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Afeefah K. '21

Feb 26, 2018

“This Weather Tho”

Posted in: Life & Culture

Weather is a funny little thing. There are times when the sun shines so brightly that it literally carries you out of bed. Other times, a thick fog envelopes the Boston skyline, almost always enveloping your soul with it. And as you stand outside, staring up at the sky, noticing that the clouds have been sitting at the dark end of the color gradient for much too long, you become really really sad. “Where has the sun run off to?” you wonder. Has it decided to leave you here with your never-ending cycle of psets and more psets? Has it decided that the artificial lights of your dorm room and Barker library are a good enough replacement? You become angry with the sun. You start wondering if it never loved you the way you loved it.

But then you wake up one morning. You expect it to be like any other morning, no noise, no sun, no need for window shutters. And as you lethargically open your eyes, you’re forced to shut them close again. You’ve forgotten what morning brightness is like. And while you are truly bursting with the joy of the sun’s glorious return, your pupils need another second to adjust. You reach over to your phone to check the weather as you normally do. But rather than seeing the typically below 32 forecast, you see a big 68 popping out of your screen. You’re a little slow in the morning, so it takes a while to process. IT’S 68 DEGREES OUTSIDE. IN BOSTON. IN THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY. You leap out of bed, pushing your sweaters and jackets dramatically to the side of your closet. You throw on your forgotten summer clothes and get ready to start the day.

Last week, Boston was blessed with two incredibly beautiful days. The weather machine was flicked on and temperatures miraculously sat in the lower 70s. Rays of sunshine poured onto you from every possible angle. Students hurried to their morning classes in dresses and shorts. Hammocks hung from tree trunks, frisbees flew through Kresge lawn, picnics adorned Killean Court. The air buzzed with a entirely new level of cheeriness.

With an hour-long break before my 18.03 (Differential Equations) lecture, I spent some time soaking in the beautiful weather. I walked over to the Stata Amphitheater to enjoy my lunch outside (just a casual mix of glucose and Vitamin D replenishment). In the forty minutes I spent eating/sunbathing/people watching, I came to realize just how much the sun plays a role in our state of mind. And while seasonal depression is SO REAL, maybe it doesn’t all have to do with the presence or lack of the sun. Maybe as human beings we’re always looking towards something different? We’re constantly on the search for the variety that spices up our lives. And while it’s easy to say that we are never satisfied, I think it’s a little bit different. I think variety in our experiences helps us expand the things we appreciate. So as we make our way through life, bouncing between experiences, we find things to yearn after, things to appreciate and things to revel in. And as we move in different directions in the complex plane that is life, those things change. And for most of MIT, warm weather became one of those things.

people buzzing about near the Stata Amphitheater

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