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Mar 15, 2008

Not Admitted

Posted in: Process & Statistics

With an 8% increase in applications, this year was again the most competitive ever for MIT admissions. Admitting less than 12% of applicants means that we had to turn away many, many incredible students. For those of you who fall into this category, this is an open forum for you to talk.

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Posted by: Vanilla on March 15, 2008

Thank you. :(

Posted by: Libin Daniel on March 15, 2008

Well, thanks for the incredible journey anyway. Oddly enough, I really did enjoy filling out the application and reading all the blogs.
Good luck to everyone else!

Posted by: Priya on March 15, 2008

i think i am the only one who knows that not admitted :(( (my insticts say so...)

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Rejected for the third time...

Posted by: Sceth on March 15, 2008


Posted by: Ed on March 15, 2008

Didnt get through :(

Posted by: Shruthi on March 15, 2008

Oh well, nothing we can do about it. Bit of a let down though

Posted by: Angus on March 15, 2008

Aaahh everyone has been goes on...

Posted by: Aditya on March 15, 2008

number two

Posted by: cs0104 on March 15, 2008

oh well =(

only thing we can do when we fall on our face is to just get back up again

don't lose faith people!

Posted by: Stephen on March 15, 2008

Ah well. Thanks for the excitement and the blogs.

Posted by: Ian on March 15, 2008

The sun will come up tomorrow

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

comon stanford....

Posted by: enewts on March 15, 2008

:( At least I got waitlisted by CalTech, so I'm not completely hosed xP Grats to all ye who got in.

Posted by: bunny on March 15, 2008

This my second rejection...and let me repeat my last years post...
am a really poor Indian. wasted all my parents' money on SATs and sending applications. thought I will make it to the wurl's no.1.... 2080 in SAT1(cudnt afford to appear 4 it twice to improve my scores), 2150 In SAT2, 97/100 skool GPA and a bunch of EC certificates... But alas.... how will I face my mother who is waiting 4 me to deliver da gud news... Do i deserve to live?? Or shud I rather die??

Posted by: A really bad son from India on March 18, 2007 05:08 AM

Posted by: A really bad son from India on March 15, 2008

Thank you for the opportunity.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008


Posted by: Rohail on March 15, 2008

Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!
ur decision - correct..

Posted by: Harsh Sinha on March 15, 2008

oh well
maybe graduate school

Posted by: shizzy on March 15, 2008

Well... I'm going to Michigan! Go Blue!

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Oh well. It was a fun wait. Congrats to everyone who got in!

Posted by: N on March 15, 2008

hi... dint make it... but its okay.. I'll apply for graduate though.

Posted by: Lionel Vaz on March 15, 2008

yikes ! hey... but life will go on ..

Posted by: Arun on March 15, 2008

at least waitlisted by Caltech, cmon stanford

Posted by: Jay on March 15, 2008

Rejected for the second time!!!!!
I will give up, maybe see u in the graduate school........

Posted by: Lina on March 15, 2008

Condolences to everyone else here... but life goes on :3 MIT, you have not seen the last of me! D:Condolences to everyone else here... but life goes on :3 MIT, you have not seen the last of me! D:< I'll be back! D:<

Posted by: Aleu on March 15, 2008

I'm sad :(

Posted by: MorganM on March 15, 2008

thanks to all the admissions guys at mit... congrats to all who got in... and best wishes to everyone else like me...

Posted by: liza on March 15, 2008

Y did ya remove Libin's post..thats the best suggestion Ive heard in a long time....

Posted by: A really bad son from India on March 15, 2008

Rejected here! :( Oh well I'll get up and kick ass at whatever university I end up in!!! Thanks MIT for taking the time to evaluate me. Applying here really let me know who I am!!!

Posted by: Alexander on March 15, 2008

I am also sad. :(

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Didn't make it. :( Oh, well, here I come RIT!

Posted by: Josh on March 15, 2008

thanks to all the admissions guys at mit... congrats to all who got in... and best wishes to everyone else like me...

Posted by: liza on March 15, 2008

Don't go and die but get a life.

Posted by: Libin Daniel on March 15, 2008

thank you guys for reading my application materials,
i really thought i would get in,...but anyway ,got to move on. probably , maybe next year as a transfer applicant or grad school,i am coming.

to those who were admitted,good for you and i genuinely wish you all the best for the roller coaster you are in. it was an honour competing with you guys.i probably dint do justice to myself in my essays,so anyway...
thanks again MIT

Posted by: eswar on March 15, 2008

Well...I guess I wait for Stanford and the UCs

Posted by: Zach on March 15, 2008

Well, MIT was my dream, but these things happen. It wasn't the first and won't be the last. Biggest disappointment in my life.

Posted by: Jay B on March 15, 2008

Meh...this was kind of a strech anyway raspberry University of Illinois class of '12 here I come!!!

Posted by: bhattsan on March 15, 2008

As my teachers always tell me. Your loss MIT.
Thank you though, I'll find my way somewhere else.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

I must admit, I already submitted my deposit for Santa Clara! I'll be rockin' with the Jesuits!!

Posted by: kelsey on March 15, 2008

Life goes no, even after the credits are gone.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

I guess it's not the time for me to scream "Yeah!" yet... but it has been fun.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Yeah, Didn't make it. I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with me. I didn't get into Caltech, didn't get into University of Chicago, now I didn't get in here. It's not that I'm a bad student, I'm getting a 4.0 in a college calculus class.

Well, enough sulking. I would like to thank the admissions staff for giving my application fair consideration and to others like me, best of luck in your future endeavors.

(Yeah, that's from Half-Life 2)

Posted by: mike on March 15, 2008

Oh well. As with most other people here, the biggest letdown in quite some time.

Posted by: Michael on March 15, 2008

thanks alot. Le-yo

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008's almost a good thing to be rejected. It's humbling in a way. While so many of the people who apply enjoy being in the top of their class they may sometimes be separated from the rest of the world of intellectuals. Now I am truely aware of just how many smart people out there. Without moments like these we'd all end up with inflated egos that would blow up in our face one day when we cannot handle a failure. I'm sorry we couldn't be together MIT, but it's been fun.

Posted by: LeeB on March 15, 2008

Thanks for the consideration! Disappointed but I'll live.

Posted by: Javal on March 15, 2008

Jahan aur bhi hain... You'll soon be looking at me MIT... I promise...

Posted by: Soaham on March 15, 2008

Ah well.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

lol, Denied, oh well, USF here I come (woohoo?) *shrugs* Well, time to work my ass off so I can get into MIT graduate school, right?

Posted by: Daniel Cruz on March 15, 2008

nope. Don't make it but i will turn out for the best anyway guys. Thank you MIT for those memorable moments with the application process.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Thanks so much for the process... For me, I feel that I understand or perhaps agree (is that too optimistic)with the reasons why I was not admitted. The earlier notification was great though, the worst feeling was the ambivalence rather than rejection. Good luck to everyone smile

Posted by: Anona on March 15, 2008

Well, now i can go get my $75,000 dollars in scholarships at Texas A&M. And maybe i can have fun in college by not working all the time.

Posted by: Tim on March 15, 2008

Eh...can't say i was expecting anything else...the silver lining is now I can resume my super smash brothers brawl game... wink lol

Posted by: Michelle L. on March 15, 2008

Well, I guess I didn't work hard enough.

Posted by: Kevin on March 15, 2008

my check was never cashed ... ???

Posted by: Felipe on March 15, 2008

Well, thanks for the experience applying... 4 more schools left to go...

Posted by: Freeman on March 15, 2008

Well, no MIT for me...

I just wanted to say thanks for the deferral and everything. I know those 1000 freshman who enter in the fall will do amazing things. Thank you MIT for wording every single letter so honestly and sympathetically.

To everyone else who was not admitted, i KNOW we will all do great things with our lives, no matter what College or University we end up at!

Posted by: Aleeza on March 15, 2008

at least thwe wait is over..

Posted by: Abhijit on March 15, 2008

no more worries! yay!

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Ouch, thanks for reviewing my application anyways. Too many insanely smart people applied for me to stand a chance.

Posted by: Patrick on March 15, 2008

not through....all the best for life ...

Posted by: harnur on March 15, 2008

Okey dokey. Thanks MIT for the trip. It was worth it. To the MIT Class of 2012: Good luck in your future endeavors!

I draw some life consolation from the poem Deseridata:
No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

To the rest of those not admitted: Enjoy life.

Posted by: Travis on March 15, 2008

Well I guess this means I'll just have to take the full-ride that the state school offered me...bittersweet in a way

Posted by: Anonymous on March 15, 2008

lol wtf. I got rejected at MIT and accepted at caltech... i figured id at least be waitlisted here

Posted by: Lingke on March 15, 2008

I got declined too! A fellow EA deferred student here.

Well its kind of an interesting feeling I'm going through. I guess I'll go out and celebrate the fact that I'm done waiting on college decisions.

The best of luck to all of you in the class of 2012, no matter what college you go to.

Posted by: Collin MacGregor on March 15, 2008

well me too.. it was juz great to part of the process though.. so wish u guys all the best for the future.. n m sure we'll all do great in future!

Thanks to the MIT admissions team again for all your help and support. i'll be there in for post grad..


Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

As long as the admissions committee can go home with a clear conscience, then I thank them for their decisions and wish them well. Good luck to everyone else, and I'm looking forward to round 2 in four years for grad school. Cheers.

Posted by: Tucker on March 15, 2008

Haha I knew it beware the Ides of March. Oh well lets keep our fingers cross for March 31st and April 1st. Any other Caribbean ppl out there?

Posted by: Shauna on March 15, 2008

Yea, i agree ... the wait is finally over

Posted by: Arun on March 15, 2008

Walk in with a smile, walk out wearing the same thing. Nothing else to do. Ah, smile, what can you not cure? Hmm, that makes me wonder how morbid this thread will get.

Ah, if only weather in PA didn't suck. I guess I'll maybe be able to take my bike out next week.

Posted by: Derek on March 15, 2008

Here too... :(

Posted by: Alexis ROBERT on March 15, 2008

same here :'(

Posted by: maelle on March 15, 2008

Woohoo come on Stanford, Cornell and Rice!

EA deferred, RA rejected... oh well. It wasn't meant to be. California has better weather...

Posted by: Leko on March 15, 2008

Even though i've not been granted admission, i want to thank the MIT admission committee for their patience in reading all our applications and also the promptness in issuing decisions at such an early date =D. it has been a fun ride for me but i guess my stop is right here. best of luck to all you people going further on! kinda sad i didnt get to meet you all...but ya, life goes on =).

Posted by: Peter on March 15, 2008

@Lingke: Same deal here. Oh well, are you headed out to PFW?

Posted by: Travis on March 15, 2008

shouldn't have gotten a 1780 on my SATs, huh? haha. ah well, that's what i get. it's a disappointment i'm not gonna lie but all yall applying must still be really strong applicants anyway and we'll find our niche- just not at MIT hehe.

Thx for reading my essays dudes.

peace out....


Posted by: mell on March 15, 2008

I just wanted to say thank you to the entire admissions department for the all the time and energy you spent on selecting this year's class. I hope that reading my application made you smile at least once, or made you think or reflect on some part of your own lives. While I am disappointed that I won't be bumping into you on the Infinite next year, I am incredibly excited for all of the amazing people that you did admit.

I have to say that I did see this coming... most the financial aid forms I sent in a couple weeks ago were never processed. I sent in a big packet of stuff, and only the form that was on top was entered into the site. Oh well.

Anyways, thank you for this incredible journey, and a huge congratulations for all of those who were admitted.

All my best,

Posted by: BMG on March 15, 2008

Why suck up when you have been rejected?

Posted by: Anon on March 15, 2008

Good call, Anon

Posted by: Anon2 on March 15, 2008

Ah, but anyways life goes on, 3 more schools to go.

Thanks for Mit admissions and the wonderful bloggers for this incredible journey.

Posted by: Abdullah on March 15, 2008

You know how we imagined today? We came up with two very different results, and we each got the rather sad one just now.

We're all mulling over the admission decision, wallowing, weeping, or merely wondering.

Either way, I know two things for sure: A) I'm a bit bummed, and B) I'm sure you all are amazing.

Don't give up hope.
I'm depending on you.

Posted by: Steffi on March 15, 2008

The future is predetermined by the character of those that shape it. This isn't the worst thing unless you make it that.

Posted by: Q on March 15, 2008

any other football players get denied??

Posted by: garrett on March 15, 2008

i have to go take a shower....

Posted by: mell on March 15, 2008

Don't be so unfeeling anon. Some people just like being nice.

Posted by: Int'l junior on March 15, 2008


I just want to say thank you again for all the time you guys (the admissions team) put into this. Applying to MIT was definitely one of the best experiences of my life, and probably one of my healthiest obsessions. One which sadly has to end now.

Have a good four years, Class of 2012! smile

Posted by: Jayne on March 15, 2008

As I expected. :(

Posted by: angela w. on March 15, 2008

oh well, there's still grad school:D

and my second choice uni accepted me!!! :DDDDDD

Posted by: Reg on March 15, 2008

well, guess maybe I'll go to the other Cambridge then. it was fun getting to know all you guys from the admissions. and I love the letter on the login page.

and to fellow rejected applicants: this isn't the end of the world. there's always something nice in everything bad. you'll see ^_^ Your future is just out there.

Posted by: LR on March 15, 2008

Thank you what a journey

Posted by: siya on March 15, 2008

Is it just me, or were the decisions put up early? My computer said 11:52, so I didn't take the time to notice the new page before I logged in. :-----
DATE: 03/15/2008 12:18:51 PM
COMMENT_BODY:'s ok anyway...I'm glad I don't have to wait anymore grin
Good luck to everyone in the future!

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Thanks for MIT~~~I felt lucky to even had the chance to apply~The whole process was incredible and I really really enjoyed it!!!
Thank you!!!

Posted by: Amy on March 15, 2008

It's been a good run, people.

Posted by: Steffi on March 15, 2008

There's a dissappointing moment in everyone's life. For me this is one of those moments.

Posted by: Ayes on March 15, 2008

I'm a bit upset, but I guess that's that =]
i'm going to miss reading this forum.

Posted by: Quiver on March 15, 2008

Oh well... life goes on. I guess now i just have to wait for the 31st and the 1st to see where I'm going to go. I never really had a chance at MIT anway =P and I agree, I'll just keep smiling and enjoying my senior year.

Posted by: Lauren on March 15, 2008

Sucks. A lot. Still...

But big wheel keeps on turnin'...TURNIN!

Posted by: Stephen on March 15, 2008

for me too...

Posted by: btty on March 15, 2008

Heh, I would laugh so hard if another "GREASE YA PALMS" entry popped up. Of course, chances are it probably will...

You know, it stung a little, to see that relatively short page show up with the "I am so sorry to tell you that we are unable to offer you admission to MIT" in the first sentence. This is the school I have loved for the better part of my high school career, after all.

Nevertheless...I mean, yes, I'm disappointed. but I think the more important thing is that I have absolutely no regrets. I tried my best. I shot for a goal that was probably unreachable, but I shot for it anyway. I did whatever I could, and I am content with myself for that.

