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Dave McOwen

Mar 22, 2010


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I know you've had a lot on your mind this past week, so I understand if you've forgotten that CPW is less than 3 weeks away! More importantly, did you remember that the registration deadline is this Thursday, March 25th?

I feel there should be a dramatic chord (or small mammal) to drive that point home. If the W3C weren't meeting down the hall I'd even be tempted to break out the blink tag.

CPW is an enormous event. It's natural that you or your parents might still have some questions. This is my first CPW, too, and I can tell you that the sheer quantity of options is daunting (in a good way). Luckily the level of enthusiasm all over campus is equally impressive, and you have an entire Admissions office here to help with any last minute items.

I'm sure you've been to the CPW website. Did you notice the new schedule search feature? Between that and the iPhone app we hope to launch soon, you should have ample tools to start planning your weekend.

And parents, I hope you've gotten the message that there's no shortage of activities and information for you at CPW, too. Heck, we have a whole page just for you, plus at last count there were 171 parent-friendly events in the schedule.

If a visit to the site or a call/email to us can't unravel the mystery of CPW, the only thing left to do is go to the source: MIT's CPW gurus Lauren and Jennifer. They'll be webcasting live tomorrow night beginning at 10pm EDT; check your email for details (or email [email protected] / comment below with your email and we'll get in touch after we verify your admission status). We'll be using, a creation of MIT's Media Lab, to let you ask questions, or vote up/down other's questions, beginning at 9:30 and continuing live during the webcast. Even if you think you have all the answers, why not stop by and get to know your fellow classmates?

So please consider your memory jogged:

  • Registration deadline THIS THURSDAY
  • CPW Website goodies
  • CPW webcast TOMORROW (Tuesday) at 10pm EDT

I can't wait to see you at CPW!

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First, for probably the 8th time. Seriously, its a no deal.
I'm also the caltechmathgod
I also started the captcha repost trend

Posted by: 0 on March 22, 2010

Do you really go to Caltech? If you hated MIT so much, you would not be spending this much time on this site. (I mean, you've posted first 8 times!)

Anyways, CPW sounds like lots of fun. Too bad I can't make it. Have fun guys.

Posted by: 0 on March 22, 2010

no, i never did. it was a covert attempt to create "hostility" between the two groups, thus start a "hack war", that if accepted, i would have a lot of fun doing. i also was the first to repost my captcha.
but i wasnt accepted, and after georgia tech denied me also, i am officially without any acceptance anywhere, and have no idea what to do

Posted by: caltechmathgod on March 23, 2010

I know exactly how you feel my friend. So far my only acceptance is at Purdue with a Honors program. I have been wait-listed at every other college; and I know none of them will admit me because of my Financial Aid requirement. More decisions come on April 1, but I don't expect anything.

I won't go to Purdue though; they are not cool enough and all I'll end up with is a $160000 debt at the end of four years, and that is minus studying abroad.

I tell people I'll take a gap year. Truth is, I will have nowhere to go. I'll try to make something of the year.

Posted by: Ghost of Amos G Throop !14 on March 23, 2010

yeah, it's depressing beyond all else. knowing just how perfect it'd be makes it all the worse....they just couodnt trust my application i suppose, taking the "safe" choices.

o btw, most of the responses to caltechmathgod was also from me

Posted by: caltechmathgod on March 23, 2010

@ caltechmathgod & Ghost :

I'm almost in the same situation as you guys...only worse because I graduated from school last year and wasn't accepted anywhere...and now that both mit and caltech have rejected me this year too I think I can see the trend...wonder what'll become of me(?)... 'bout a little get-together to share our pain (I mean on a chat or something)?


Posted by: Inthesameboat on March 23, 2010

Boat, welcome to my sorrows! Ha.
I'm not giving up yet. For me, it's just too important. It goes beyond a simple education and career....MIT is the place of innovation and progression, and I go not to seek a degree, but to seek a way to complete my ideal. I just can't stop fighting. Not yet.
Remember, there is no such thing as a final decision.
I have the rest of march, april, may, june, july, august, and part of semptember to get it done.
Believe me, I will. I MUST.

Posted by: 0 on March 23, 2010

^^^ that was me

Posted by: caltechmathgod on March 23, 2010

Dave, decisions for transfer students is not out yet. Is it like that there's no CPW or orientation for them?

Typo in your entry. Please change ample to sample.

