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Ben Jones

Feb 27, 2006

Fun With Photoshop

Posted in: Miscellaneous

Things are still pretty crazy around here, so until I get a chance to post, I'll keep you entertained with the following.

As you know if you follow Matt's blog, my colleague Joanne's dog Evie is somewhat of an office mascot. What you may not know is that Joanne is, like me, a die-hard Lost fan. Not only does she love the riveting storylines and character development, she also thinks Sawyer is cute.

So last week, I combined her two loves into a desktop for her computer:

Your turn! Post your links in the comments and we'll let the community decide who wins the contest.

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i love it!! and i'm a Lost fanatic too...

Finally, my Korean comes in handy...

Posted by: YeSeul on February 27, 2006

It looks really nice! Are you planning on turning it into a motion picture??:p (just kidding)

Posted by: Fadl on February 27, 2006

This inspired my rediculously bad photoshop of the superdog:

Posted by: Benjamin Prosnitz on February 27, 2006

I LOVE it Benjamin! Inspired by you, I have amended the original post to encourage lots of submissions.

Posted by: Ben on February 27, 2006

Yeaaah for Lost !!!!!!

Posted by: Wish on February 27, 2006

Hahahaa!! That's amazing Ben! I never could figure out how to use that darn photoshop!! Good Old Microsoft Paintbrush is the way to go :D Benjamin that's a cool picture, superdog all the way wink

Hmm..I still haven't watched Lost but everyone says it's amazing! I'm more of a "24" Addict...watched all four seasons...Oh My God such a brilliant series...Thank God I don't live in the US where season 5 is already out! I can't stand waiting from week to week to watch each episode! I prefer buying the DVD and watching the whole season in 4 days =D Heck, one of my friends finished all 4 seasons in 6 days smile

Good Luck to all applicants! (this is becoming the ending of all my posts from now until decision time :D ) and Good Luck to the selection commmittee! Kudos to your efforts guys, keep it up! And has international selection begun yet?

Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

Posted by: Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar on February 27, 2006

Lost is an amazing show. I was just flipping channels and just land on lost. After 2 mintes I was hooked. I'm too curious for my own good lol

Posted by: Sam T on February 27, 2006

The only good thing that happened senior was that The OC started to air in India... i might seem a bit outdated but i havent seen one episode of lost *sigh*

Posted by: Shikhar on February 27, 2006

My submission ->

Posted by: gm on February 27, 2006

Okay, wait. What exactly is the contest? Combining two things we love in a funny way? Or does there have to be a dog in there? Or does everyone just love dogs?

PS - At first, I thought your colleague just really loved "lost dogs" and I was laughing hysterically.

Posted by: Christina on February 27, 2006


Like the way you photoshopped that picture.

Could you tell us when the International Selection Commitee is meeting please? I'm from the UK.


Posted by: M on February 27, 2006


This is Q. The bloody package is ready.


Posted by: Siddharth on February 27, 2006

Oh oh oh, did I hear PHOTOSHOP!

Ben, you KNOW I'm on this. smile

Posted by: Timur Sahin on February 28, 2006

Although more pictures of Evie would be nice. smile

Posted by: Timur Sahin on February 28, 2006

I think we should make this worth something.

Winner gets into MIT?

Posted by: Christina on February 28, 2006

lol @ christina :D

but that would mean i would have no reason to enter, b/c i already WILL get into MIT ;D juuuust kidding :D

gm, im pretty sure u can do much better work than that.. weak, gm, too weak (thats from Pirates of the Caribbean when that commander guy goes, Rash, Turner, too rash. i love that movie, along with The Italian Job.)

but i do still hope u win! :D

Posted by: Siddharth on February 28, 2006

hey guys hear smy submishi n

i spent 8000 hrs n noatpad maki ng it lol

Posted by: Anonymous on February 28, 2006

Sidd, I'll try better, just for you! =P

Posted by: gm on February 28, 2006

aaaaaaaahahaha!!! anonymous, i died laughing when i saw that. i clicked ur link w/o even reading the rest of ur post, so i was def in for a surprise :D

it was great joke. very nicely done :D

good stuff, buddy, now all u need is a name :D

we should talk: SiddharthKShah [at], or 1.804.731.5214

Posted by: Siddharth on February 28, 2006

My second and official submission... I am photoshopped out. Gah this is as much photoshopping that I am going to do for one day lol

Posted by: gm on February 28, 2006

Gm, that is AWESOME.

Posted by: Christina on February 28, 2006

Thanks Christina for the comment! I appreciate it! And anonymous, hilarious post. I must admit, like Sidd, I anxiously clicked your link lol

Posted by: gm on February 28, 2006

Here the chap and his dog are as members of Albania's dynasty; specifically, the chap is King Zog and his dog is arbitrarily inserted.

Posted by: Alan on February 28, 2006

GM's #2 is awesome - although I think the plane's number should be 2010 - or is there some significance to the 201S?

Posted by: Alexandre on February 28, 2006

Alexandre, awesome idea! Ok #2 revisied is going to be posted shortly! Thanks for the suggestion and your comment, I appreciate it!

Posted by: gm on February 28, 2006

Revised #2 submission with Alexandre's awesome suggestion! Go c/o 2010! Good luck to everyone who applied. =)

Posted by: gm on February 28, 2006

I hope she likes Star Wars as much as I do...

Presenting Star Dog: The Lost Hope

Posted by: Tom Gwinn on February 28, 2006

Kerberos logo Evie...

Posted by: Kathleen on March 1, 2006

I love Star Wars, that's awesome! :D

Posted by: Sarah on March 1, 2006

Any chance we could get some more stock photos of Evie?

(mad LOST fan as well)

Posted by: Jess on March 1, 2006

Any chance we could get some more stock photos of Evie?

Posted by: Jess on March 1, 2006

Not my creation but thought you should have a look:

Posted by: Uren on March 1, 2006

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Not its..... SuperEvie!!!

Posted by: Martin - ZA on March 1, 2006

These are cracking me up.

Posted by: Christina on March 1, 2006

Christina I agree with you as well! =)

Posted by: gm on March 1, 2006 guys have really mad photoshop skills

Posted by: April (No longer waiting but deffered) on March 1, 2006

Make your own MIT Admissions Comics!

I made a quick php script:

Posted by: Benjamin Prosnitz on March 2, 2006

Photoshop? r34| h4x0rz u53 Teh 6!m|*

Posted by: MasterPi on March 2, 2006

so, my turn, right? :D

Posted by: flubby on March 4, 2006

another one

Posted by: flubby on March 4, 2006

I like dogs.. but what do you say of cats?

Posted by: flubby on March 4, 2006

If you can't load the photos just copy/paste the URL in your browser. I don't know why that error occurs :(

Posted by: flubby on March 4, 2006

flubby, i dont know either, it seems like they have a block on outside linking, but then i can occasionally get around it, so that's probably not it. anyway, i've uploaded the pics to a diff site. mail me if u want the pswd for later :D

Posted by: Siddharth on March 6, 2006

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