Even though it wasn't the result I wanted, I still want to give the admissions staff a very heartfelt thank you for not just considering my application, but also for being so open, honest, kind, and...human. None of the other schools I applied to have an admissions staff that can even compare to you guys. I have no bitter feelings -- you guys are amazing. Especially considering what you must have to go through every year, especially considering things like Ben's "It's More Than A Job" entry, I have the utmost admiration for you guys.

It's sad, but life goes on. Can't wait to hear from my other schools in the next few weeks. Still, it's a huge relief, for me at least, since now I don't have to wonder or speculate or be unsure anymore. But with that said, I would like to tip my hat to the admissions staff and all of those who got in (Congratulations guys! You are truly amazing! ^_^) and gracefully bow out. It's been a great ride. Thanks, MIT.

@Anonymous, 12:18 PM

Yep, they came out 15 minutes early for me. Just like Snively said.

Posted by: asm on March 15, 2008

deferred EA, rejected
going to Case Western now

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

@Leko ur so right California does have better weather. Come on Stanford...

Posted by: Shauna on March 15, 2008

I thought that stupid IBT test couldn't hamper my chance. Even though I didn't have the score which was higher than minimum score, i applied. Because, rest of my application were good, i think. Anyway, i studied hard for applying to MIT. It became great experience for me. Thank you. Oh... I wish I could express my great aspiration to study in this school... I regret that i couldn't express to the admission office. Maybe they couldn't understand mine

Posted by: Batbaatar on March 15, 2008

Anyone else gonna continue reading the blogs? I just love them guess I'll continue doing so until I choose a school or maybe even after then...

Posted by: Shauna on March 15, 2008

Well, I must say it has been fun. At least I have gotten to take some of your classes and enjoy myself there for a lot of my highschool summer years. To those that got in congrats, to those that did not, I know how it feels.
Oh, and thanks to those that reviewed me, it must have been... interesting (perhaps I should not have put hide and seek in walmart)
No regrets on my part though.

Posted by: Jon on March 15, 2008

oh well. caltech accepted me smile

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Congrats to all who got in and best wishes to all the waitlisted candidates....i think i was rightly was my dream to apply and get into MIT....but you know not all dreams come true.....well i have already completed my 1st year in electronics and communication enginnering in Institute of Engineering, Pulchok Campus.....hope i will have my dream come true 3 yrs later....for my graduate studies....
bye bye n have nice time.....thanks all the bloggers....and thanks MIT

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

@ Lingke, Travis

Count me in your club too guys!

Didn't think I'd have the heart to face the rejection calmly before I already am...kinda ironic huh..

To all fellow Rejectees:

The Journey Is The Reward!

& To the MIT Admission Folks:

Thanks for the journey! Still love you guys...always will..


Posted by: Nihar on March 15, 2008

I'm not too sure why the admissions staff feels bad for me. I actually feel bad for them, because they just passed up one of the best students in this country.

Posted by: Matt on March 15, 2008

Hey Shauna!!

YEh caribbean reject here also >.Hey Shauna!!

YEh caribbean reject here also >.< Also waiting on the 31st of March.

Posted by: Javal on March 15, 2008

Oh well, it wasn't meant to be.

Posted by: JPGK on March 15, 2008

@Nihar- Didn't realize we were starting a "club" smile Looks like I'm going to be trolling the Caltech 2012 group of Facebook!

See you in a few weeks.

Posted by: Travis on March 15, 2008

After reading some of the comments here, it's really unfortunate that so many incredible individuals were rejected.

I know there are a limited number of seats at MIT, but these people deserve a spot. How much money does MIT have in the bank? Build another campus! If all of these talented individuals could advance themselves at a place like MIT, the world would be a better place.

Posted by: temugen on March 15, 2008

"Well... I'm going to Michigan! Go Blue!

Posted by: Anonymous on March 15, 2008 11:55 AM"

Oh hey, that seems to be me as well!

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

I'm going to NYU/CORNELL/WPI...see? I'v gpt choices....but it's okay....there are only 1000 places!

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

I was deferred EA, and it sucked because it had been my dream for so long to go to MIT. I applied to three schools in Boston (BC, MIT, and Harvard), and got into BC Early. Thinking about the process, I realized that I wanted to go to BC or Harvard as an undergrad more. A little piece of me always laid dormant that wanted to be at MIT though. A little piece still does. Regardless, I'll be in Boston next year -- either a walk away, or a twenty minute T-ride away -- and will try again for grad school.

Congratulations to everyone that got in, and thanks to you Admissions Committee for their labors.

Good luck to the rest of you as well: if you were attracted to MIT, you are most definitely special.

Posted by: Marc L'Heureux on March 15, 2008

Man, sorry that you did not get in Libin, and A really bad son from India. I feel the same way. However I know that by living I can help the world and even though not in MIT, I can still change the world. Shruthi, Priya and Libin... man even though we did not chat... reading your responses on the blogs, helped me survive through this day and well... now I too am not in... It is sad... but we will all stand up, those that believe in living for tomorrow...

Posted by: Rahul Jain on March 15, 2008

I'm not too sure why the admissions staff feels bad for me. I actually feel bad for them, because they just passed up one of the best students in this country.

Posted by: Matt on March 15, 2008 12:29 PM

Are you the Matt from the chat room last night?

Posted by: Javal on March 15, 2008



Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

this is what I get for getting too attached to MIT

Posted by: Daniel on March 15, 2008

Let's still be civil!

Posted by: Travis on March 15, 2008

I echo Javal?
Well, Rahul we won't decelerate to end up in -ve velocity. It was just a momentary opposite force that has reduced the velocity. Acceleration remains in the same direction.
To hell with external forces, all that matters is Internal and internals in the college. Newton and his laws can take a rest wink Take Care.
This goes out to all people here. Rejected..fine..dejected....not at all fine.

Posted by: Libin Daniel on March 15, 2008

Sigh... well I suppose it is good I didn't get in because chances are I'd be at or below mediocre MIT level... although at or below mediocre MIT level is still good on the national scale... :( But yeah, I'll apply for graduate school, and so should everyone else who really wanted to get in! Keep up the good work everyone... even applying to MIT is a good thing, because you have great goals and will someday make it big in the world, even if MIT is not the chosen road there. Good wishes to everyone! I enjoyed reading the blogs and hope to still, someday, go to MIT!

Posted by: Christine on March 15, 2008

sad. :(

at least we have each other, amirite guys?

*is also headed to the U of M*

thanks to the Admissions Staff for looking over my stuff.

Posted by: Brian on March 15, 2008

@really_bad_son: Even if you didn't make it to MIT, your perseverance will help you in life, whatever you do. Just look towards the next challenge you have to meet, and keep putting your all into it. Never give up.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

I tried, my hopes were expanding as the universe, and all of the usdden they stoped and time was reversed tothe my big bang, to nothing. Hey everyone, jut remember, LA VITA E BELLA, LA VIDA ES VELLA, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

Wemadi history, we tried an that is what matters. Also, don't forget to follow your passions and to do it with the heart!

Bye MIT, I enjoyed.

Posted by: Rodrigo Madrigal on March 15, 2008

looks like i have to go. cu guys. hope to meet you someday

Posted by: Chanddeep on March 15, 2008

3 out of 4 acceptances - but not good enough (or weirdly unique enough) for MIT. Go figure. Know someone at my high school who was early admit - and, knowing that, I can tell you, the admission process at MIT will now always be one of life's mysteries. After the recent announcment that families with income under $75K get a free ride at MIT (assuming students from those families are subject to the same objective standards from the MIT admissions committee), my mom and dad are like "So, maybe it was a pretty stupid move to work at building a successful business of our own for 30 years - after paying off the loans from our post-grad degrees, sorry Mike. The least we could have done was contribute to the sub-prime mortgage economic debacle - and we failed there, too." I haven't broken the news to them that RPI is probably MORE expensive than MIT...maybe they'll be consoled by RPI's more measured, moderate approach to need-based students, though it's cold comfort to the checkbook, Mom and Dad! In my short life, I've come to understand that things happen for reasons we can't fathom at the time. We should take comfort in the fact that when a chain of events is 'forced' either way by any party involved in the decision, the consequences down the line affect our lives and those around us in ways that God never intended.

Posted by: Mike on March 15, 2008

eh.. you know what, I'm still happy about MIT. If I didn't love MIT the way I did, I probably wouldn't have worked so hard through high school

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Someone up above sounds like no_endorse...:O

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Such a great day...
First my father fells of a ladder and breaks his leg; now I'm rejected.
However, I really want to thanks you guys, you're the best. Had a great time while applying.

Posted by: Carlos on March 15, 2008

Well, I guess what upsets me the most is that now I have no idea where to go. I don't want to go far from home, and I only live about half an hour away from Cambridge. My next top choice, which I have yet to get a letter from but which I am almost definitely in, is almost a four hour ride away. My other schools, which have already accepted me, are also relatively farther away.
Location obviously wasn't everything when I applied, but I've been thinking only about MIT for the past month or so. Considering I kind of chose to apply here less than a year ago, I suppose I shouldn't be so upset. But I really wanted to go and thought I had a good chance.
Oh, well, it's been cool reading the blogs, and I guess there are a lot more intelligent people than I see in my town.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

damn it.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Heh, no matter what you takes out of this, I guess that a sense to improve oneself is probably the best. In a previous blog, one of the admissions officers said that MIT is a community of people. Find a hobby and take it all of the way, reapply yourself to studies and whatnot.

Guess what I am trying to say here is that you create yourself. If you feel shot down over this, then fight your way back up. Failure sometimes helps you strive to be better. I really pity those who let this make them stagnant or regressive whether it was getting admitted or not.

If you say or think that you weren't good enough, then I hope you get over it quickly. It is only as bad as you let it be. That goes the same with other universities the opposite way. They're only as good as you let them be.

Posted by: Derek on March 15, 2008

after applying, i realized i wouldn't be a good fit for MIT. i guess the admissions committee figured that out, it's all good. there are much better things in the future.

Posted by: anonymous on March 15, 2008

Life is going to get better- it's what we make of it that counts the most.

Posted by: Travis on March 15, 2008

It's not like this will ruin my life. It's about the individual, not just the institution. It would've been nice, but not everyone can do it.

Posted by: Duncan on March 15, 2008

Well that was rather anticlimactic.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Got rejected. I dont know, i feel strangely accepting of it. It's depressing really, top of my class, top 5% act, sat scores, a bit of a ramble on my future ideas and ambitions.. and not even waitlisted. But its destiny i guess..

Posted by: phreaker on March 15, 2008

Also, we can still go to grad school here. There's always a future ahead of us!

Posted by: Travis on March 15, 2008

@phreaker: I can imagine how you feel. But just think- no matter where you go, you've got the talents to succeed.

Posted by: Travis on March 15, 2008

ah well.. thanks

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Wow, phreaker, I feel the same way. Fighting with a friend between valedictorian and salutatorian, 800 SAT writing, Math, and Math Level II SAT subject test. Lots of activities, with leadership positions in most, and not even waitlisted.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

does anyone else find it funny that this blog is called " not admitted" instead of "rejected" ? they are trying to soften the blow for us. haha

Posted by: anonymous on March 15, 2008

I appreciate it. smile

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

oh well! I already knew the come out. Anyone here go for George Washington see u there

Posted by: IV on March 15, 2008

I remember being deferred during EA. That rush of adrenaline and then all of a sudden, there comes a feeling of disappointment.

Somewhere in between, I realized that MIT and I might not be the best match. The admissions office maybe saw that before I did. Oh well, the process was fun and I loved reading the blogs on here. Hope to you see guys in the future, no matter where life takes us to.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

aw, I'll just come here for Grad School.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

MIT was my dream school. I was almost too scared to check my admissions decisions because I was afraid of what it would say. I would say that my instincts were correct to some point. I did get denied, but again, life does go on. I tried so hard throughout high school to excel in everything I did, whether it be school or extracurriculars. I am sure we have all tried our bests throughout high school, but I understand that sometimes even that is not enough. I hope that we all hear great news back from our other schools. We are still young, and I am sure the future holds great things for us. Good luck to you all.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Wow, I've been so caught up in the stress of waiting for this, I have not been checking my one other school I had yet to hear from, RPI. Well, I just went on that site, and I realized that they had decisions online yesterday, and I got in there. So I guess that softens the blow, since it was my top school (I hadn't visited MIT so that I won't know what I'm missing, so I couldn't compare). Anyway, it's been nice reading all these comments, especially in the past week, but life goes on, and I have a website where I can talk to students admitted to a school. I'm upset that I'm going to need to explain this to my math teacher, because he's a real jerk who makes fun of me when I don't get an A, but at least I somewhat know where I'm going. I'm not going to obsess over this.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Life goes on..............

Posted by: Adebayo on March 15, 2008

waj3a t5umkum MIT

Posted by: Waish on March 15, 2008

Kepp it up guys, remember that MIT is not the only school. Even if you thought you would not be happier anywhere else, you might get a big surprise when you go on to whichever school you choose.

The only thing that matters is what you make out of it. It's not the end of the world.
You guys are amazing, and I feel a certain relief to see that our world will be lead by people like you.

Yes, MIT is an amzing place... an incredibly amazing school, but not every Noble Laureate graduated from MIT, not every succesful company was founded by an MIT alumn, nor does every scietific breakthrough happen at MIT.

Just keep striving for your goals as passionately as you were about MIT, and there is no doubt you will succed.

Good luck to all of you amazing people, I will be reading about you in the future...

Posted by: Edgar Madrigal on March 15, 2008

Damnit! wanted it sooooo bad.. anyway, still w8in for a few other results..
nd any1 from India got in?

Posted by: Yash.. on March 15, 2008

first rejection!


Posted by: Scott on March 15, 2008

@anonymous, 12:51 PM

I think Ben once said "There's a difference between rejecting and not admitting someone." The admissions staff has said countless times that 70% of the applicants are qualified, but only ~12% can actually be admitted. It's more like drawing a line at some point, whereas rejection implies "You failed." Well, maybe not that harsh, but it's not like MIT doesn't want you. It's just that there isn't enough room.

But I'm pretty at peace with my decision. It was destiny.

Heh, anyone notice that Ben created a new "blogger" for the admit/not admit/waitlist forums?

Also, I think you guys set a new record for blog post comments in the "Online Decisions To Be Released This Saturday" entry. Last I checked, it was at 673. o_O

Posted by: asm on March 15, 2008

- Winston Churchill was asked to give a commencement address at the Harrow School, his alma mater. (Various sources say it was Cambridge or Oxford, and some even say Harvard, which is just silly) The ceremonies were well attended - Winston Churchill was speaking! He stood at the podium, addressing the graduates.

"Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense..."

He was speaking!

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

so guys.

me 2 in de group....

dis is not de end

Posted by: Jayanto on March 15, 2008

Where did I go wrong? When I was 14 I was one of the youngest to work at a government lab in the high performance computing division... I've worked at fortune 100 tech companies and written software that gives other software boosts in performance by analysis. I've designed robots, wireless power transfer systems, and I'm a killer machinist. My friend who has no dedications, but killer SAT scores and grades did get in. I know there are countless others who are smarter than me, with their records tainted with less than perfect grades who also got rejected in favor of students who spent their high school years dedicating themselves to something they love. Is this what MIT is looking for?

