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Ben Jones

May 18, 2006

Excitement On The Road

Posted in: Miscellaneous

So Marilee and I spent much of last night in the ER at Princeton Hospital with a co-worker who ate some shellfish and puffed up nicely. (I won't tell you which co-worker unless he/she tells me I can. :-)

But this was exciting for two reasons... first, it was my first ride in an ambulance progression - two emergency vehicles, woot! (I thought of you, Tish.) And second, I'm almost positive that the Princeton Hospital is supposed to be where House takes place, right?

All's well that ends well - my co-worker is fine, thanks to the wonderful medics and folks in the ER. But more importantly, I could have met House.

I'll write something about Ivy Plus when I get back.

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That means you were really close to my home!

Oh, and technically, House is at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital...

but yeah, I LOVE that show.

Psyched about the season finale...

Posted by: Stephanie on May 18, 2006

Yeah me too, love the show!

Yay for Ben! I was born at Princeton Hospital =)

Posted by: Vikaas Sharma on May 18, 2006

those darn shellfish, always causing problems

and of course a w00t for Hugh Laurie, the best actor ever!

Posted by: Molly on May 18, 2006

Was it bad of me to think about cream puffs when u said your co-worker "puffed up nicely?" lol i'm such a fat kid!!

Posted by: YeSeul on May 18, 2006

i love House. one of the best shows of the year. He is the craziest doctor I would love to have hime treat me. Can't wait to the season final i heard that he gets shot.

Posted by: Carly on May 18, 2006

Ben! Glad to hear you enjoyed your adventure with the ambulance. I've been stressing out all week because today was my written exam for my EMT test but at least all my hard work paid off because... I PASSED!! So the good news is that I can officially be an EMT in new york, but I'll have to spend some time this summer applying for reciprocity in massachusetts and maybe retaking a portion of the test. I'm SO EXCITED for this fall!!

Posted by: Tish on May 18, 2006

Way to think of Tish and not me. =P

I'm applying for reciprocity in NJ and will have to retake part of the exam there. I feel you, Tish. Congrats!

Posted by: Laura on May 18, 2006

This has absolutely nothing to do with the post, but I was just rather wondering. Erm. How do we access our MIT email accounts after we've created them?

Posted by: 0 on May 19, 2006


Probably your best bet is to go to

you can sign in there with the name and passowrd you set up.

you can also set up email on outlook, eudora, thunderbird, etc. you can get eudora and other software at

hope that helps!

Posted by: Stephanie on May 19, 2006


The OC....OMG....

Posted by: Joel on May 19, 2006

Where was McGreggor Crowley when you need him...

As for Anonymous, try webmail or if you want to be cool, you can SSH to the dialups and run pine.

Posted by: Dan Scofield on May 19, 2006

Ok, I'll 'fess was me. Hardly ever eaten crab in my life, and the only few times I've tried it I think it was probably imitation crab. I think that crabcake had real crab in it. I actually don't like crab or shellfish at all, and oftentimes I tell people that I wish I were allergic to it so that I'd have a real reason not to have to eat it other than "I just don't like it". Oh well, I guess my wish came true....! heheh : P

Dan - Yeah, I actually thought that too! Where's MacGreggor when you need him?? smile

Posted by: Mikey on May 23, 2006

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