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Ben Jones

Feb 20, 2006

The Decisions Are Not In The Mail

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Hi folks,

I see in the comments from my last entry that MyMIT is telling people that decisions have been mailed. I've asked the tech folks to look into this; I have no idea why it's happening. Selection committee takes weeks and we're only beginning day 4; rest assured that we're far from finalizing any decisions, let alone mailing them. Looks like the language didn't get updated as it was supposed to.

Hopefully this will be fixed in a few hours. Sorry for any confusion!


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I was about to say, wow. That was fast. raspberry.

Posted by: Timur Sahin on February 20, 2006

argh, i just posted a comment on the other board that looks utterly ridiculous now raspberry

i thought something was wrong, but nothing like an admissions officer telling you so :D

Posted by: Siddharth on February 20, 2006

"argh, i just posted a comment on the other board that looks utterly ridiculous now raspberry"

So did I confused

well... good luck to everybody (including me)!!!!!

Posted by: Juan Jhong Chung on February 20, 2006

Ben, I was a little panic before seeing your clarification. I just found out over the weekend that you have not received my mid-year report and I am pushing to have one faxed by Tuesday (school is off today). Then I see the message now about "The application process for entry year 2006 has ended via the mailing of decisions. Best of luck to all applicants!" Well, is it too late to send in the mid-year report to be considered in the selection process?

Posted by: Bat on February 20, 2006

Hey Ben! I just want to say sorry for that mix up when I accidentally called you Matt in the previous blog!! I hope that it won't negatively affect my application decision. wink( just kidding)

Thank you for clearing up the mess Mr. Ben Jones!

Posted by: Fadl on February 20, 2006

Just curious-you refer to decisions being _mailed_, does that mean online decisions wont happen?

Posted by: Zach on February 20, 2006

Decisions would probably also be delivered via snail mail whether they're going to offer an online option or not, I think. So don't let your hopes down yet, we still might be seeing online notification.

Posted by: Scott on February 20, 2006

I was just wondering, I can't really check the status of my ACT scores...I sent in money to actstudent a few weeks ago, does anyone know any way to check on the status of that?

I just came in to check and I saw that I know I might have more time, I'd like to find out if my scores were ever sent.

Posted by: Ben on February 20, 2006

Zach and others -- as Ben clearly said in his blog entry a couple weeks ago ( they will not be making the official announcement about whether there will be online decisions posted this year "until March 6". Patience, grasshoppers.

And of course they will still mail decisions even if they are able to enable online notifications also.

Posted by: leftcoast mom on February 20, 2006

Thank GOD. I was getting extremely worried.

Posted by: Lerh Feng on February 20, 2006

Same for me!

I was like "Oh my God! MIT is really very fast"

ha ha....trying to chill out now!


Posted by: Arka on February 21, 2006

I'm sweating bullets too; I took an online class, but there was a huge number of problems concerning the grade report and I began to get more and more nervous as the admisisons season approached.

Thursday my principle and I we able to talk to the assistance superintendent to get permission to withdraw the course from my transcript just so we could get the report finished Friday. Of course, even then we can't mail it until Tuesday, so I'm sweating frantically. Is it too late to get my mid-year grade report in, even if it was delayed for reasons totally outside my control and I actually cut a course from my record to send it?

Posted by: Kyle Brockman on February 21, 2006

Thank you, Ben! =) And... have a nice day.

Posted by: Nina on February 21, 2006

Hi Ben, jog a little bit during your work, it will be help to keep healthy. Take care of yourself then you will make a good selection.

Posted by: Si Shen on February 21, 2006

The online application tracking portal did really knock my balance out but your blog retained my poise.

Thanks a ton

Posted by: Pradyumna Challa on February 21, 2006

I wonder how fast the decision was made..

Posted by: Syafiq on February 21, 2006

Thank you Ben. You save my life ^^. My Toefl score was not sent yet. I thought everything came to an end.

Posted by: C Minh on February 21, 2006

that sorts it out... personally i was hoping they were out as waiting till mid-march woild double my anxiety..

and from matt's post, i don't think the selection for int'l students has begun yet.

Posted by: uren on February 21, 2006

Hehehe...I thought something was wrong when I read what people had posted ;P I was like "MIT can't be THAT fast! they were just casually talking about olympics and other stuff last week and now they mail the decisions?!" Hehe..of course a huge part of me was like "Oh God I hope this is true!"

And Ben, I don't know if you or Matt will answer my question first, if at all ;P When will you start making decisions on international applicants? And leftcoast mom thank you for that clarification; if they don't make a statement by march 6th be sure that the MIT phone lines will be extremely busy smile

Take care of yourself Ben. Get some rest, eat healthy for a change (this coming from a restaurant junkie) and have a snowball fight with Matt or something while we sweat this wait out smile

Thank you for all your efforts and good luck to everyone, including the admissions officers with the tough decisions that they have to make!

Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

Posted by: Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar on February 21, 2006

i have a question about the midyear reports; my school is on a trimester schedule instead of semesters, so the midyear report is actually the first two terms - the second of which ends this week. Since schools on semester schedules will already have submitted the reports, will you evaluate my application without the midyear report or wait for it? Should i have my school rush it to you by fax early next week? thanks!

Posted by: dale on February 21, 2006

hey dale,

my school's on trimester system as well. we did our mid-years at the interim of the second tri (halfway thru). we averaged the first trimester grades w/ the grades so far in the second trimester (weighted average, of course, w/ the first trimester counting twice and the half-second-trimester counting once).

its obviously too late for ur school to do that, but u might want to consider suggesting this system to them for next year. that way u dont have to worry a/b the reports not making it to the colleges in time. just thought i'd let u know :D

Posted by: Siddharth on February 21, 2006

I'm having some problems with the mid-year grade report stuff too. It looks like it didn't get sent out by my school with the rest of the stuff. Should I try to get it rushed? My school is closed until THURSDAY, but I have most of the info, should I just send it in myself?

Posted by: Tony on February 22, 2006

I wonder why you guys are comfortable with the phrase ''mid-march''.i would prefer something like ''12th=15th'',numbers have a calming effect.

Posted by: EDWIN KIM on February 22, 2006

Perhaps Admissions just can't be that specific yet, Edwin, so they're trying to be helpful by telling you roughly what their target time period is.

Patience, everyone. The decisions will be sent and will arrive when they're complete. There is nothing you can do to change those dates. Take a walk outside and breathe.

Posted by: leftcoast mom on February 22, 2006

Well...........the waiting continues....

Posted by: Razib on February 23, 2006

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