Posted by: Evan on March 15, 2008

thanks. that really is a better way to look at it.

Posted by: anonymous on March 15, 2008

At least now I can smoke a blunt without having a bad conscience.

Posted by: Cil on March 15, 2008

Aah, rejection after being deferred. That's the stuff.

So, we're not going to MIT! Since that option's closed, let's focus on the future:

Where do all of you guys think you're going to go?

Columbia, here I come smile

Posted by: Skramata on March 15, 2008

Valo achi valo theko, Akasher thikanay chitho likho, Diyo tomar mala khani , Bauleri ontore

Bepar na.

I am still "A MIGHTY GUY"

Posted by: nMAD on March 15, 2008

MIT ki maa ka bhosda

Posted by: ewjiojede on March 15, 2008

I feel duped. Over the past week I have had so many ridiculously unlikely signs of getting in, and in the end, well, splat.

There is still hope for me though. A month from this day the greatest work of someone who shares my name, will grace its modern American counterpart.

Julia R, if you ever read this, know that I will always remember you, εστω και αν απο τον ταφο. And don't put a dam on the babies.

As for all the other countless lost minds and souls in this universe, let them stay that way, for they will be better without the apple.

Posted by: duketipquantumelephants on March 15, 2008

Well... that's that. Applying to MIT took me six months. In comparison, applying to the Technion (Israeli Technological Institute) took me 15 minutes - and I got accepted. It was fun while it lasted...

Posted by: Gedi on March 15, 2008

Stage 1: Delusion ("What just happened?" *blink blink*).

Stage 2: Denial ("Nothing happened -- just a dream." *whistling*).

Stage 3: The shock of realization ("OMG WAHT!!!>?!1~" *incoherent rambling*).

Stage 4: Trauma ("..." *...*).

Stage 5: Rationalization ("Well, ok, maybe my essays weren't so hot. And maybe putting down 'butterfly chasing' under summer activities wasn't such a bright idea...").

Stage 6: Indignation ("I will NOT let this disappoint me! I'm better than they are! I'm am SO much better than they are, and I know it too!" *slams fist*).

Stage 7: Hopefulness ("Oh well, maybe for graduate school...").

(4 years later)

Stage 8: Goto Stage 1.

Posted by: serg on March 15, 2008

@Anonymous: DON'T! Please, please do not do something like that! Call a friend, have them come over, and just talk!

Posted by: Travis on March 15, 2008

The worst part about this whole thing is that I don't get to hang with Snively. Dang.

Posted by: not admitted human on March 15, 2008

@serg: You win at life.
@Anonymous: I really hope you were kidding about that. Suicide is no laughing matter.

Posted by: asm on March 15, 2008

didn't get in and my best friend did.
whatever though, I didn't want to pay that much anyway.

Posted by: whatever on March 15, 2008

This is very much sad. Any hope if I apply the next year as well?

Posted by: Libin Daniel on March 15, 2008

It's painful to let go of a dream I've had for six years. I visited MIT during RSI '07 summer camp. I've spent late nights in Athena clusters, listened to Eric Lander speak at the Broad Institute, been baffled by the ridiculous architecture at Simmons, and marveled at the view of the Charles River from Hayden library. I was looking forward to enrolling and doing UROPs and psets at 2am. I was in love with this place. I broke down tonight. The rational part of me knows that I'll still have a future, but some other part will think of how different it might have been.

To Ben and Matt and the rest of the admissions team -- thanks for heart you put into every decision made. You made the journey a lot less lonely.

Posted by: Yifan on March 15, 2008

just what i was thinking cil, although i was hoping it would be a celebratory blunt

Posted by: Californian on March 15, 2008

I'm probably going to Caltech. But I *still* want to kick the ass of anyone who says, "At least Caltech accepted you". Caltech != MIT. Meh.

Posted by: Yifan on March 15, 2008

as a domestic student, the chances of getting in was 1/10. But for an international, it seemed more like 1/20.
But maybe someday, the admissions officers will wake the f*** up and realize imported minds are actually valuable.
To all my fellow comrades, the light continues to shine even in this time of darkness. Don't lose faith in yourself.

Posted by: taylor on March 15, 2008

Do know what's weird about this? My denial of admission wasn't the earth-shattering blow that I thought it would be. Actually, I feel kind of happy--I must have gone mad.

At any rate, we're all free--we can only go forward from here. I'd say the smart thing for us to do is the same thing that you'd do if you were defusing a bomb and things didn't quite work out: run. Don't think about it, don't look back, just get as far away from it as you can--there's nothing you can do.

Well, UCLA, UC Berkely, Cornell, Stanford, Tufts, and CMU are still out there. Maybe things will work out with them. UCLA is a 95% chance, since they sent me the infamous "engineering open house invitation"--which is basically a very obvious wink and a nudge from their admissions office. Grad school's what matters, though--that's when you actually get to do real research. What attracted me to MIT was that it wasn't difficult for undergrads to do research, but undergrads only know so much, and can therefore only do so much. I guess I'll just have to bust my ass for another four years before I can finally do something meaningful and fulfilling.

Posted by: Twilight Bob on March 15, 2008

REJECTED...oh well still waiting for Harvard decisions. =)

Posted by: Anonymous on March 15, 2008

hey libin..i know it doesnt really make a difference now but what were your SAT 1 scores..and which school do you go to ?? Your from Gurgaon right ?

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Hey .... thnx MIT ... I loved the entire journey... i'm taking something away from this... some great lessons lets say!

And yeah... talking about resilience... be prepared to read my application for Grad school!!!

I dont give up tht easily... i never will.. i am so gonna get a degree from u ppl!

All the best to those who were accepted!!!

Posted by: Lionel Vaz on March 15, 2008

Harvards close enough

Posted by: Chirag on March 15, 2008

I actually admire all of you who manage to remain positive and look at the rest of the opportunities you have; I guess it is a bad idea to keep on thinking on a single school (read MIT) and "falling in love" when you know your chances are really slim. It is really disapointing to be rejected, but its even bitterer when you are an international, and begin speculating if it had been different if you had been a domestic applicant, if you would have been accepted :s Well, there is not much to do about it anyway, it is a shame, but that it how it is. At any rate, my congratulations to all those who got accepted, especially to those who were not aided because of their status (and I don't mean "ethnicity" or "legacy", or "athletics, which are not supposed to be much of a factor at MIT, I mean by being a U.S. Citizen...)

Posted by: Goens on March 15, 2008

Dear MIT Committee Members:

Thanks for your notification of March 15th. After careful consideration, I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your rejection at this time.

This year I have been particularly fortunate in receiving an unusually large number of rejection letters.

With such a varied and promising field of schools, it is impossible for me to accept all refusals.

Despite your outstanding record and previous experience in rejecting applicants,
I find that your rejection does not meet my current career needs.

Consequently, I will begin taking classes as a undergraduate student in your electrical engineering department.

I look forward to seeing you then.

Best of luck in rejecting future applicants.

Sincerely Yours, Anonymous #2

Posted by: Anonymous #2 on March 15, 2008

@Anon #2: Very nice...if you're upbeat, then I like your post. If it was all sarcasm, it's still OK, but look on the other side of the coin.

Posted by: Travis on March 15, 2008

@Anonymous #2

You completely made my day... which hasn't been that great after the bad news (rejected both at caltech and MIT). I guess that only leaves me the path I'm on right now...

Posted by: k3nn37h on March 15, 2008

Putting salt on the wound? LOl...
SAT2:2380 (20 marks lost in Chem)
I am from Faridabad and go to Modern Vidya Niketan.
Why? I won't be making it to Stanford or Princeton and even after having acceptances ( and scholarships) from ERAU and IIT, I would be preparing for Indian exams or probably dropping this year for way out.
What about you, anonymous?

Posted by: Libin Daniel on March 15, 2008

im hungry...anyone up for some food. i think ill throw a pool part everyone here is invited (not the admit ones). ya im hating raspberry

Posted by: Chanddeep on March 15, 2008

I didn't know that Princeton results are out, Libin Daniel.

anyways~~~lol chances for MIT has been the smallest for me, so no surprise that I'm rejected.

Best wishes for the future!!!

Posted by: Cindy Li on March 15, 2008

I wrote a blog for all my friends who were unable to get admission. It includes a lot of inspirational quotes I read before I read my decision that really helped me feel ready to accept the disappointment. I encourage you to check them out, and I hope they help you as much as they did me.

Posted by: Chris on March 15, 2008

They are not out but the current flow of rejection cinches a no from them as well for me.

Posted by: Libin Daniel on March 15, 2008

Forgive me - lord, parents, sister, teachers, friends and
those who prayed for me.
Believe me- I tried my best, but there are several others who are better than a valedictorian with perfect SATS.

I wish I could join a top public university where I have been admittted , but alas! I donot have the money.

"There are many Shakespeares lying silently in the grave"- I wish to be a shakespeare (or Einstein) of this kind. I have no other option left.

Posted by: An international on March 15, 2008

Anonymous #2, thanks for the humor.
As a matter of fact, this page should be used only for humor because what else can we say. "oh, life goes on. maybe i ll try again for grad school..."
If don't want us, so be it. I will never have anything to do with them for the rest of life.

Reposted from anonymous #2

Dear MIT Committee Members:

Thanks for your notification of March 15th. After careful consideration, I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your rejection at this time.

This year I have been particularly fortunate in receiving an unusually large number of rejection letters. With such a varied and promising field of schools, it is impossible for me to accept all refusals.

Despite your outstanding record and previous experience in rejecting applicants, I find that your rejection does not meet my current career needs.

Consequently, I will begin taking classes as a undergraduate student in your electrical engineering department.

I look forward to seeing you then.

If you have further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Sincerely, George

Posted by: george on March 15, 2008

Well i guess ill live, but it saddens me that I was not able to get in I wished at least I could have gotten on the waiting list....Anyway I'm glad to those who have been accepted and hope good luck to those in line to get into MIT....and I am sorry to those which were not able to get in all in all I think this was a somewhat of a good experience and wish everyone the best. By the way even thought I would have been accepted I probably wouldnt have been able to afford the tution so I would had to probably turn the offer down any way and because I have a full ride for 2 other schools so I guess it was for the best that I didnt get in. It makes my descion much easier. Maybe Ill try again next year..............

Posted by: Emre on March 15, 2008

Heh, I woke up at 11:30 this morning and by the time breakfast rolled around, it was noon. Heck, I had even forgot about decisions.

Truth be told, I haven't thought or been concerned about decisions (to anywhere) for a while - I have a plan, I'm ready to go ^_^ It's weird, because I thought I might be a bit more emotional. Then again, MIT hasn't been my dream for anywhere near as long as many of you. The hardest thing is going to be telling my teachers, who were probably rooting for it more than I was!

Good luck to us all, and thanks to admissions! :D

Posted by: Sumaiya on March 15, 2008

Hey this is for all of you but especially to "Really Bad Son from India". Another door will open for you. I am an accepted student's parent and I can assure you that your mom's heart is breaking for you. You are her treasure, you did not waste your time nor your parents money. Our world needs you dear "Treasured Son from India".

Posted by: anom3 on March 15, 2008

i was hoping to be able to post on the forum two steps above this one.
life goes on?

Posted by: Miri on March 15, 2008

This morning to get my mind of the decisions until 12 I went around driving in downtown Toronto. As usual the traffic was terrible, but what made it worse was that there was a road block on my route for some construction. I ended up having to take another route to the brunch place I was going to.

I guess it made me realize that there isn't just one route to the places we want to go. MIT isn't the only way of accomplishing our life goals. It seemed like the nicest way of going where we wanted to go, but now we're just going to have to find a new path.

All I ask is that those who did get in do not waste the opportunity they have been given, because that would not be fair to some of us who would have done anything for a placement at the institute. Ultimately, I guess some of us are just going to have to go change the world somewhere else =P

Thank you MIT. Good luck to everyone, admitted or not.
Never stop swinging!

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

I have to say that I’m very confused by this decision. I got a 36 on ACT, 800 on SATII Math II and Physics, and 3.92 GPA at one of the top high schools in the country. I have already taken (and gotten A’s in) Calculus, Vector Calculus, Differential Equations, Number Theory, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, and Abstract Algebra. I’ve also been involved with scientific research for the last two years, and am a state qualifying athlete to boot. It seems like I have everything that MIT could possibly want from a student.

Still, I’m not too disappointed. I was accepted EA to CalTech and am still waiting on U Chicago and Harvey Mudd, so I have plenty of options available.

Posted by: Justin on March 15, 2008

Life must go on. Third rejection, after cambridge and caltech. Let's see how many more rejections I will get.

Princeton, Harvard and Cornell...... are you going to give me more rejections?

THis is exciting.

Posted by: Ken on March 15, 2008


Well, that sucked... at least the waiting is over.

For those who are reading all the way down to this post (and also for me), here's a little inspirational quote:
"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars."

Posted by: Meagan on March 15, 2008

Rejected. oops. i meant "not admitted."

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

now I really feel like doing something really great to show them I am much better than they thought... raspberry

Posted by: k3nn37h on March 15, 2008

libin... damn im fom faridabad too but now live in us. i went to apj

Posted by: chanddeep on March 15, 2008

Lucky you!

Posted by: Libin Daniel on March 15, 2008

where do u live in faridabad? i lived in sector 21

Posted by: chanddeep on March 15, 2008

Talk at my blog man. Not here. Feel guilty now. LOL.

Posted by: Libin Daniel on March 15, 2008

I had a 2240 on my SAT .... a 4.3 GPA .... a great MIT interview .... and I came from a low income family ... so don't feel bad guys .... the other students had higher scores and even better interviews

Posted by: john on March 15, 2008

i am going to compile a list of all the rejections i get and then send them all a letter of my rejection of attendance. imagine a school getting flooded with reciprocal rejection letters from students ^^
and then they'll know how it feels to be us

Posted by: Miri on March 15, 2008

What a way to end the wait right? But to all of you who are still waiting for decisions coming in 2 weeks (seriously, 2 more weeks!?!?! How agonizing does this get?) good luck!

Posted by: Lexa on March 15, 2008

where did i go wrong? I guess i was just toooooo optimistic. goodluck to those who got in. right now, i need a good cry...........

Posted by: a rejected nigerian on March 15, 2008

HEY ALL! Sorry to be so upbeat but, I didn't get admitted as well :( But say what, there are other places where we'll hopefully go and prosper. I won't ever forget MIT, for it was, is and always will be a marvellous school for science and engineering students...I realy liked all about MIT, and I still do.But God knows. He always does. We'll move on, with faith and prayer and the hardwork that we are all so accustomed and glad to do.

Posted by: Masud M. Mohammed on March 15, 2008

meh. my dream school. where i imagined myself going. well. not anymore. MITs just so cool. And while I'll be fine somewhere else (probably Swarthmore) MIT will still be where I want to be. Whatever. College'll be great. One of my biggest disappointments ever.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Tough luck I guess :(

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Dont know what happened, but got rejected.

