stress Mgmt, and More

Oct 9 2016 | Discussion

Having Survived Rejection (guest post)

About receiving a rejection letter from the 'Tvte.

Mar 15 2016 | Discussion

ROTC Is Life (In a Good Way)

Everything you ever wanted to know about ROTC at MIT (and then some)

Dec 18 2015 | Discussion

What My College Essays Were [Not]

Unsolicited advice about writing.

Nov 12 2015 | Discussion

Dear Applicants: The College Essay

part 3 of the Dear Applicants series

Nov 12 2015 | Discussion

Dear Applicants: Parts 1 and 2

for Early and Regular Action applicants

Nov 12 2015 | Discussion


Why it's so hard to tell college students to ease up a bit.

Oct 16 2015 | Discussion

Sloan MBA Adetayo Akisanya works at Volaris, a Mexican airline, on their Commercial Strategy team

“I really gained a new perspective on the airline industry, on commercial strategy, on competition, on inter-cultural communication."

May 21 2015 | Discussion

You Prep, I Prep, We All Prep

How to prepare--or at least, how I did.

May 13 2015 | Discussion

EECS student Michael McGraw teaches STEM concepts in Regensburg, Germany

As part of the Global Teaching Labs program, student Michael McGraw taught Physics, Biology and Chemistry in Bavaria

May 8 2015 | Discussion

Fight Fire With Fire

How is MIT so hard?

May 6 2015 | Discussion

How to Fail: Part 1

Dealing with failure and trying to move past it.

Apr 21 2015 | Discussion

Pi Day Eve

A doodle and some old advice

Mar 13 2015 | Discussion

to the 2019s in anticipation of pi day

with love

Mar 13 2015 | Discussion

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