Posted by: Armin on March 23, 2010

@ Armin

Sorry, but we're not quite done with transfer admissions yet.

What's wrong with ample? I like ample choices. Though you also have ample events to sample smile

Posted by: MIT Admissions - Dave on March 23, 2010

@Currently school-less people:

There are a number of schools I've heard of (many of them good) that are still accepting admissions. If you are okay with the idea of the Lone Star State, I know of at least two here: Schreiner still has open doors, I think, and UT Dallas doesn't require you to submit your app until June or July. Neither are bad schools by ANY means, and UTD especially looks after its scientists...PS, if you are a National Merit Semifinalist or Finalist they will give you BIG scholarship money, up to a full ride in many cases.

@Dave regarding transfer: Yeah, I had the same question too. Is there any sort of orientation for transfer students? I won't be one this year, but maybe in a few years.

Lol ReCaptcha: "officers mending" Reminds me of Sly Stallone knitting in Demolition Man, the movie...

Posted by: Texan ;) on March 23, 2010

(i use this name for idenification only)

It's unacceptable...anything other than M.I.T feels wrong and depressing. I just won't feel right anywhere else.

Posted by: caltechmathgod on March 23, 2010

Any plans for an Android CPW app?

There's no app store approval process and no developer registration fee.

Posted by: Dave on March 23, 2010

Dear Sir,
I have heard that many of the School transcripts of Indian students are rejected as was the case with some of my friends. As there is hardly a procedure in schools of giving Transcripts. And if we are in need of it they just make it on a simple A4 paper with signature of the principal.
Although that is 100% official
What by MIT means an official high school transcript
Thank you

Posted by: Shreebhav on March 23, 2010

@Shreebav: I applied to MIT from India. I just had my report card photocopied and attested by the principal. I think that should be fine.

Posted by: Vedha ('14) on March 24, 2010

@shreebav: Make sure you send them all your grades from 9th-12th.

Posted by: Vedha ('14) on March 24, 2010

@Vedha ('14)
Thanks for tips
But are you sure this works, one of my friends did this and his report card was rejected because it was not official, although it was with principals signature. if u are sure reply back and i would do the same.

Posted by: Shreebhav on March 24, 2010

@ Texan

Transfer students have their own orientation, though I think there is some crossover with freshman orientation.

@ Dave

Yes. Keep an eye on the CPW site.

@ Shreebhav

Per the web site, your official transcript is sent directly by your school, along with the Secondary School Report which is usually completed by the guidance counselor or principal.

We don't 'reject' transcripts for applicants. If for some reason we have questions about an official transcript we would contact the school directly to resolve any issues. We understand that schools have different standards of "official" and we're used to the variety.

Posted by: MIT Admissions - Dave on March 24, 2010

@ibthesameboat, caltechmatgod, Ghost
i'M With you brothers email me pls
[email protected]

Posted by: Ruslan on March 24, 2010

ruslan, email has been sent.
btw, as of now, still no college. i have accepted work doing research with an organization dedicated to genetic sciences. but i dont have hte best grades and i dont just want a paycheck, so i have no chance at mit

Posted by: caltechmathgod on March 24, 2010

Waiting for something on Physics now....and understandably am feeling so hungryyyyyyyyyyyyy !! 'Yan

Posted by: ~A on March 25, 2010

@Ghost of Amos G Throop !14:

You know, there's nothing wrong taking a gap year. Harvard (lol) and a number of top schools actually recommend them these days--takes off some of the academic stress that ends up burning a lot of people out. Use it as an opportunity; get a job, go travelling, get a paid internship with NASA smile There are a lot of programs out there which take into account financial needs. Even if I get into any of my target schools, I may end up taking some "time off", so to speak, to study math, science, computers, architecture, etc.--go back to some of my more neglected fascinations...

Posted by: Amethyst on March 25, 2010

AARGH grammar-Nazi! Misspelled "traveling" AGAIN! That word and "bureaucrat" are the only ones I ever have trouble spelling...drives me crazy. *grumbles to self*

Posted by: Amethyst on March 25, 2010

amethyst, thank you.....but i cannot do such a thing. im not in for the schooling and job recognition..... i actually want to revolutionize our existence by expanding technological singularity and understanding.

@Dave...if i spend 5 months getting a perfect SAT, ACEING college classes over the summer, getting several jobs at major research centers, get involved with MIT laboratories, and never stop fighting for what i feel MUST be, would MIT EVER consider reversing rejection?