Gr8 school record, top of my class all my life, top in country for 3 IGCSE exams, 2050 on SAT I, 116 on TOEFL, 2400 in SAT II, gr8 alumni interview, lot of activities + many prayers = NOT ADMITTED from MIT...

Well, I guess that was a momentary dream shattered to bits, but I still love MIT and I will definitely return for graduate studies.. Until then, alvida and good luck to everyone

@Libin: I echo your sentiments brother, I am waiting for replies from Stanford and Princeton too, but given what MIT has told me, I am not too keen on either of Stanford or Princeton coming through with a positive reply... lol... well, we tried at least, but God wished something else...

@ Anonymous#2: I really enjoyed reading that letter, I wish we could all just get into MIT with that spirit and confidence... sigh.

Posted by: Parshu on March 15, 2008

Btw, guys, this was my second rejection after Cambridge in January... very disappointing indeed! :(

Posted by: Parshu on March 15, 2008

I feel like I must not be interesting enough or something... because I felt like my application was strong (SAT 2330 GPA Perfect 4.0 and captain of sports teams and clubs + I thought maybe that my dad went here might have helped). It sucks even more to know that a friend got in and on Monday I have to be happy for them. It's harder when I know my application was just as good in all the areas and better in some. I don't know what to expect for the rest of my decisions now.

Posted by: Michael on March 15, 2008

Btw, guys, this was my second rejection after Cambridge in January... very disappointing indeed! :(

Posted by: Parshu on March 15, 2008

Btw, guys, this was my second rejection after Cambridge in January... very disappointing indeed! :( I mean atleast, they could have waitlisted... but whatever..

Posted by: Parshu on March 15, 2008

haha well, after the first cry i sort of settled down.....i would have felt pretty dumb at MIT anyway, surrounded by geniuses. its a double whammy - rejected from caltech yesterday and mit today. but, like everyone has been saying, life does go on, right?
LOL i wish i could think that way. i'm going to be sore about this for a while to come. i'm not going to forgive them that easy, and im NOT going to apply for grad school. their loss. but i still love the decisions people - ben, matt snively, paul, keri,karen - you guys rocked!
maybe after a while i will get over it. maybe. i hope so. soon. i feel especially sorry for all the fellow indians that didnt make it - you guys rock!!!! kick butt at IITs and IIMs and make them WANT you! and THEN send them a rejection letter.
good luck to everyone - may you all change the world!!!!

Posted by: Kamya on March 15, 2008

I am a Bangladeshi Sagol!...Sagol is a bangla word and means goat. I just cant believe I applied to MIT !..I'm not too upset. But I am having mixed feelings reading the comments.
I just feel like how could I apply with a SAT I score of 1840! Actually I did bad in Reading. But did get 2380 in SAT II ...107 in TOEFL...
Still it seems ppl with looot greaaaater score than me are disappointed. Well, I just thought to check out my luck by applying to MIT. Had no other reasons to apply to MIT. I also did apply to Princeton and Yale !

Posted by: Bangladeshi Sagol on March 15, 2008

Thank you very much mit. It is definitely dissapointing to be "Not admitted". I've got to say though, I really don't understand why colleges always write the statement, "this is in no way a judgment of you as a student"... because I feel like it is exactly the opposite. We send in our application with all of our scores, activities, hobbies, classes, and personal experiences and the admissions committee judges it and makes it's decision.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Oh well...I guess I'm going to Caltech.

I just wonder what more I should have done. I have a 2400 on the SAT I, 800s on three SAT IIs, 4.00 unweighted GPA, I'm an Eagle Scout, and I'm graduating as the (single) valedictorian.

I just wonder where I could have gone wrong.

Someone once told me I could be anything I wanted to be. I wanted to be a student at MIT.

Posted by: Paul D. on March 15, 2008

Dear all officers, all fellow applicants, and all I considerred future fellow students,

I wanna say... This will also gone, no matter you are celebrating for success, regreting for fault or crying for being rejected.

I love MIT so so so much... That's no doubt.
But when I got rejection, I was suprise that I was so calm to see that. Though I don't know why I got this result. System error? Is that a horrible dream? No... Life is like this.

I never early decision I or II any school just for the RA offer from MIT. But... Well~ I will apply to transfer to MIT next year~

Posted by: Joy on March 15, 2008

@Anonymous: well said mate, the justification that the rejection is not a judgement of the student is total rubbish! Ha ha

Posted by: Parshu on March 15, 2008

Hey to all! If you were not admitted don't be too upset. MIT says "no" to thousands of hopefuls every year and if you happen to be part of that group it's not a shameful thing at all!! We are all worthy...

Posted by: Aamir on March 15, 2008


Ma'am, thank you so much for those words...Moms are special..and your words prove that...I just hope I fulfill my Mom's dreams for me, i just hope that I can rub those tears away from her eyes..though i wasted a year of my life...I know I'll make my Mom proud...Thanx Mom for being there...And thanx ANOM3...n congrats to your son or daughter who got accepted..I'm sure he or she deserved it...n dat much more bcuz u r their mom...

Posted by: A really bad son from India...n soon to be "a real on March 15, 2008

To anonymous#2, Thanks for the post, made my day after the painful rejection. Laughed so hard.

Posted by: Kate from NY on March 15, 2008

well, i'm the only person from my school for whom MIT was their first choice, so i'll be pissed if they got in and i didn't cause they won't even go. But this will be the last time I visit i enjoyed it (a LOT) while it lasted, and will be sad to leave, but there's no point reading the blogs and falling in love with the school again when I know I can't go.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

I was hoping for at least a waitlist, but I wasnt even granted that...damn.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008


Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

huuu........ MIT is over. Now, I come to believe that everything is fated. But, one thing I am absolutely sure about is that I did my best. I think luck is not good enough for me to get into MIT. This morning will be a remarkable one in my life.......

I will try to never cry , ever smile......

Bye!!!! MIT

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008


Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008


Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

@parshu and Paul D.: yeah, I also shared that dream with a very similar profile, but meh... now I don't know whether to try to transfer or try to do grad, or just forget it all and succeed somewhere else without looking back at MIT (just like Kamya a few posts above).

@aamir: I get your positive intentions, but we the ones who applied were expecting to make the difference and not be like thousand others lol, but I agree, we are all worthy.

Well, I do feel better now after watching Run Fatboy Run ^^ ... now maybe some more ice cream and chocolate will do the work... :D :D

Posted by: k3nn37h on March 15, 2008

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars."

Or a black hole. Certainly what it feels like right now.

Anyone else looking at U Illinois Urbana?

Posted by: an astronomical miscalculation on March 15, 2008

Meh, there's always GRAD SCHOOL!!!

@ anon #2, hilariously done smile

Posted by: Hyun Jin on March 15, 2008

Ehh, oh well. no surprise there.

Posted by: Amy on March 15, 2008

Its not the end, it's just a beginning, the one's who got in have a head start, but we just have to chase em, in the race of life, and I promise, I wont give up, and possible make MIT say, a bad decision. I utilized what ever resources I had, but that wasn't enough. Well, it doesn't matter that almost 1600 of em were better off, in some way, or MIT found em better, well, yes this is the best, but it's not that the best are in it, there are more.

Best of luck, to those who made it, because you have responsibility to make the world a better, so do we, but without a head start. But beware , you aint at the end already, you gotta catch up!
Best of luck the race has just begun.

Hurray to a global , unbiased community.

Posted by: An International ,whom you might regret denying ad on March 15, 2008

Anyone who got admitted wants to share his/her spot with me? =P

Anyway, I was on a BBQ, reading the PWNED letter on my cell phone (and even tried to comment, although it didn't work). Yeah, I'm very disappointed; but just the voyager was well worth it (including the $200 bucks on TOEFL, SAT and FedEx =P).

So, see you later (= (and being un-admitted doesn't mean I won't comment ever here. Period)

Posted by: PS on March 15, 2008


anyway...i wish the class of 2012 the best:-)

as for me----> :-(

Posted by: Aristides on March 15, 2008

I kind of knew it/expected it

But last night when I found out I'll find out today, I kind of didn't want MIT as much as I wanted it last month or the month before. For one thing, I love math and science but I'm not incredibly good at it. Sounds crazy, I know. I just love what I do and love what I learn but I'm still aspiring to be better.

So why did I, in the last minute, feel like MIT wasn't right for me? I just thought MIT, great name and everything but it's main focus is math, science and technology--there are many schools out there that are probably better rounded that may help me pick a firm major because right now, I feel like my major is tentative.

If any of you got rejected, there are better things out there FOR YOU. For sure. There is a reason behind everything--just know that.

"'Strive in what you believe in, set goals and you can believe in'"-Jay-Z's mom (from the song "Anything for you" by Jay-Z"

Posted by: Samisab on March 15, 2008

the quote is
"Strive in what you believe in, set goals and you can achieve them"

wow I'm out of it. Nap time.
PS- it was fun blogging with you. Bye!

Posted by: Samisab on March 15, 2008

Dear MIT,

Just to let you know, I invented the time machine a few month back but has not been able to get that extracurricular into my application. However, I fully expect to travel back in time and apply again until you accept me.


Posted by: Peter on March 15, 2008

hmm... well, that was a crappy feeling. MIT just feels so unique... and i still think i have the potential to thrive in the MIT community...But alas, I'll most definetely apply to MIT for grad school, AND UT is AWESOME engineering + in state tuition... it's probably for the best...

Posted by: anony... on March 15, 2008

I dont get it. Oh well, Caltech accepted me anyway

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

okay my daughter didnt get in. She has been calling from Greece all day I was scared to tell her I did not want to ruin her trip. You know what she did better then me. She reminded me Georgia tech and Rennseller just accepter her and gave her lots of money. Still hope we can transfer that NROTC scholarship. Best of luck to those who got in. Those who didnt remember we (your Parents, significant others ect.. love you for who you are not where you go. Our hearts are bleeding for you so give you're dad, mom, friend a great big hug and lets move on.

Posted by: peggyone on March 15, 2008

The somehow anticipated result still hurts. Allow me to quote Yeats here:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. 
Yeah, cheezy, but it is that bad.
NEVERTHELESS, here's my balance sheet:(I drew this up days ago)
-6 months' close attention to all MIT related websites
-an awful lot of brain cells
-large amount of paper + ink from printing drafts
-emotional stress now and then
-suspection that I suck at life while reading CollegeConfidential threads
-a 3-day getaway trip to Shanghai for the interview(it was fun!)
-access to so many awesome links from the blogs
-enjoyment of the blogs
-knowledge of random facts in math and physics
-discovery of OCW for high school (it's really helpful)
-a throughout evaluation of my past accomplishments and failures
-MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: I began to understand what I want with LIFE.
90% will be unhappy on this very day, inevitably. And I'm glad that I tried. No regrets now.
To all members of the staff: Thank you. Honestly, it's hard for me to admit that "you guys rock!" at this moment, but you really deserve it. Thank you for reading my stuff and answering my questions, and enjoy your hard-earned break from the past 6 months' frenzy.
To all members of '12: Congrats! Take the privelege and live your MIT years to the fullest. You know you'd be living the dream of many others.
To my fellow rejectees: have heart, and be patient for the good news in April.  MIT adcoms may have made a mistake (oh yes, everybody does!), but you know you can be awesome wherever you go.
Farewell, all blogers, I might be back for grad school. 

Posted by: jinziling on March 15, 2008

Didn't get accepted, but perhaps this just wasn't the right time for me to go to MIT. Sometime in the near future, perhaps, but not now. Yes, MIT was my dream school, but I'll continue with my life.
I will surrender to whatever fate has been given to me. I mean, what else could you do?
I guess good ol' destiny has already chosen a path for me. Who knows that MIT might be just around the next bend? Well, good luck to all out there. You'll be seeing me again shortly. smile

Posted by: Najmia on March 15, 2008

Bye bye MIT... I loved you a lot... but you apparently you didn't like me... Oh well... c'est la vie. Good luck everybody smile

Posted by: S on March 15, 2008

@ kamya same here got rejected from caltech day before and MIT yesterday... bt m sure its for the best and we'll end up same place we truly fit in.. Wish all of you all the best!

Even if one door closes it just leads to more possibilities!

Posted by: Apoorva on March 15, 2008

@ kamya same here got rejected from caltech day before and MIT yesterday... bt m sure its for the best and we'll end up same place we truly fit in.. Wish all of you all the best!

Even if one door closes it just leads to more possibilities!

Posted by: Apoorva on March 15, 2008

i read all 250 odd posts before pulling the trigger bc i knew it would happen
it did ease the sting a bit to commiserate beforehand
i wasn't as in love with MIT as a lot of you seem to be, but still...
there's bad vibes now, and i'll be having nightmares
for the next two weeks till i get the rest of my decisions(which btw is all of spring break for me,thanks MIT)

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

There are things that we just can't control for everything else, use a Kleenex.

Posted by: Osama on March 15, 2008

"With an 8% increase in applications, this year was again the most competitive ever for MIT admissions. Admitting less than 12% of applicants means that we had to turn away many, many incredible students. For those of you who fall into this category, this is an open forum for you to talk."

"...for you to talk?" How sarcastic is that?
What is there to talk about other than spending my entire high school career working hard at everything that had come to me. Pulling many all-nighters studying, competing in sports, doing everything right above and beyoud the competition only to find out that "I am not good enough?"

Posted by: Carl on March 15, 2008

I created a facebook group
for rejectees.

The group going to be very casual, no rules and no organization, just to let people know who else got rejected.

Posted by: Mgccl on March 15, 2008

Oh well... there's Caltech. 3 rejections from MIT won't affect graduate school application ... [or would they?]

Posted by: Sceth on March 15, 2008

Darn it....

Posted by: DetroitMan on March 15, 2008

Somehow I felt so calm.
maybe because I was like 99% sure I wouldn't be admitted.(I have a great instinct smile)

Dear all admission staff, thank you for everything.
I really did enjoy the whole process, and reading blogs here smile

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

I read the letter of non-admission as UT lost to Arkansas at the buzzer :( :(

Rejection was expected, but dissappointing nonetheless. What a lousy way to start spring break...

Pellisippi State Technical Community College, anyone?

Posted by: btdm on March 15, 2008

well, I'm don't feel really dissapointed.
cause I've tried my best. For those who also not admitted, don't give up. enjoy your life. maybe our destiny lies somewhere else.

Posted by: Richard on March 15, 2008

Exactly what I was expecting so not much of a disappointment...I just feel kind of bad for wasting my teachers' time in filling out those recommendations...

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

it kind of feels like my efforts were wasted...maybe i should have actually had a life

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Ok.... well, Here I come Purdue!

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Well, certainly suicide isn't the answer. I am probably in a worse situation that the other not-admitted applicants for not getting in, because I somehow managed to not get into any universities I applied to despite high ACT/SAT scores, a strong presence in all extracurriculars, and etc. I suppose what's left to do is spend a year in independent study and learning, and apply again next year.

Posted by: Anonymous on March 15, 2008

Wow, I really don't know what to say.......*hugs* to all of you, and don't worry. MIT is just one school; there are many many more that are waiting for you. It takes a person to change the world, not an institution. Granted, MIT is amazing, but it's not the only place. There will be opportunities galore, and, if nothing else, you can apply for graduate studies, and still get to learn at MIT......or, if you don't want to wait, you can apply as a transfer student next year. It's not that you "aren't good enough," it's that there are a lot of people who are good, and your luck this time around was not so bright.

