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Nov 9, 2007

The things I do with my Friday afternoon

Posted in: Miscellaneous

When I got out of my 5.13 lecture at 12:55, I walked from the Green Building to my UROP in building 18 (oh look, it's that map again- the Green Building is 54, and the Dot is McDermott Court) to check on some cell cultures I'd started incubating yesterday. Not ten minutes later, I left the lab to walk home.

Either I'm not very observant, or someone acted ridiculously quickly, but this is now on the Dot outside the Green Building:

It's a chair!

But wait, there's a sign on the back!

I ran home, grabbed my camera, and spent twenty minutes wandering around to no avail trying to find the second chair.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share this with everyone. I'm off to search some more.

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Posted by: Bishan N. on November 9, 2007





Posted by: Bishan N. on November 9, 2007

I've gathered a search party, we're going to find that chair!

Posted by: Snively on November 9, 2007

LOL Check the top of the dome!!!

Posted by: DOME on November 9, 2007

It's not on the dome. . .

Posted by: 0 on November 9, 2007

Spoiler: The 2nd chair doesn't exist smile

Posted by: 0 on November 9, 2007

Do you have to sit in the chair ("Try this one out!") to see where to go next?

Posted by: Travis on November 9, 2007

I would bet $5 that this is a 4.301 project...

Posted by: Harrison on November 9, 2007

Does the first chair even exist? Granted you see it, but is it really there? You may just see it because you think you see it, and we may see it because you say it is there. If so, we are all subject to the delusion that the chair exist and thus must all be institutionalized.

Maybe it does exist though, because you created it. You didn't see the chair before, because it wasn't a chair, it was anything. It could of been in infinitely large amount of things, such as a couch or a pile of silver, but by observing the chair, you ended up creating it. If so, you have destroyed an infinitely large amount of things and people thus committing crimes against nature and humanity.

It may also be from a different dimension which we cannot see normally, but for some reason it became visible at this point. This could be possible for the chair could have a 1.0 x 10^100000 % chance of being seen by people of our dimension and we got lucky. But that being said, the form of a chair is only what our dimension perceives it to be. In that case, the chair is a chicken.

So the answer to "Where is the second chair?" is simple. If the chair exists in scenario A, you just think of chair B and it will appear... maybe. If the chair exists in scenario B, it may exist everywhere and nowhere, but your observing it may turn it into something else. If the chair exists in scenario C, turn on the oven because chicken is tasty.

On a side note, wow I'm bored.

Posted by: 0 on November 9, 2007

wow that just made me think really hard. no solutions.

Posted by: nehalita on November 9, 2007

Not to be semantic, but 1.0 x 10^100000 % is greater than 1.0 x 10^2 % (or, 100%). Thus, you've basically said that the chair had to exist. Which does make sense, given all recipes come out in the end; the major question is whether the chicken was burnt.

Posted by: Travis on November 10, 2007

Sorry, forgot the negative. As for the burnt chicken question, it would get burnt only if the cat opened the oven.

Posted by: 0 on November 10, 2007

Why is MIT, a top U, obsessed with a chair?

Posted by: 0 on November 10, 2007

"Please don't remove" - Don't remove what? the note or the chiar?

"Try this one out!" - Try the note? didn't you just say to not remove it?

"Find the second one!" - Find the second note?

You are looking for a another note, not a chair. Read what's back of the note...without removing it!

I wish I as at MIT right now!

Posted by: Edgar on November 10, 2007

Oops.. I meant "...I was..."

Posted by: Edgar on November 10, 2007

You may check the bottom of the chair. The second note is likely to be there.


Posted by: Omorx on November 10, 2007

So here's what my search party did:

>We checked both sides of Brigg's field (Dorm Row and Simmons side)
>Both Domes
>Killian Court
>Courtyard near the Hayden Library
>Outside the Media Lab
>Kendall Coop
>Tunnels under the infinite

We also throughoughly examined the chair. We checked the bottom of it and there was nothing there. We also sat on it and it pointed directly towards MIT medical and the 2nd chair was nowhere along that line.

I also looked around for the red chair that night when I was in Boston (because I wouldn't put it past MIT students to put the 2nd chair in a different city altogether) but didn't see it.

So, my quest was fairly unsuccessful, but I did get a chance to wander around campus and visit the music library (which is a neat place!).