Posted by: caltechmathgod on March 25, 2010

Please describe your responses using words which are suitable for night-reading.
i.e. Ghost, Nazi, R rated thriller movies, war and fight are not fully respected.

Texan wink there are movies like The Family Man or The Wedding Planner.

Posted by: Armin on March 25, 2010

Armin....any comment to what we've (the rejectees) have been saying?

Posted by: caltechmathgod on March 25, 2010

@ caltechmathgod

(you know I feel dirty just typing that, don't you? wink

We don't reverse decisions, even if you won a Nobel prize. But that sure would help with your transfer application!

recaptcha: Xerxes Government (oh my!)

Posted by: MIT Admissions - Dave on March 25, 2010

a nobel prize seriously wouldn't reverse decisions?
If theres one thing I've learned being alive, it's this: there are no such things as final decisions.

Posted by: caltechmathgod on March 25, 2010

Hi Dave. Sorry to be off topic, but my friends and I are wondering about the required Medical forms for CPW.

We faxed our paperwork to the fax number specified on the sheets, but we're not quite sure if it went through. We were wondering if we should e-mail the forms to make sure? And if we do, who do we address the email to?

Posted by: Steven Jens on March 26, 2010

I'm from India and I was absolutely delighted upon getting admitted into MIT. I'm just a lil confused about the CPW thing...MIT's a long long long way from where I live and plus it's just a month before my final exam and I miss the last three days of school EVER of my life if I decide to attend CPW. I've registered for it though - and I know it's gonna be fun for sure, but I wanted to ask how much USEFUL fun it is, if you get what I mean....what say??

Posted by: Jesika on March 28, 2010

I realize that I'm joining this conversation a bit late, but I would like to remind you that taking a gap year is not a "failure" by any stretch. I currently am in the middle of a gap year and am living and working in a foreign country. I cannot even begin to tell you how much readier I feel to attend college in the fall. If you don't get accepted anywhere you want to or can afford to attend, take a year, do something you want to do, and apply again (ideally to a wider range of schools). Things will work out.

Also, Amethyst -- "traveling" vs. "travelling" is one of those delightful British vs. American differences. If anyone gives you a rough time for using one "t", tell them you're part British smile

Posted by: Katie '14 on March 28, 2010

...that would be one "l".

It looks like my ability to spell has atrophied somewhat over the past nine months.

Posted by: Katie '14 on March 28, 2010

Katie, thanks for the words, I do appreciate them.
However, I imagine it's much easier said from one who can put '14 next to their name, lol. you have no idea how jealous I am.
Did you apply to MIT before the gap year as well?

Anyway, no gap year for me. I'm trying to apply elsewhere, or else it's the local CC.... :(

Posted by: caltechmathgod on March 28, 2010

@ M.I.T rejected hopefuls....
I hate to be harsh, but there really isn't a hope. They have a waitlist to go to before anyone who was rejected. If a Nobel Prize wouldn't reverse a decision, what will? The answer, sadly, is nothing (Ok, to be honest, I imagine they WOULD reverse a decision for an 18 year old Nobel winner. But let's be realistic.)
Just think of all the other's who wern't accepted. Think of all the top scientists who never went to M.I.T. If you read through sciencedaily , you see plenty of other schools, and in fact, M.I.T doesn't really appear anymore than other schools do. Someone with a B.S from M.I.T and Ph.D from, say, Mass.U , looks far less impressive then someone who went to community college and has a Ph.D from M.I.T.
I was rejected, and I'm already forgotten about it. I'm going to another good state school for 4 years. I'm worrying myself over a transfer that will never happen (if they reject you once, they wont accept you afterwards.)
Good luck to all!

Posted by: CRON on March 28, 2010

* NOT worrying over a transfer

Posted by: CRON on March 28, 2010

@ Jesika

CPW is funfilled and exciting, I know because I attended with my sister Kimberly '13 last year.
If you can't attend this year, do'nt worry, you get to do it all over again for orientation. CPW is for you to decide if you really want to go to MIT. I love it there and hope to enter in 2014.

Posted by: Nasser '18 on March 29, 2010

@ Jesika

CPW is funfilled and exciting, I know because I attended with my sister Kimberly '13 last year.
If you can't attend this year, do'nt worry, you get to do it all over again for orientation. CPW is for you to decide if you really want to go to MIT. I love it there and hope to enter in 2014.

Posted by: Nasser '18 on March 29, 2010

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