Remember, every rain is followed by a rainbow....just wait for the sun to come out.

Posted by: Rutu on March 15, 2008

MIT... MIT was everything.

Well, California, here I come.

The biggest issue is going to be breaking it to all of my friends, teachers, and family who were expecting good news. :/ That, and, moving across the country come August.

Posted by: Liz on March 15, 2008

Hi, why should you guys feel hurt ? I do not. What the xxxx ! Be proud of yourselves.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008


Posted by: Nima on March 15, 2008

Rejected here. MIT was my dream school, and I literally dreamed of getting accepted this morning. For most things, it's usually the other way around. However, I'm only a tad bit disappointed... Here's why:

A college is a means to open up future possibilities and step up your life. It is a means, not an end. It is the forward-thinking faculty and students that makes MIT unique. MIT is my top choice, because it fits me the best. However, it is important to remember that you will be part of the college that you attend. If there's something that you don't like, you should take action to change things for the better. That means, go to your second choice, and make changes so it essentially becomes your 'first choice' over time.

With that in mind, I'm looking forward to my results for UC Berkeley and UCLA.

Posted by: Mark on March 15, 2008

It's been disappointing, but I am relieved. I applied as a junior this year to MIT and I knew my chances of getting in were slim, really slim; yet I fostered this hope that MIT will accept me.

Well, now that reality has hit me, I guess MIT is telling me to stay another year, to finish high school, and apply again next year. It's been a great experience competing with all of you, those who got in and those who didn't, and I believe MIT has overlooked many outstanding applicants.

Don't give up now, stay strong, be confident in your self.

"Every life has a measure of sorrow, and sometimes this is what awakens us.”

Posted by: A Taiwanese Junior on March 15, 2008

Pity -- I think MIT and I would've fit well.

I also regret not being able to help out with HMMT.

So now let's see what happens with Princeton wink

Posted by: Anirvan Mukherjee on March 15, 2008

When I read it, I didn't feel surprised. I felt relieved. Now I know where I am going. My college is going to be paid in full most-likely plus spending money. I didn't apply to CalTech, it's too far. And I was a split-second too late for CMU.

What really irks me is that I know a guy that DID get in. I'm nearly positive that I did better in standardized testing, course rigor,etc. Thing is: he has aunts, uncles, and a whole side of the family that is all MIT alumni.

Posted by: Anonymous on March 15, 2008

Wow. Although I was completely prepared for a rejection, I wasn't expecting it in the least. 2270 SAT scores, 2270 SAT IIs, three AP tests passed with flying colours, straight As for the past four semesters, president of two clubs, et cetera, et cetera.

After realizing that I'm accepted, I extend my fullest congratulations and especially respect towards the class of 2012. You guys must be capable of levitation or something of the sort. To be superior to myself and some of the other amazing resumes listed here ... I have to say that I'm impressed.

Good luck in Cambridge. Write me a postcard. raspberry

Posted by: Rob on March 15, 2008

OMG LIBIN!! why on earth are you not going to IIT? It's like one of the awesomest schools on EARTH! you're insane. you better come up with a good reason!

Posted by: Agneta on March 15, 2008

Whoops. I meant "rejected", not "accepted". Guess I'm still in denial. :D

Posted by: Rob on March 15, 2008

What a bummer. I thought that I had the chance to get into MIT, but I guess not. That puts my score at 1 accept, 1 reject, 6 unknown.

Posted by: Ed on March 15, 2008

hey MIT!

Thanks for considering me! I still love you guys! :D

I knew I was going to be denied even without looking at the page...but that's ok, you guys will always be #1 to me! lol

Thanks for the memories

Posted by: mathstar08 on March 15, 2008

I know I would've been a perfect fit for MIT, or would I? Maybe it's just that I have delusions of grandeur; I have an idea of myself that is just waaaay too high. After seeing these posts, and the credentials of people that got rejected, I can only acknowledge that compared to the people that applied, I'm a complete idiot. Looking back with this in mind... WHAT A WASTE! This so-called "journey" was a real pain. I wasted my time, my parents' money, my health and my dreams in this. Not only does this further evidence the fact that I'm stupid, but it also appears to reveal that I have masochistic tendencies. I should have known better.

All that nonsense about this not being a "judgement of you as a student or as a person" is just plain illogical. How did they choose us then? Toss a coin? NO, they made a judgement of our worth based on what information they had. Plainly, they think I'm less valuable for them than the people they admitted. Period. No need to sugar-coat. Of course this is not to say that the the people in the admissions committee are bad people; they're just doing what they're supposed to, and I really do thank them for their time, although I do recall paying a fee, so it's not like they're doing anything "extra" for any of us.

Still, I may not know why at this time, but I thank God for this turn of events. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God"

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

What was waste you say? This whole admissions journey has been enlightening and exciting, and the fact that it ended this way has no effect on all the hard work, sweat, tears, late nights, and laying in bed worrying (I did a lot of that!). In the end, the decision is what they made. It's not a judgment on you as a person, so taking it that way reeks of whinyness.

So I wasn't admitted, so what? I've got a ton of years of life ahead of me, and it's unlikely that not being admitted to MIT is going to drastically change me as a person, or what I can achieve.

Thanks for the trip, MIT, it was quite a ride, but it looks like this is where we part ways.

Posted by: Haili on March 15, 2008

I wish to congratulate all the guys who got in,best of luck homies.And MIT Admissions,thank you for considering my application.

Posted by: Inshaf on March 15, 2008

well, one more disappointment in my life. rejected by rpi and now mit, right behind each other. that's a hard blow. oh well, such is life, gonna apply for mit grad skool i guess. hope the person who mentioned suicide was joking. if you are reading this blog now, this isn't worth killing yourself over. once there is life there is hope and if u didn't have disappointments you probably wouldn't know you are alive muchless appreciate life. you can still change the world no matter where you go. i felt bad i was rejected (or as it was euphemistically put: 'not admitted'), but i have to move on, i won't let the world go on leave me.

thank you admission officers. all is good, though i am still not certain where i am going as yet. but everything worked out for the best. You worked hard admission officers, hope you treated yourself to some pi(e) yesterday. you deserve it.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

oh and shauna, you have some company, i am from the caribbean and from the same country as you. wish you luck.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

I think the reason why MIT choose some particular students has to do with their personality. For example, I recall my interviewer mentioned something about "team-work is the key to success" at MIT, and because this is my first year at an US highschool, my teachers couldn't write anything that emphasize my personality or team-work spirit because they haven't known me long enough. Or if not teamwork, it can be how different your personality is compare to others, or how positive your attitude is, and the ability you can sustain after failures, the courage to engage in unusual risks...etc You get the idea.

So we don't want to submit an application that only reflects a conventional perfect student, we should have submitted an application that sparks our unconventional ideas, our unique desire, or an original characteristics apart from a bunch of plain perfect and boring applicants. Remember MIT is where an exciting journey, and they need to find the individuals who make up a one-and-only team, just like each fundamental element that makes up a complete periodic table.

Share some of my thought. And I am confident that I was denied because of my personality, not of my talent. And it's fine, because no one wants to fake their real indentity.

Again, thanks the MIT. Without them, I wouldn't learn that there are just as many intellectuals out there as many stars in the sky. Without them, I wouldn't have worked my ass up until this day, and to be inspired to dream a big dream. Who knows where I end up, but I will end up a tougher person who knows how to stand up after a hurtful falling. I do. Do you?

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2008

Well said, anonymous. Oddly enough, I've started to doubt whether or not I really would have been a perfect match for MIT. They can probably see something I don't...

Nothing left to do now except keep moving forward. March 27th...come on Berkeley! wink

Posted by: asm on March 16, 2008

I was a EA deferral and RD rejection. I have to admit, being "not admitted" was a disappointment to me. I've dreamed about getting into MIT ever since I was young and kept imagining what it'd be like on the day I get admitted. But as a lot of you said, life goes on. This is my first rejection and I know there's more to come. But as long as I have somewhere to go (I got accepted into UW and UCI and am still waiting on others) I'm thankful.

To everyone who was not admitted, I'm sure we were just not meant to be at MIT. We'll definately find our school that's most suitable to us. Thanks to all the admission officers who worked hard to read so many applications in so little time. I appreciate all your efforts to notify us of our decisions early.

This is probably my last post since my journey to MIT has ended for now. But of course, another journey has started. Everyone not admitted, never lose hope! You're all awesome, but probably not the best fit for MIT. To the MIT class of 2012, congrats and I wish you all the best of luck in your continuing journey at MIT.

No matter what happens, Keep smiling!

Posted by: Still Smiling on March 16, 2008

well, i forgot my password and tried three incorrect combinations, so my account was locked. to unlock it, i have to phone the MIT admissions office, which isn't open on the weekend, so i guess i'm waitlisted until monday XD

Posted by: alex on March 16, 2008

Hi everyone!!! Like Daniel Barkowitz said in one of his blogs, MIT was my dreamt college. I got wait listed last year and rejected this one. I always imagine myself there and I identify myself with some of the bloggers like Snively and Paul so much, that I felt I will be happy there. However, I will never quit my dreams and I promise I will continue giving my best (like Paul recommended). I am sure I'll meet you MIT class 2012 at some point in the future. Love the blogs and MIT. Thank you for the opportunity.

Posted by: Arturo (International) on March 16, 2008

Ah, shoot. Now I have to wait for schools again! It really blows to not get in; I know my application was just as strong as everyone else, and I thought that being a borderline recruit athlete might help me get in. Definately my dream school. I'm still waiting on Harvard, Princeton (No freaking way. No time on that app at ALL!), Dartmouth, Vanderbilt, and Duke.

Your loss wink

Posted by: Ryan on March 16, 2008

well, i can't say that i'm shocked. i prayed really hard about it. i asked God to have MIT reject me if it's not where i am meant to be, and he answered my prayers. i'm not disappointed at all. i've still got UGA's honors program.

it's for the best smile

Posted by: zack upton on March 16, 2008

First of all i'd really like to tell the admission committee that my love for MIT is genuine and will never perish.Infact i've been through a journey(of course the admission process)that i'll cherish forever.i got to meet great people like my EC in the process.I'll come back after 5 years .definitely,the graduate program.My love for MIT will never die.I"m obsessed with it.I believe in grabbing 5things i'm obsessed with.
anyways , shruthi,sohanam and rest all you may contact me at [email protected] if u wanna discuss about ur application

Posted by: PREETI on March 16, 2008

IIT where I got accepted is Illinois Institute of Technology. Are you taking about this Agneta?

Posted by: Libin Daniel on March 16, 2008

Well...this was my first rejection. I can't say it wasn't disappointing. But I really thank LeeB for putting it in perspective that at points in our lives we do have to experience and accept failure. It's really humbling to know that with all I've done, there's still so many others out there better than me. (SAT:2340; SATII: 2380; ACT: 35 (twice); 4.0 GPA; head of a bunch of extracurriculars and a musician and athlete). You guys out there must be...amazing. Obviously MIT wasn't meant to be the place for me.

In a way I regret applying EA for MIT, because it was the first admissions application I ever filled out and included the first admissions essays I ever wrote. The experience built up over time with the other apps is probably part of why I haven't received any other rejects yet...not even CalTech.

To those of you who are with me and got into Cal Tech and not here, just keep in mind that MIT has over 3 times as many applicants as Caltech does every year. It's just more selective. Personally, I'm hoping for Harvey Mudd. Still also waiting to hear back from WashU, Princeton, Columbia, and Rice. If all else fails, I still have TONS of scholarship money at Texas A&M.

Good luck to all the rest of you who got turned down (there's plenty of other schools), and while they won't be reading this, best of wishes to all those who end up joining the MIT class of 2012.

Posted by: Aditya on March 16, 2008

u from india????????????

Posted by: preeti on March 16, 2008

MIT, as my first application submitted and my first rejection received, you hold a special place in my heart. I've grown so fond of you (platonically) in the past months of fantasizing that I couldn't, even in the most deserved fit of bitterness, muster up hollow words of scorn about your being a second-rate tech school. This would be untrue: as everyone knows, URL searches for "" automatically re-direct to the MIT homepage. I hope my application wasn't too terrible a drag, but thanks for giving it the time of day.

Admissions committee, you're a crate full of peaches, and I'm fairly certain that I would enjoy sharing a cool dollop of gelato with every one of you.

All I do is love you.

Louis II

Posted by: Louis II on March 16, 2008


I thank the MIT admissions team for the whole process. But I am just wondering if they only do give admissions to superhumans why don't they just make a minimum requirement criteria which says unless u have achieved tons of awards at national and international level, developed something original, done an exceptional research paper, had ur own start-up company, there is no point applying. Basically turned into a scientist or a mathematician even before entering college..! why don't they just say that the school achievements are overlooked or too trivial to account for anything. Additionally, maxing ur sat doesnt influence the decision as this is no exceptional thing thus even with a score of 2400 in SAT II , highest in the country in 4 IGCSE Subjects and strong leadership in EC's I stand a chance no where.. After investing many hours in the whole application process n pinning up hopes, i think it was rather futile and i would prefer them making the selection process more apparent so our hopes dun come crashing down...

Posted by: Rejected.. on March 16, 2008

Rejected....... its a wierd feeling

Posted by: MIT??? on March 16, 2008

To all those who didn't get in:
I didn't get in either, and I've had time to think about it and accept it. I know it may seem like the end of the world for many of you, and I felt the same way when I first saw the decision. But then my best friend reminded me that God has a plan for all of us so I should just accept whatever happens as His decision. And I have. I believe that regardless of the college we go to, we're all going to change the world. We just need to believe in ourselves. It's going to happen. I'm sure that something bigger and better is waiting for all of us.

Posted by: Maliha on March 16, 2008

MIT... you made the right choice... argh

Posted by: ric on March 16, 2008

The application process was so addictive that I'll definitely have to try again next year.

Posted by: Vytautas on March 16, 2008

@preeti: I was born in India but have lived most of my life stateside.

@Libin: I'm pretty sure Agneta was thinking one of the Indian Institutes of Technology...haha if you think getting into MIT is competitive that's a whole different ball game...I think you're talking over half a million applicants to each one every year for about 5,000 spots. 11.8% admit this year at MIT...roughly 1% at any of the IITs

Posted by: Aditya on March 16, 2008

Hey everyone! Welcome to the bottom of the barrel--we'd best make ourselves comfortable, because we aren't going anywhere for a very, very long time.

Posted by: Twilight Bob on March 16, 2008

"Jahan aur bhi hain..", love that Soaham.

The way to go..

Posted by: Viksit'11(India) on March 16, 2008

Ill make sure to tackle back for graduate... or maybe transfer... im so confused now.
But I didnt really expect to get in... so thanks for the decision i guess...

Posted by: Omar on March 16, 2008

I'd be so glad if anyone could tell me whether it'd be worth reapplying after a year, or if chances are better with transfers...

Posted by: k3nn37h on March 16, 2008

hey....not got in........!!!
nothing to worry.....applying next year as transfer.....and definitely going to make it....!!!

