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Chris Peterson

Hello world!

My name is Chris Peterson. My title - all Serious People have titles, and I am nothing if not Serious - is Senior Counselor for Web Communications at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. My job is to help make the Internet go for the Admissions Office. If I wanted to be "professional" - which is to say, if I wanted to describe myself with interlocking bulkheads of buzzwords, like a pufferfish wrapped in chain mail and festooned with mines - I would say that I leverage social software to facilitate digital conversations between MIT and its latent global community. If I wanted to be truthful, I'd say I try to use cool technology to help MIT and prospective students talk to each other. I also work on variety of special initiatives in our office, including our Maker Portfolio, FIRST Robotics, and secret stuff that if I told you I'd, well, you know the drill.

Seriously, though, MIT is an amazing place to be. In my life I've attended or worked at public schools and private schools; schools in cities and schools in the sticks; schools with sterling international reputations for brilliance and schools with sterling international reputations for rioting. But I've never been anywhere quite like MIT. The character of the campus community is truly unique - supported by a robust intelligence and animated by a thrumming trickster spirit. Where else can you get up from your desk, walk past Woodie Flowers' office to cross the street for the best burrito in Boston helpfully irradiated by the local nuclear reactor? Where else can you leave your exhausting research at the Laboratory for Chocolate Science and run to catch your friends for a round of underwater hockey, a game which combines the thrilling rush of hypoxia with the club rave psychedelia of swallowing dissolved lead? It's an awesome place to work, an incredible place to live, and I'm ecstatic to be a part of it.

As for the rest of my life: I teach in Comparative Media Studies/Writing, from which I earned my grad rat in 2013, and research at the Center for Civic Media. I generally spend a lot of time reading and writing and thinking about the Internet and how it impacts the way we all communicate and experience our lives.

I spend a lot of time geeking out about various things, eating hamburgers, and trying to escape Boston for the New Hampshire woods whence I came. I’m allergic to cats and cat macros. I like honest people, Archer, and bouldering. Hello!