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Ben Jones

May 16, 2006

Admitted From The Waitlist?

Posted in: Process & Statistics

If you were admitted from the waitlist, you should now be able to see the Admitted Students Portlet in your MyMIT account. Go sign the MIT '10 guestbook!

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I'm just wondering if admissions received my SIR. I mailed it on the May 1st deadline, and I haven't heard back yet--no emails, postcards, NBM. I'm just a bit concerned. Is it possible for you to check my status?

-Kyle (hopefully) '10

Posted by: Atmore on May 16, 2006


I haven't received my NBM either, and I am getting a little worried too. It's reassuring to know that someone else is in the same situation, though. I'm just hoping it's an ok situation.

-Vicki '10

Posted by: Vicki on May 16, 2006

Any chance you guys will be accepting more people off the waitlist?

Posted by: Vikaas Sharma on May 16, 2006

The MIT'10 Guest book is awesome!

Posted by: Arka on May 17, 2006

Hi folks - yes, I can check your enrollment status for you; just email me your full name and date of birth. benjones at m i t dot e d u.

Vikaas - we're not sure yet, but I'll post as soon as I know.

Posted by: Ben on May 17, 2006

Thanks for the update =)

Posted by: Vikaas Sharma on May 17, 2006

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