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Ben Jones

Mar 9, 2006

Financial Aid Tracking Portlet Now Available

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Just a quick note - after this morning's build, you should now see the financial aid tracking portlet in your MyMIT account.

If you have any questions, please contact the financial aid office directly via email at finaid(at)mit(dot)edu or telephone at 617-253-4971.

[edit] I'm getting a bunch of comments in response to this post with financial-aid-specific questions and unfortunately I'm not equipped to answer them - please send them directly to the financial aid office (contact info above). Thanks! (I'll turn off comments for this thread to avoid further confusion.)

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thanks for the info!! smile

Posted by: Sachit on March 9, 2006

Cool...So decisions roll out at noon on the that means at night here in India...hmmm great..

Posted by: Shikhar on March 9, 2006

Good that they put this important piece of info online

Posted by: Praful on March 9, 2006

Ack! MIT has received my FAFSA, but apparently not my CSS profile. However, on the CSS website, I have this notice:

You have submitted your PROFILE Application to the College Board. Some colleges and scholarship programs request that the College Board delay sending student PROFILE reports until the date they specify. A paper report of your information has been, or will be, sent to the following colleges or programs on the indicated dates. Some colleges and programs choose to receive your information electronically. Those colleges and programs will receive your data according to the schedule they have requested, which can be as early as the next business day after submission.

It lists MIT and says that the information was sent 02/01/2006, which is more than a month ago. :/.

However, it also includes this gem:

If a financial aid office has told you that they have not received your PROFILE Report and this status indicates that it has been sent, you can be certain that your information is at the college. Because colleges receive many PROFILE reports each day, your report is most likely in process.

Ack. So is what's on the portal definite? Or is there some lag, as the College Board suggests?

Posted by: Timur Sahin on March 9, 2006

I originally indicated that I was going to apply for financial aid, but my parents ultimately decided against it. Do I have to inform anyone, or can I just ignore the message that says I still need to submit more information?

Posted by: Scott on March 9, 2006

do i have to send in my parent 2004 tax forms if i already sent their 2005 ones?

Posted by: Sam T on March 9, 2006

If I've just noticed you're still needing my parent's 2004 Tax Return, do you need me to attach another IDOC form to it or can I just send it in alone? Or is it too late to matter already?

Posted by: Benjamin on March 9, 2006

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