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Daniel Barkowitz

Oct 7, 2005

Elephants on Parade

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So, yesterday the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus had its annual "Elephant Parade". The circus parks its trains behind MIT (right behind Simmons) and since the circus performs in the TD BankNorth Garden, the circus has to transport the animals.

They walk the animals the 1/2 mile or so from the campus to the garden and the highlight of the experience has to be the elephant parade.

This was my first year seeing it, and I bring you some pictures to highlight what a wonderful experience it was...

More pictures follow...

The crowd started lining up on the steps at 77 Mass. Ave at 10:45 (the email we had all received announced the parade as starting at 11:00 am). Children from the MIT day care, faculty, staff, students, all sat waiting for the elephants:

Somewhere in the crowd were some fellow bloggers. Can you guess who these ones are?

Staff from the circus handed out pamphlets about animal care and gave out rubber clown noses for us to wear. Here are some staff from alumni affairs sporting some rubber noses:

Here are some other staff from IS&T (Information Services and Technology) also sporting noses.

As the elephants travel they are given custom railroad cars. You can see a elephant truck sticking out of the window of one of these cars in this picture:

The parade commenced a tad late (12 noon). As Boston and Cambridge police stopped traffic on Massachusetts Avenue, the elephants marched down the train tracks heading toward the roadway:

They marched down Mass Ave (quite quickly; I had to run to catch up) and proceeded in a single line, trunk joined to tail:

I think it will be a long time before I forget the site of elephants in front of the 77 Mass Ave entrance and dome:

Back in the shelter of my office, I donned my own clown nose to celebrate the event. Maybe when you come visit I'll still be sporting it!

This event so captured the spirit of the kid in all of us!

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I'm wondering if you happen to know when the elephants will return. My 3 year old daughter would love to see them and we missed them last week. I have looked everywhere and emailed Ringling brothers but I'm not certain they'll get back to me in time. Do you happen to know?

Posted by: Ron Frank on October 15, 2005


Daniel, thats an excellent picture.

the red nose kid named, MR Barkowitz!

Posted by: Saad Zaheer on October 19, 2005

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