Posted by: Kapil on March 16, 2008


Sorrrryyy. I was totally referring to IIT India. and I was wondering why you didn't even want to go there haha. never mind it was Illinois... haha
(You should totally try going to IIT India!)

Posted by: Agneta on March 16, 2008

lol there's more rejected posts than admitted!! just shows how awesome we all are, guys. keep it up.
Twilight Bob, Libin, Shruti - i was so surprised you guys were rejected!! Doesn't 'interest' count for anything??!!No matter, battle on. =)

Posted by: Kamya on March 16, 2008

Even though I was not admitted
I learned a lot as I struggled to learn to familiarize myself with another education system
Your blogs are amazing too

I wish that I can go to MIT as graduate student in future wink

Posted by: Ying Wei on March 16, 2008

Hi, I see that you guys are in the most part disappointed. I've also dreamt of going to MIT and yesterday the secret was finally reveald- this year I'm not in. However, I will try in the next year (MIT staff, watch out!:) At least I can suppose what I did wrong or what I should improve etc. This was a lost battle but the war is still on (in positive meaning of course).

Regrads everyone

Posted by: twardy24 on March 16, 2008

Hey there everyone! let's not give up hope. An education minus MIT does not mean no education! All the best to all of you guys!!!

Posted by: Ern Sheong on March 16, 2008

Anyone who's applied to MIT more than once - what have you done during your time off? How have you spent your year(s)?

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

Come on STANFORD!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Ern Sheong on March 16, 2008


Posted by: Akash on March 16, 2008

Huh....Sorry Mit...u aint gonna be number one any more...coz u missed me.....better luck next time !

Posted by: Aibbz on March 16, 2008

I doubt there are too many hot chicks at MIT anyway...

Posted by: AnonTexas on March 16, 2008

Well, this is sad... sad news. Thankfully i have a backup plan :/ well, too bad, was really looking forward to the seafood at boston and getting to learn more about sailing. and there ain't gonna be no next time like some of you do :( maybe post grad . but not undergrad.

with love from singapore

Posted by: li-chung on March 16, 2008

Hopefully Carnegie Mellon has a place for me now =)

Posted by: Calvin on March 16, 2008

@ Indian applicants : So where do u plan to head now?

Posted by: Aibbz on March 16, 2008

You know why IIT suck? It prefers theoretical knowledge to anything in the world. It is highly dubious that Indian Government's funds would suffice the expenditure required for a GOOD Aeronautical Engineering Studies.

Posted by: Libin Daniel on March 16, 2008

... I guess I was expecting it, although honestly I thought I had a fair amount going for me (3 years of Calculus, Linear Algebra, good grades, 2350 on the SAT, a bunch of AP exams, a genuine dedication to my intended major, extracurricular courses and activities, etc., etc.). Oh well. I've been rejected everywhere else I've heard from so far, as well. Community college :?

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

lol @ AnonTexas

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

It really felt painful. But as everyone is goes on.

Thaks to everyone in the Admissions Committee for their tremendous effort.

MIT is my dream and always will be. I have promised myself that I'll get in one day.

MIT, be ready for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Aashish on March 16, 2008

To all of those who were rejected:

The fact that the MIT Admissions gnomes chose to reject you does not mean that the accepted are "better" than you, no matter how you define "better" (academics, extracurriculars, athletics, social life, etc.). Not everyone at MIT is a super genius. I'm sure you already know this, but there are a ton of great applicants, and it really is just impossible to admit everyone who is qualified. You're in one of the best applicant pools in the world, and I'm sure you would have excelled at MIT. Next year, I guarantee you'll be having a ball at whatever college you end up at, and MIT will be the last thing on your mind.

My two cents,
An '11

Posted by: '11 on March 16, 2008

@k3nn37h we can still make a difference, just not MIT or maybe if you really want to go try again for transfer or grad school... There are 3000+ schools in the states and many are very respectable and top institutions..."there are many fish in the sea?"

@an astronomical miscalculation
I got into UIUC and seriously considering going there... still waiting for the end of the month for all responses.

Posted by: Aamir on March 16, 2008

I dint even wanna write here, but anyways!
For the last year of my life i have loved the school beyond even my own imagination and for the last soo many months I hv dreamed and lived thru my dreams...I have dreamed about:
my life at Next House
the design of my first prank
my first visiting the 'langer lab' nd the 'media lab'
my meeting with the bloggers, esp jess, paul nd snively
never procastinating in the psets nd esp the ones that u hv to do online
and practically visitn the MIT courseware to know the syllabus nd studies elsewhere
needless to say I hv read sooo many blog entries nd perhaps sooo many other pieces of writing and have more n more fallen in love with MIT that in no way can i justify not being a fit!!

though I wud hv to say it didnt totally come as a surprise since i hv not been able to give my best either in the sats or in the essay. but unlike many of u, i cant say that i hv enjoyeed my journey thru the app ws nerve raking nd i had to pay tons!

the worst thing abt the rejection is perhaps the fact that i still cant get over the unlived dreams!every now and then i still start imaging myself doin something MIT...and the next moment i remember..I HAVE FAILED MY DREAM
i have never felt sooo sad
I at least hoped to be wait-listed

Posted by: intl anonymous on March 16, 2008

I must say that I am VERY disappointed in this decision. I thought that many of those who posted in this forum had exceptional credentials, and I would not be surprised if they were to have gained admission to MIT. However, I think that MIT made some poor choices by passing on those who had a passion and aptitude for science and math in favor of those who had higher test scores. However passive the admission officers want the admission process to sound, I think that everyone in the process has an agenda, and that taints the admission process making it inherently unfair for those who are not MIT legacy. I am not surprised; my dad was rejected many years ago, and now I can add myself to that list. My parents, who expected me to get into MIT, are now REALLY disappointed at me for not getting in. They think it is shameful to have to say that I was rejected from MIT, but what could I do? MIT was my number one choice, and I thought that I could get in, but apparently they thought otherwise. I applaud those who made it to MIT, but I do not especially praise the admissions staff for turning that many ultra-qualified candidates away. I am pretty sure that some of those who got in may not have been as qualified as those who were rejected. Even I thought that the least that MIT could do was to put me on a waiting list, but an outright rejection; that is way too much. I am EXTREMELY disappointed, as are many others in this forum who share the same sentiment, and I have no remorse to turn away from MIT since it doesn't want me. Fine. I'll move on to other top-notch, first-rate institutions, and I will find every opportunity to make MIT pay for its mistake.

Posted by: Ed on March 16, 2008

anyone know when UChicago or Carnegie Mellon will be releasing decisions?

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

mit everyone's is my dream too and will alwasy be.....i am seriously sayin that i got to know about mit in july last year as went through its website for the first time....i fell in love with it on the first sight..the match b/w u n mit and everything looked so different from other colleges ...i filled the the first of the application just for fun as i was never encouraged to go abroad and study as it is too expensive for us..but when i recieved an e-mail about the interview ..i got a very serious about it i showed it too my dad who is an indian army officer (very little salary in front of the mit yearly fees) ..we got to know about its wonderfull fin-aid package .. i gave my interview being very honest and just being went amazingly good ..i made my EC smile at some of my jokes and i never prepared for it or so...then came the time of test required dad not being so sure told me to give my tests without preperation as it could have affected my normal syudies...i gave my toefl in dec and sat II in jan 94 i toefl ibt and 1350 in physics and maths...was not happy with but some of the admissions comittee members coments on sat and tests made me relax as they said it doesn't count much in mit as we admit a person not a student (personality and stuff) .. i had good inovation stuff on my appl...and maybe good recomendations and a nice essay which reflected about my army background and my interaction with various kind of people with diff religions and ... i thought i could be match with mit ...making its student pool diverse but the result is out...i have to study in india ...maybe in a very good college but i won't get a chance to study for my dreams ..i would be forced to study only for a good placement..which doesn't matter to me at all(placement) dreams have been shattered my hopes are gone now i will study to make a living will never see my dreams come true ...(i think so) life would have been totally different for me if was in mit...i couldn't apply to other cooleges abroad (lack of money ) can't tell my dad to spend all his life's earnings on my one year in a college abroad ....many students who got in would have had other chances (harvard stanford yale caltech) but i don't have them..couldn't have mit considered this in their decision could been alot different for me while other s would have had a little bit of change as most of the colleges in US have a good environment which encourages innovation and stuff...i have no other chances..
goodluck to all fellow applicants in for their future..
and mit i love you ....i still can daydream about you and what my life would have been.. if nothing else...

Posted by: Harnur Singh on March 16, 2008

i also had excellent school and sports record...and much more

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

i also had excellent school and sports record...and much more

Posted by: Harnur Singh on March 16, 2008

I can't believe you guys
Do you actually think that there's a chance you're not up to the academic standards of those accepted???
I'm not entirely sure how MIT selects its students, but that doesn't change anything...You guys are absolutely some of the top students in the country.
Stop being hard on yourselves, and realize that nobody else thinks you're sub-par and that other people do see your talent and passion, and at whatever school you go to, you guys will definitely be cream of the crop.

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

@Aamir: lol this fall I shall be entering one of the top unis in Germany -so it's not all that bad for me actually-, and yeah, there are many fish in the sea, but like the applicant after you said, it's the unlived dream that hurts... and also having to tell the ppl who thought you'd make it (I heard that some many times at one point I began believing it, and now you see, things turned out different).

But yeah, no doubt we *will* make a difference wherever we end up. And after reading how applicants like Ed decide to "turn into the dark side of the force" (lol) and use their disappointment to fuel their revenge through success in some other institution, I realize that on the whole, it is not that bad that a part of the applicants get rejected, for revenge can be a great motivation for progress... (as long as it's kept controlled). ^^

Posted by: k3nn37h on March 16, 2008

Nobody from my country has ever gone to MIT (I don't even think anybody has ever even applied).
I had high hopes of being the first. Unfortunately, I had my jorblocks handed to me. Oh well...

Who feels like venting a lot of their anger at the person who's name was on the bottom of the rejection page? I know I do.

Whoever wants the phone number/address (not just the MIT one, also a home number and address), reply here raspberry.
12,000 unhappy people could really cause some problems...Muahahah! ;D

BTW: Do admissions officers/bloggers even bother to read the comments here? Or is it just another year of "sore losers" and sentimental [sym]pathetics to them?

Posted by: Jay on March 16, 2008

Sehr richtig!! Mann muss opferbringen?? lol!

Posted by: Aamir on March 16, 2008

What country are you from?

Posted by: Migulic on March 16, 2008

I, too, thought my son could go anywhere and do anything he wanted. Having great scores, a fantastic GPA and a tremendous work load wasn't enough for MIT. But you know what, even though we as parent's are disappointed, it no way makes any of you less of a person. It doesn't mean my son won't be successful or won't get a great education.
What it means is there is another lesson in life that my son has learned.
Please know that not being admitted to MIT is not the end of the world and it is no reason to "DIE" or be ashamed.
There is no doubt that those who were not admitted are just as smart and qualified to go to MIT. What it means is that with so many applicants for so few spots, someone has to be denied.

Please press on and know that you still can be anything you want to be even without a degree from MIT.

Posted by: Linda on March 16, 2008

@Migulic: Mozambique

Posted by: Jay on March 16, 2008

Hey ...thanks...Now i m gonna do it the Bill Gates way...lolz

Posted by: sdfudf on March 16, 2008

@Aamir: Ja, genau! No pain no gain wink

Posted by: k3nn37h on March 16, 2008

I wish you guys would have just rejected me back in December.

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008


Maybe I was a little too harsh on MIT. Nevertheless what you say is true. I don't hate MIT as an institution and its people; in fact, I am still in love with it. I just HATE the f***ing admission process and that the admission rate is so LOW. How can they pick 12% of students from 70% that are qualified to be at MIT? I guess that everyone here didn't have the lucky ticket. I bet they created some program on the computer that gave everyone of the 70% who were qualified a number. I guess that everyone here just didn't win the 1000 grand prizes they were handing out. Oh, well. There is another day.
Oh yeah...I came up with this the other it goes...


Ed No. M 08-8522 JSW


This matter comes before the Court upon consideration of Plaintiffs’ motion to attend MIT. Having considered Plaintiffs’ pleadings, the relevant legal authority,
and the record in this case, the Court DENIES Plaintiffs’ motion for to attend MIT,
DISSOLVES any possiblity of attending MIT,
and sets the hearing and briefing schedule on the pending motions.

On March 15, 2008, Plaintiffs Ed (“Plaintiffs”) filed this action alleging causes of action for unlawful and unfair
practices in violation of fair selection to attend MIT,
declaratory relief, interference with contract, interference with prospective economic advantage,
conversion, and injunctive relief. Plaintiffs allege that MIT has unlawfully and wrongfully declined a very large number of good students that fit MIT.


For the above reasons, the Court DISSOLVES any possibility of attending MIT. In addition, the Court DENIES Plaintiffs’ motion to attend MIT, and the Court DENIES the Plaintiff's motion for rejected students to be reinstated. Lastly, the Court addresses the remaining interested and amicus curiae parties. All pending motions to dismiss or to intervene
and any further motions to dismiss shall be heard on Friday, May 16, 2008 at 9:00 a.m. Any
motion not already filed shall be filed no later than March 30, 2008. Any opposition to any
pending motion shall be filed no later than April 10, 2008. Any reply brief shall be filed no
later than April 16, 2008. This schedule supercedes all previous orders or stipulations approved by the Court. If the Court determines that any matter is suitable for resolution without oral
argument, it will so advise the parties in advance of the hearing date. If the parties wish to modify this schedule, they may submit for the Court’s consideration a stipulation and proposed
order demonstrating good cause for any modification requested.


Dated: March 16, 2008


Posted by: Ed on March 16, 2008

Thanks for crushing my one dream in life.

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

Ah, well. It was fun to dream. Farewell MIT. Maybe we'll meet again for grad school.

Posted by: Mike on March 16, 2008

Ah, didn't expect to get in anyways lol. U of MN for me!

Posted by: Ethan on March 16, 2008

but still, congradulation to those who get in.:]

Posted by: ano on March 16, 2008


Posted by: zeynep on March 16, 2008

but still, congradulation to those who get in.:]

Posted by: ano on March 16, 2008

Well, at least it's in no way a judgment of me as a student or person.

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

It is better that I applied but was not admitted than not to have applied at all. Although MIT is respected in many parts of the world, there are several other equally great schools where one can get advanced training and also meet great people. In fact all that is important to me about MIT is her community, and her consistent contributions to humanity.

Posted by: Nathaniel on March 16, 2008

Maybe I'll reapply after inventing cold fusion

Posted by: Paul Weiner on March 16, 2008

even though i myt get admitted to another good college,no matter how much i succeed,one thing will always be there, i wudnt be living my dream........MIT shattered my biggest aspiration in life and yet i hv nothing to do!!

no matter what it judges or not, it cudnt have made life seem to be more of a failure!

Posted by: intl anonymous on March 16, 2008

Again, the worst part is that you don't get to hang with Snively.

Maybe other schools have Snivelys? Naw. Probably not.

Posted by: not admitted human on March 16, 2008

@not admitted human: yea nad i hope they have a jess K and paul too!!

