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The REX That Was

a review of the most recent confusion

Sep 6 2016 | Discussion

Weekend Trip to Salem, MA

romance, adventure, and no witchcraft

Jun 7 2016 | Discussion

1st Year at MIT

Everything there is to know about my first year here

May 28 2016 | Discussion

Boston Book Festival

#3 of 3 Boston Adventures

May 14 2016 | Discussion

Mini-Guide to CPW


Apr 6 2016 | Discussion

Institute of Contemporary Art College Night

#2 of 3 Boston Adventures

Dec 27 2015 | Discussion

2.009 Final Presentations Live Webcast

Project Engineering Processes aka The Most Fun A Course 2 Major Can Have Without Their Own Startup

Dec 7 2015 | Discussion

I Was Sitting Where You’re Sitting

Quick! Click here. :D

Nov 12 2015 | Discussion

My favorite room on MIT’s campus

a personal room of requirement

Sep 24 2015 | Discussion

Rollercoasters and Lounges: An Interactive Experience

It's almost like you were here!

Sep 22 2015 | Discussion

The ‘How to College’ Masterpost

A comprehensive guide for frosh, from all corners of the interwebz.

Aug 13 2015 | Discussion

Bursting the MIT Bubble 1.0

things to do in Downtown Boston

Jun 22 2015 | Discussion

Is CPW a lie?

I asked for opinions.

Apr 17 2015 | Discussion

Guest Post: Being Trans at MIT

Apr 16 2015 | Discussion

Jupiter’s Moons, Doge, and a Tub of Icing

how to CPW from Yuliya the Undecided HS Senior

Apr 6 2015 | Discussion

MIT Mini Maker Faire

Celebrating STEAM and creativity

Oct 11 2014 | Discussion

Here Comes the Sun @ MIT

A Photographic Journey

Sep 27 2014 | Discussion

California Love

a week in the life of an admissions officer on the road

Sep 12 2014 | Discussion

How to Get Home from the Airport for Free

For prefrosh who are like me and terrified of entering dank underground tunnels they haven’t seen on Instagram.

Aug 18 2014 | Discussion

An Admissions Excavation

Chris gave me a box of stuff and this is what I found inside

Jul 17 2014 | Discussion

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