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Apr 8, 2005

CPW Day 2

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Another insane (in a good way) day! Got to MIT early; checked in with my fellow admissions peeps. Not bound to the Reg Desk today, I made the most of my time attending events and meeting prefrosh.

Started with the Student Life & Learning Panel & followup sessions. Had lunch with Mootmom. Went back to my office for the first time in 2 days; checked email.

Akash & Erin stopped by and we stalked people using the satellite feature of Google Maps for an hour or so. Met up with Lorelle and headed to the BSU Lounge in Walker; met some awesome people. Went to Senior Haus just in time to see 6000 bouncy balls thrown off the roof. Had some fun with said balls.

Back to the BSU Lounge to hear AMAZING live jazz and eat Redbones for dinner. From there I headed to the Mr/Miss MIT pageant in time to see the winners crowned. At last Lorelle and I packed up the computers in La Sala and headed back to 3-107.

Note to Caltech students: the note you left in our office, informing us of this, has made its way to, um, the right people. Not that I know anything about this. What? What note? What are you talking about?

P.S. Can I just tell you all how much the prefrosh ROCK?

Today's pics are below...

Me & Lorelle.

The Student Life & Learning Panel.

Cool shot of 77 Mass Ave.

The Academic Fair - got there at the very end so it wasn't very crowded.

Mitra & some new friends, including the infamous Nghi.

Musicians and a tap dancer perform at the Arts Fair.

Me after 10 hours on the job - still looking fairly awake!

Playing with fire at Senior Haus.

Me & Anthony M. Trakopolous.

Thousands of bouncy balls descend from the roof of Senior Haus (look closely).

The aftermath.

Me & Mike.

Me & Kelly.

Clockwise from bottom left: Anthony, Kelly, Katie, Lulu, Greg, Mike

A scene from the Mr./Ms. MIT pageant.

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Thanks for posting the photos! Looks like they're all having a great time!!

Posted by: AnotherMom on April 8, 2006

WoooooooHooo Sukrit and Ian are both in the pics!!!! That's 2 points for RSI wink Arrghhh why couldn't they make an international CPW...i'm thinking of going to the Beirut one but it's right before APs I don't know if i can make it just for a day and come back.. :/

Oh by the way, Matt, could you please tell me when the international students orientation at MIT is going to start in the summer? And are all students together or are internationals seperate?

Thanks a lot!!!

Wow, it's been a while since I posted here...after I came back from Malaysia lots has been happening ;P

Have fun everyone, I can't wait to meet you!!!


Posted by: Aziz on April 9, 2006

CPW was incredible...Yoohoooooooooooooo

Posted by: 0 on April 9, 2006


International students orientation begins on August 21, but students are asked to arrive a few days earlier. There's a short orientation specifically for international students, then there is the entire orientation for all of the incoming students.

Hope this helps.

- Bryan

Posted by: Bryan on April 9, 2006

Thanks for putting up the pic of me!

I had a great time, and I'll see you next year!

The pic of Sukrit is just awesome. =)

Posted by: Dave from New York on April 9, 2006

haha--hey there! Which of the 3 Intel finalists is feeling left out here? wink Kidding...the pic of Sukrit rocks :D

Posted by: Adam on April 9, 2006

Thanks a lot Bryan that really helped!!!


Posted by: Aziz on April 10, 2006

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