Posted by: intl anon... on March 16, 2008

accepted anywhere else or not i think it is high time the u.s. colleges review the way they emphasis on the app essays!!
cummon..they claim to better understand our personalities through it but what if we are not able to express ourselves that nicely...afterall most of us planned to study in sciences and in that case being able to express apoint is gud enough and ornamentation isnt required!and if we were that good at writing stuff we wud rather opt for a liberal arts college and end up being a writer.

p.s. this opinion is made in general to express my true view and does not in anyway mean to demean anyone.

Posted by: intl anon.... on March 16, 2008

There goes the "if you cannot join them, beat'em" spirit again wink

Posted by: k3nn37h on March 16, 2008

@intl anon....: I think it is kind of hard to argue on the topic. On one side you're right: being math and science our "focus topics" might mean that we do not necessarily excel in the field of language, but on the other hand, maybe you don't need a brilliant piece of abstract literature to show that you're a bright person. Since we're supposed to be receiving our lectures in English and so, some level of mastery in the language should be proved, and well, I think the Essay would also show that.

Anyways, I do agree that it is not possible to completely understand a person from the paper he might have written (i don't know how good -or bad- my essay was, but I tried to be really honest and actually enjoyed writing it), and I really wished there had been someone I could have an interview with, but well, it's kinda late right now.

Sooo... anyone in for a half marathon or something similar? -yep that was a bit random-

Posted by: k3nn37h on March 16, 2008

but still, congradulation to those who get in.:]

Posted by: ano on March 16, 2008 03:03 PM

>> You need better grammar to be admitted.
>> Just Kidding.

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

intl anon... - I'm not sure how much emphasis they put on essays since I accidentally turned in one on the wrong topic and still was admitted. Sorry to bust your bubble of indignation

Posted by: Adrienne on March 16, 2008

Well at least Rensselaer has a better campus..... Goodbye Boston !! Hello New York!!

Posted by: Chughtai on March 16, 2008

Originally posted by Jay: Do admissions officers/bloggers even bother to read the comments here?

I read them...

Posted by: Oasis on March 16, 2008

WOW, I was really surprised that I did not get in. I don't really care because I am going to Engineering College of Purdue/Madison/Berkeley. It's a good thing that I got rejected, at least I am not going to have a nerdy college life smile

Thanks MIT

Posted by: C. Singh on March 16, 2008

MIT, idk what the deal was. didn't u get my family's Christmas card? i thought that put me over the top. lol. anyway, if an admissions officer reads this, seriously, can you let me know if u received it? thanks a lot, and congrats to everyone who was accepted.

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

Hey MIT, don't worry, I am applying again for Grad School smile and this time, my application won't be submitted on the last day half done smile I will also have an answer for my interviewer, WHY I CHOSE MIT? I seriously chose MIT because of its prestige but now, I WILL BE APPLYING BECAUSE I GOT REJECTED, AND I WANT YOU TO ADMIT THAT YOU MADE A MISTAKE.

See you in two years smile

Congrats to those who got in.
Dont' worry if you didn't get in because you don't need to go to MIT to win a NOBEL prize or be happy smile

Posted by: C. Singh on March 16, 2008


You're saying IIT sucks?

Posted by: Agneta on March 16, 2008

God Bless all those who were not admitted and God Bless all those who were admitted. Every disappointment is a Blessing. I'm sure we'll meet along the way, whether in life or in Smash Bros. Brawl.

Peace out!

Posted by: Kofii on March 16, 2008

You know, I've been thinking deep thoughts, and I realized that even for the people who go to MIT, for most of them it is still only part of the road to a grad school and then a career. So although the people who made it might have more fun there, and although nowhere might be quite the same experience, it is still only four years either way, not your whole life.
Consider it like this potential energy curve:

MIT adm. | /
/ MIT /
/ Rej. / going somewhere else

You have to be good in the first place to have a chance for MIT, but ultimately only a few applicants are lucky enough to tunnel through the energy barrier of admissions, which is largely by chance (I know, this is sort of a weird analogy). Anyway, basically if you end up going to a less awesome place, the pressure doesn't come on later. Ten years from now it won't even matter.

Maybe I only feel better because I only have to go to my less awesome place for two years. Maybe I will end up in MIT grad with '10ers. GO OLD SCHOOL!

Also, I came up with a new acronym, meaning sadfunny: alas+lol=ALOLS

Anyway, thank you Matt, Ben, Snively, every1 else. Although I do sort of hate you a bit, you do what you do well, and you're awesome people in general. So, trying not to sound too much like Pangloss, all is for the best.

If you're still feeling down:
Bad Day
Don't Stop Believing

And last of all, you may never be first in your class at MIT, but someday you may be in Stephen Hawking's library XD

Posted by: duketipquantumelephants on March 16, 2008

my schematic didn't quite work, oh well

Posted by: duketipquantumelephants on March 16, 2008

sry, also, the pressure doesn't come on *until later

Posted by: duketipquantumelephants on March 16, 2008

@duketipquantumelephants: yeah, those ascii drawings don't always show the way you expect them to lol raspberry

Posted by: k3nn37h on March 16, 2008

Chris - thanks for letting us know you read these comments. Although I am more dissappointed about being rejected from MIT than I can express, I have really enjoyed reading these blogs over the past months, and your entries are always funny and insightful! You're a great blogger, keep it up and good luck with the rest of MIT!

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

MIT, thank you for the first part of the work.
The second will come in the end of this new year...

(And if you want to work more, you do will)

Just kidding! ^^

But seriously, thank you, everybody, and my ECs in Brazil, Elaine and Werner. See ya next year.

"So, carry on, there's a meaning to life..."

Posted by: Rafael Merlo on March 16, 2008

It was a very fun experience and there is no doubt that by presenting myself as what I truly am to MIT, I can be sure that if they didn't like me than it is probably for the best.

Good luck to those who got in.

Posted by: John Parker on March 16, 2008

i read them too....

don't worry guys, there are more fish in the sea

(except for nowadays, there's overfishery. which is kind of parallel to there being sooo many people applying to universities and not enough spots...)

Good luck to all of you! Smile! =)

Posted by: Karen on March 16, 2008

Yay International quota of 8%!!!!!

definitely would have easily made it if i were domestic.

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

I've been doing nothing BUT reading these comments guys. We care, believe us.

You guys are handling all of this so much better than last year, I really respect you for it. It's hard but it's just another experience in life.

Good luck in everything that you do, and don't stop e-mailing us questions, concerns, or random rants. We take our jobs seriously, we read EVERY SINGLE ONE of these comments.

Posted by: Snively on March 16, 2008

I've been on these blogs a lot over the past few months, but I guess its time to move on. To those who got in and got waitlisted, congrats! To the rest of us, hey its MIT (*shrug). No hard feelings,right? I shall try again in grad school ^_^. So for now, pz

Posted by: Blesson John on March 16, 2008

@not admitted human

I'm not quite sure how to respond to that, other than to say thank you. There are plenty of people that are much cooler than me (ask anybody here) so I'm sure you'll have no trouble. Good luck wherever you end up!

Posted by: Snively on March 16, 2008

Hey Snively, keep up the posts. You're a riot. Best of luck in Toyland.

Posted by: not admitted human on March 16, 2008

First rejection... but something to look forward in the future, just qualified to compete at the California High School State Speech Tournament.

Good luck to the rest.

Posted by: Anonymous on March 16, 2008

Just a little comment on the usual "life goes on" cliché: exactly that fact, that your life does not enter a new phase but simply continues is what is so downputting about being rejected.
So, for everyone else who had to see the (and i'm quoting last year's decision post comments here) 'heartless thing' that is the rejection letter: try making what starts now a new phase anyhow! work more and harder, party more and harder and add whatever you saw in MIT to the place you are in and the one are going to wink

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

Whatevs. I'll just go to Case on a full ride.

Posted by: Ray on March 16, 2008

Rejected. But I got accepted to Caltech. Hmm...

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

me too, anonymous - are you going there? I would have preferred to go to MIT, but I guess you can't always get what you really want.. Caltech will get a great experience too, I'm sure, although it doesn't make me feel less sad about MIT... well, maybe I'll see you at Caltech smile

Posted by: 0 on March 16, 2008

Look all you kids are wonderful people,intelligent talented and capable.Remember it is not an institute that creates great students,it is the students who create great learning centers.And to be honest when there are so many wonderful students like you,MIT cannot be the only best institute in the world.It is time to look at the positives and move on.I am sure you will all find a place somewhere and you will all be great in whatever you do.
To all my fellow Indians lets learn from Dhoni and his boys.They did not have to go to an Australian cricket academy to learn to beat the Aussies.You are all part of a changing India and you are all capable of changing the IITs,NITs,IISERs into great learning centers.We know the IITs are already there.So concentrate on what is on hand.I am sure the disappointment will not last long.All the best!

Posted by: A parent on March 16, 2008

See the TOI- 1,3,4 were the cut off marks for math, physics and chem for 2006 JEE.
If that was the true case, evrey person in my school would have been IITian which is not true. It is never transparent in its process. It, like many other, makes you fir for learning and cramming stuff.
IT( IIT) Sucks.

Posted by: Libin Daniel on March 16, 2008

Fit and every*
Sorry for the typos.

Posted by: Libin Daniel on March 16, 2008


You guys read every one of these? I guess that makes this a little easier, but then again, I think we all need to just move on.

Posted by: Twilight Bob on March 17, 2008

so short.

Posted by: shucen on March 17, 2008

I *promise* it's going to be okay.

Posted by: MIT '10 on March 17, 2008

Its so so okay guys...i'm proud to be a part of such an awesome applicant pool, u are people who know what they are and want to be. MIT is'nt the end of the world and if u are so bent on MIT then u'v got more chances. Try for gradutes and tranfers...u get what I does'nt matter. But thrive wherever u go!!
Best of luck!

Posted by: Roshini on March 17, 2008

i was going to ask this girl to prom...
but then she got into MIT and i did not.
i'm not going to ask her anymore

Posted by: 0 on March 17, 2008

Cut off marks does not mean anything.It just means you are qualified for consideration.The merit list does not have people with 1,4&7 marks.In fact low cut offs help students who have great scores in 2 subjects & low in the third a chance to be considered which does not happen with high cutoffs.
Well if transparency existed everywhere so many students with great scores who got rejected at MIT should not feel disappointed.Every institution has its own way of selecting candidates.It is just that in India the media likes to criticize & stir up people's emotions

Posted by: Anonymous on March 17, 2008

@Oasis, Karen, Snively, and all admissions officers/bloggers who are reading this

Thanks. For me, at least, it means a lot to know that all of our words of disappointment, wisdom, and hope are being read by you guys. Especially in this rather delicate time for all of us unfortunate ones, it's comforting to know that you guys still care.

But I agree with Twilight Bob. What's done is done. Now it's time to move on.

@Snively specifically ("You guys are handling all of this so much better than last year, I really respect you for it.")

For some reason, that just makes me feel good inside... grin

Posted by: asm on March 17, 2008

bummer. oh well I guess it's not the ONLY great college in America.

Posted by: dmm on March 17, 2008

Feel like singing Sinatra's "My Way" out loud...

Posted by: k3nn37h on March 17, 2008

Yes, I too got rejected, both by MIT and Caltech. Now waiting for Stanford; but Stanford, like Caltech, does not have a neeed-blind policy for international applicants; and I am an intenational applicant with a large financial need.

But this application process has been sort of meaningfull for me... I mean, I got to find out more about myself, and I even completed my math research that I submitted in the admissions process (I may not even have worked on these ideas had I not applied).

But the sad thing is, this world does not have that perfect university - one which offers equal oppurtunities in its admission process to ALL applicants, even internationals (*that* would be a truly global university...); and one that offers the world's best higher education for free.

Yes, yes, I know it sounds impossible, but I was talking about perfection. (Yet, I don't think it's impossible, whatever I said. Really, education can be so much better than what it is now.)

But what I really think, is that it's more of a disadvantage to MIT than to me (or other people with a great potential). The application process is such that the admission committees cannot see the whole talent and potential that's there in an applicant. It relies too heavily on past academic performance,... not right....

Posted by: Sarthak on March 17, 2008

@ A really bad son from India
Listen buddy, everything happens through God's will. Both of us are in the same boat. After all my applications, I have caused my dad to be heavily indebt. But this is what we call life. MIT was my dream too, but dreams only shatter to make us more strong. Don't lose hope. All our efforts will be rewarded one day insha-llahta'ala.

Posted by: Aquasplash on March 17, 2008

I was decided not to post again in any MIT blog, but the temptation is so high.

I was 'not admitted' either. After a night full of tears and disappointment, I feel much better now that the shock is gone. I look forward to the other colleges that will tell me their opinion soon.

The fact that I didn't get in probably means I wouldn't have been happy here. Matt, Ben, Nance and Stu must know better. I may need a place with a little more emphasis on humanities.

A friend of mine last year was extremely downcast by her rejection from MIT. She is now at Wellesley and has a lot of friends at MIT, but she realizes they are not like her. Wellesley seems now the perfect place in the world. I am sure we will all think the same of our college next year.

Good luck to all of you with other decisions.

Posted by: Ana on March 17, 2008

I just noticed I own the 400th reply. Cool:)

Posted by: Ana on March 17, 2008

I got rejected to....but I am waiting one more year...i'm applying to MIT next year also....Throught this year I will pursue many fields of interest that I could never pursue in my high school like I'm planning to make a robot that I couldn't do this year...but I'm little bit sad that I am already a high school graduate.
still i'm gonna enjoy this year and I'll wait for fall 2009 decision...
enjoy guys...
best of luck for your future..

Posted by: Prashant on March 17, 2008

Hey can we do something that will help some other people applying to MIT next year....could you please write something which you think might have negatively influenced your decisions....
thanx guys..
mine was that I did not submit the research paper...similarly there was nothing that showed me I was passionate about science or math ( except I had good grades in those subjects and was involved in Science Club) like I wrote that I used to do painting for fun....I think this also influenced my decision

Posted by: Prashant on March 17, 2008

thanks MIT. lucky enough to have gotten into a better university... MUK!!! Ugandan boys u feel me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: anonymous on March 17, 2008

Hey guys,
I just stumbled upon this blog after haunting it myself for the major part of last year. Just remember that MIT is not everything in life. Getting rejected by MIT really is no indication of your caliber. Also please remember that if you're amazing, you're going to be amazing ANYWHERE.
All the very best in your endeavours!

Posted by: Jahnabi Barooah on March 17, 2008

to the anonymous who was going to ask a girl to the prom but who now is not going to because she got in and you didn't:

here's what i think (not that it'll be of all importance to you) but,

i think you should ask her. maybe she'll say yes.

i was that girl and after getting admitted to mit, my high school sweetie completely ignored me. nothing changed b/w us but then sometimes i felt that mit made everything change.
i never judge him, in fact, i still feel that he is one of the best guys out there for me, exceeding most, if not all, of the mit guys i've met. unfortunately, he became his worst critic.
and the sad thing is that, he's so wrong.