Posted by: Snively on November 10, 2007

Who said that the chair on McDermott Court is the first one ?
I declare that the chair pictured above is the second one.


Now someone should go looking for the first one.

Posted by: Vihang on November 10, 2007

Did Princeton hack the MIT webmail icon...or has it always been like that?

Posted by: 0 on November 10, 2007

"Please Don't Remove.
Try this one out!
Find the second one!"

The second one is in the third line.. You guys at MIT?

Posted by: Tyler M on November 10, 2007

Hey, everyone -

"The second one" definitely refers to a chair; I talked to a girl on my floor who found it. Her advice for searching was, "Look up."

I did a search similar to Snively's and came up with nothing.

Anonymous ("Why are we obsessed with a chair?) -

Why not? If you during an otherwise routine day were presented with the opportunity to go on a fun, out-of-the-ordinary search, then why not jump at the chance?

Posted by: Keri on November 10, 2007

Perplexing indeed, and as if the quest were not tantalizing enough, "look up" is advice almost too cryptic to be allowed. Maybe the chair is in a place too ordinary to be noticed, like pushed in for another chair in a library or something? Maybe a library on a high-level floor? ???
Gotta love the spontaneous chair hunts at MIT, however... Always fun just hearing about them--can't until when/if I get to go hunting first-hand!

Posted by: E Rosser on November 10, 2007

My dad saw that chair yesterday, and said "Hey look it's a chair!!"

I said, "Of course. It's MIT."

Posted by: Shantini on November 10, 2007

I feel like if you walk under the green building and look up, it'll be there. But that's just a hunch.

Posted by: Shantini on November 10, 2007

Has there always been a guy-wire stretched between East Campus and the top corner of the green building? There's also some kind of cable track or ladder (I sincerely hope it wasn't used as a ladder) leading from East Campus to the same corner of the green building. Also, there's another line from the green bulding stretching to 14N. Look up . . . I saw something on the corner, is it a chair?

Posted by: Snively on November 10, 2007

you checked the top of the domes, but did you look in the domes (as in "look[ing] up" in lobby 7 & 10)?

probably already looked there... oh well

Posted by: donaldGuy on November 10, 2007

So does the chair even exist ?

Posted by: Isshak on November 10, 2007

it did.. the second one was near the medical. pretty well hidden.

Posted by: 0 on November 10, 2007


Keri, it's a 4.302 project. :3
(Not mine, but someone elses).
Last time I checked the 2nd was still (up) in its proper place. ^_^

Posted by: cristen on November 11, 2007

So what's the purpose of the project anyway ? I don't get it.
Snively, looks like you missed a place ^^ !

Posted by: Isshak on November 11, 2007

Thanks for clearing that up, Cristen! I had the feeling it was for 4.301 or 4.302. ^_^

Isshak -

4.301 and 4.302 are visual arts classes with projects involving public installations of some sort. I blogged last year about someone else's 4.301 final project, the Dollar Sign Sculpture.

Posted by: Keri on November 11, 2007

So it has to do with art right ? I still don't see the point of a red chair in the middle of the campus...oh wait, everything has a meaning when talking about art (no offense intended, I like are, somehow it looks more beautiful when it's a dollar costing $700k ^^').
Oh, of course I do ! Fun chair quest ! ^^

Posted by: Isshak on November 11, 2007

Hehe, I didn't read the note on the first chair. I came across the second chair on my way to Medlink training and was very confused by why there were chairs on campus.

Yes, look up. Not too far up though. Not, like, roof of building up. Just a little taller than your head up.

Posted by: Hunter '11 on November 11, 2007

Hi Keri,

nice CHAIR

I like you - we should talk. smile
...I live in California.

let me know if you read this in your next post.

Posted by: Brett on November 12, 2007

Yeah, I don't know, but the MIT Department of Architecture web page is the coolest of all the department web pages.

That's really all I have to say.

Posted by: Sam on November 17, 2007

Keri... "MAKE ME A SANDWICH... my friend"

or not.

At least the chair is pretty... red, which I like. or not.

ha ha
"... I'm up to no good"... oh 5.12 pset.

Posted by: Omar '10 on November 21, 2007

I miss you! Post more. Also, call me! Are comments like this allowed? I'm not sure. And, since everyone will think this is a spam comment anyway, FATTIE! IT'S A LIFESTYLE.

Posted by: Cindy on November 28, 2007

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