Posted by: 0 on March 17, 2008

I actually applied to MIT last year as a freshman and I remember everything as though it were yesterday. Today (17th March 2008), its exactly a year since I received my decision and all I want to say today is that when Paul, the other bloggers and perhaps even your parents and family say that MIT is not the only place you can have a rewarding college experience, they actually mean it and I'm perhaps a living example of it.

I am currently studying in the National University of Singapore, having the time of my life. My university has excellent research facilities, UROP opportunities, world class business plan competitions (I am in the organizing committee), partnerships with overseas universities including MIT and many exciting student clubs and co-curricular activities.

I admit even I felt crushed in the beginning but now, I beat my head against the wall for ever doing that so all the best to all of you wherever you choose to go to college!!

To the admissions staff: I still love you all!

To all the bloggers: thanks for being our friends and make us feel like as if we're in MIT as well.

Snively: Funniest blogger ever.

Paul: Thanks a lot for you know what!!

Laura: You stopped blogging frequently but your last entry elucidated why. I miss your entries:-(

Sam: Never stop blogging!

Mitra: I miss you. I remember exactly the advice and support you gave a year before today!

Melis: Don't go to Oxford!!!!!!!!!^_^

Posted by: Jalpan Dave on March 17, 2008

@Chris, Karen, and Snively:

It's good to know you read every comment. I didn't mean to sound angry towards the bloggers in my earlier post; it's most certainly not your fault (although I can't help menacingly cracking a few knuckles when I think of admission officers raspberry). Thanks for caring...

Unfortunately, no amount of sympathy or motivational words really help ease the ache of the big gaping hole where MIT dreams resided in my heart.

Of course it has dulled out, as all pain eventually does, but it's always going to be there. The resentment. The second-guessing. The constant reminder of what I consider to be the greatest failure of my life. Where did I go wrong? The fact that you don't get told precisely why you weren't admitted doesn't help are we to know what we lack (and if one more person tries to feed me the "It's not you, it's just that we don't have enough spaces" story, I'll rip my eyes out)?

Nobody but some fellow ex-hopefuls can possibly know what it feels like when you know that you had one chance to get your dream and its gone (and the price for another chance is too steep; another year of your life). Least of all the people on the other side of that very bitter line called 'rejection'. Can you even picture yourself not being where you are now?

I no longer care where I get accepted. This was the first decision from any of the places I applied to, and it struck a hard blow. I'm just waiting for one acceptance. It doesn't matter where it comes from; I'll take it. If I don't get accepted anywhere, I'll take up a hobby: admission officer hunting >;D.

My life is colorblind from now on.

End of rant.

BTW, @Snively:
Did anybody ever tell you you look a lot like Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory"? (Don't worry, thats a good thing. He's my favorite character from the show raspberry) And I've always wondered how to pronounce your name...I can't manage to say it in any way that it doesn't sound like a rather abusive adverb/adjective. ;D

Posted by: Jay on March 17, 2008

MIT, i'm gonna come, for grad school. n u wont be able to reject me then....

Posted by: Arjan on March 17, 2008

I somehow have a funny feeling about that comment I made 2 comments above. Sorry if something is actually wrong about it.

Posted by: Jalpan Dave on March 17, 2008

to all the people who got rejected(including me) and waitlisted...

You are just not good enough!!

Posted by: Ankit on March 17, 2008

@Adrienne:if you still come bak to read this that is....well, its not my bubble of indignition Adrienne. i think the app esssay do definitely matter a lot and even if u submitted the essay on the wrong topic probably u cud write it nicely and it did its work of revealing ur persona to them( its not an english exam where they cut marks for off topic answers)

i think everyone gets influenced by a good piece of writing...maybe someones essay was abt a very good aspect but he/she cudnt express it that vividly whereas someone wrote abt sth not so impressive but the writng ws awesome. in that case even if the adm officers tek into acccount those facts his/her unconcious mind wud build up a liking fr the nice piece of writng guy.

nd plss do not access this opinion as my 'bubble of indignition'...i had this opinion frm the very begning nd wud hv hold it even if i ws admitted AND i never sed i cant write well!!
its also not abt MIT but abt the admission process in general....

Posted by: intl anon... on March 17, 2008

a side note about about the essays:
I spent almost all of my winter break editing and tweaking my essays: over two weeks for less than 2000 words! When I finally mailed it, I thought that was a 2 dimensional version of me, like practically enough to recreate my soul a century from now. Yet somehow in the past few weeks, each time I read the copies that I had made, they seemed less and less like me. Am I changing? Would I have had what MIT was looking for if I had applied today? I can't help but wonder. It's so...unnatural...But why?

Posted by: duketipquantumelephants on March 17, 2008

At first all that drew me to MIT was the reputation, but then I went to an information session in my city. I was intrigued and scheduled a visit. I was amazed at the wide variety of intelligent people I encountered. I loved everything about it, the weather, the food, and the whole atmosphere of the place. I wish I had never visited. I wish I didn't know what I was missing. I wish I was never foolish enough to think I was good enough for MIT. I've spent many hours studying, writing essays, doing extracurricular activities instead of spending time with the people that would tolerate me. It's great to be told that was all a waste. Getting into MIT was the only thing I wanted to do with my life, and I didn't.

Posted by: 0 on March 17, 2008

well, your personality changes constantly, but the changes are almost imperceptible...
this sucks, i was sooo ready to do a hack.
oh well, i definitely have other schools that i really like as well; this is only a minor setback. plus, there's grad school!

Posted by: 0 on March 17, 2008

no MIT for me....but I Got into cornell!!!! wooot!!

Posted by: 0 on March 17, 2008

well...its official.."not admitted"..[checked a bit late, coz I didnt even know they'd be online!, thought only UK did that..raspberry]

im actually numb!..i dont know what to think...i expected a rejection, but it being official is hard...
what was I thinking applying to MIT?? how on earth can I compete with the best in the world? I'm just an optimistic student in Kenya, who does well in her average school, and sure, takes part in all the sports, debate, drama, etc...but seriously. I needed a serious reality check back in November. I guess visiting MIT over summer didnt help..I fell in love with the place..

I dont know how to tell my dad...i think he wanted this as much as me...maybe more..i'm gutted for both of us...but see, i had a heads up..i knew the percentage of exceptance...he just knew its "hard" and "competitive"...and my school singing me praises doesnt help in preparing him for this news.

I guess you're all does go on. Im probably going to this uni in UK, where I (hope) know i'll have a blast, and hope I make a difference..

Deep breath, and smile..not everything is meant to be how we think it is supposed to be. God only knows.

[tho i just cant bare to see the disappointment on my dad's face..]

sorry dad.
sorry me.
I wasnt good enough

Posted by: Fatema K on March 17, 2008

my first rejection...
was expecting it, yes, but OUCH!

Posted by: sigh.... on March 17, 2008

Sorry for those who received "Not Admitted" notice from MIT before receiving acceptances from any other schools. My daughter was deferred on EA and not admitted RD, but she received acceptance letters (with offers of merit money) from two other EA schools (Northeastern and Drexel) back in December. I think having a few acceptances under your belt helps a bit (albeit a tiny bit) when you get a "not admitted" note from MIT. Now we wait to hear from the remaining schools she applied to (Columbia, Carnegie Mellon, Stevens, and Cooper Union) and then make a decision.

Posted by: WTBS Alumni on March 17, 2008

rejected... :(
hey anyone from bangladesh? :(

Posted by: milky way on March 17, 2008

I've gotten used to this feeling after RSI rejection and MIT EA deferral. It came as no surprise to me, even though I had relatively good grades, SATs and ECs, especially after the thought somehow came into my head for the first time that I might rather go to Stanford or Yale than MIT.

The first thing I did after my rejection was go into my gmail and archive all the emails I've ever received from MIT. That felt good because I helped clear my unreasonably massive inbox.

I don't think I'd be in such good spirits if I hadn't gotten accepted at UF and Ga. Tech and gotten likely letters from Duke and Cornell. I'm still waiting for Stanford, Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. Good luck to everybody with the rest of college decisions.

Now you can say I H THAT F P.

Posted by: R R on March 17, 2008

The dust of battle appears to have settled. I stand here upon Sun Tzu's proverbial 'death ground', the ground of no return. I could have applied to so many other places (like RIT) and been accepted. Yet, I took my stand here, upon this spot, for I feared that with the oppurtunity to retreat, I wouldn't have fought as I hard.

And truly have I fought hard for this. It took me till the last minute to gather my courage, and it took me two months of torture, of interviews, essays and exams, which I aced.

But the true battle raged on months ago outside my hands. I was slain unexpectedly, not by sword, nor scourge, but by Cupid's arrow. Had I lost to that which I hated, I would not have minded. But it was what I loved that has betrayed me. All those kind words and praises, all the great words the bloggers have said about MIT right before they strike. And it hit not just me, but others I would not have expected, like Libin, Shruthi, Twilight Bob.

Admissions is conflict and conflict is war, no matter how you sugar coat it. It is a civil war, a battle between brothers and sisters, a battle against those whom we love. Success can only be made by striking down the bodies of 10 or even 20 of your mates, made easier by the fact we were blindfolded while doing it. Had I won, had I been the ones to tranverse the hallowed grounds of MIT, I would have merely saluted my fallen comrades and moved on. Yet I lie here, lost and broken as the ghosts of my comrades retreat to safer grounds.

Another battle has raged here, but I have lost.. the Goliath that I was, slain by a David-sized Cupid..

Posted by: Muz on March 17, 2008

Surprisingly...I'm not sad...I know I'll end up here one day. The Whitehead Institute is my destined home. |shrug|

Posted by: Kish on March 17, 2008

GPA 3.9 (Bad English and History Grades)
AP Cources taken during High School 5 (Calc, Physics, Chem, Bio, Lang)
College Course 2
Math Competitions won during High School: around 20
Science Competitions won: 2
Clubs: 15
NHS, Math NHS, Spanish NHS
Speak 4 languages everyday
Lived in two differnt countries (4 years in USA)
ACT 29 (Bad English Scores; 23, 26, 10 for Essay)
MATH Level 2: 780
Physics 720
APPLIED AS AN INTERNATIONAL (Denied to have rights to apply Early Decision) Acceptance rate 4.33 (07-08)
Family Income ($35000)
Created a Model of a Bridge



Couldn't afford it?
Didn't know English?

I would have been happy to get accepted even though I might have not opted to go there.

Please comment and let me know what could I have done, as obviously I paid no attention to my GPA in High School and had fun learning Math $ Science with a passion. (12 Semester of Science, 10 Semester of Math)


I would be happy to know what you feel about me, please comment and let me know if I even deserved to apply to MIT.

Thank You

Posted by: 0 on March 17, 2008

"I would have been happy to get accepted even though I might have not opted to go there."

That might have been the reason.

Posted by: 0 on March 18, 2008

"I would have been happy to get accepted even though I might have not opted to go there."

It was a joke, Come on, WHO WOULD NOT GO TO MIT and go to Madison insted :(

I didn't have an answer either for why I was going to MIT during my interview but I am going to try again.

Thanks for the Comment.

Posted by: 0 on March 18, 2008

Hey one of the bloggers, could you please let me know what I can do to transfer to MIT?

Thank You smile
I really want it more than anything!

Posted by: 0 on March 18, 2008

Haha, I know, but I think they're afraid of accepting people who aren't serious about going. I bet there were a lot of tiebreakers, and that could've been one of them.

Posted by: 0 on March 18, 2008

yet accepted at Harvard? even accepted at Cambridge?
I'm so so confuzzed. My interview was flawless! (though we talked politics and the fashion era more than my neuroscience interests..)

le sigh.

Posted by: Celeste on March 18, 2008

hey there milky way!!i m frm BD and definitely the guy nMad way up is gotta b frm here too;he wrote a song:)

Posted by: intl anon.. on March 18, 2008


Somehow, it makes perfect sense to me. Of course I could talk about how my essays were not all that great and stuff, but at the same time, looking back at things, I can say that maybe I wasn't yet ready anyway.

I'll probably take that gap year I wanted to take anyway, and re-apply. See how that goes. With better essays, better interview, etc. - now that I have so much more insight...

Anyway, I will then be able to spend one year working on stuff which I feel passionate about, rather than stuff I need to work on to get my diploma (baccalaureate).

Posted by: Jerome on March 18, 2008

OMG!! just look how big this forum is gettin...but one more post and it wud be outta the page so one last post....

now tht tis been four days arredyi think i m sorta gettin hold of myself but then agin the understanding only comes as feats of 'the sensible me'.

to alll the MIT ppl (bloggers nd ad officers and others): thanks for reading all of these posts here of the not admitted ones..(I m sure ur regrettin not bein able to accept many of worries we'll come as tranfers!) and to MIT...I love u and always will esp the strata building...i 'll keep on readin the blogs and commentin and beatin Ben to the FIRST!!

the unlived dreams will always hurt but maybe i ll get used to it soon but i will always regret the never taken place interview. and i always thought MIT loves ppl with initiatives nd i hv initiated a whole project promoting literacy!!I will always keep on wonderin wt went wrong(maybe many things like the SAT...) but anyways...

the question i forgot to ask...does MIT recruit cleaning staff nd allow them to clean the classromms while the classes are goin on if they promise to remain very silent and not to demand degrees???:D:Dplsssssssssplssssplsssssssssss....and oh in the labs too..

Posted by: intl anon... on March 18, 2008

Won't deny it, I cried. But as long as someone else was able to be happy by the decision, that makes it alright. Life goes on, and there is always grad school. I still think MIT is an amazing place, and I'm very happy for everyone who got in. I love the blogs, and thankyou to the admission staff for making this process personable.

Posted by: Lydia on March 18, 2008

You know what REALLY, REALLY hurts: the fact that a record of three students were accepted from my school this year and NONE of them want to go!!! WHY was my dream taken away from me and sacrificed for someone who has nothing better but to brag about getting into MIT? This is unjust!

Posted by: Melancholia on March 18, 2008


I know, I would have loved to attend MIT, just like you!

W/E lets try again to transfer

Posted by: 0 on March 19, 2008

i guess rejection makes perfect sense...
international, asian, male.
that explains it all.

Posted by: 0 on March 20, 2008

even my interviewer told me to go to wisconsin and then go to MIT for graduate school, i should've known

Posted by: 0 on March 22, 2008

I guess the key difference between people who were admitted and those not was that the admittees had a record of creating things. Proof that not only were they capable of intellectually and socially conforming with straight A's and 800's on all relevant tests, but that they are capable of significant sustained intellectual effort.

Posted by: Goofy on March 26, 2008

Heh. Ever since I was about 14, I've wanted to be a computer engineer from MIT. I am a Junior in high school right now and can almost guarantee seeing myself on this board around this time next year. I'm sure there's some of you who thought you weren't qualified enough for MIT, but, in reality, who can tell us that we aren't qualified for what we do in life? I would absolutely love to go to MIT, but the last thing i want to hear is that I'm not qualified or not the perfect piece for MIT's picture. So as I take more SATs and ACTs, i can almost guarantee I'll be posting next year on this same page. Ha.

Here's to the best future possible for all you who weren't accepted into MIT. I feel for all of you who couldn't get in and I just have this gut feeling I'll be fitting in with the rest of you this time next year.

Posted by: Matt on March 27, 2008

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