MIT Admissions

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Elizabeth C. '13

How much does a polar bear weigh? ...Enough to break the ice!

Okay, now that we've got that out of the way, I’m Elizabeth. I was born and raised in Columbia, MO – home of the Mizzou Tigers, Shakespeare’s Pizza, and the Kewpies (naked baby dolls that were my high school’s mascot. Seriously.) – located smack-dab in the middle of the U.S. From second to ninth grade, I dreamt of becoming an entomologist and herpetologist. I idolize Jeff Corwin like a nerdy MIT kid (eh, okay, I’m one to talk) idolizes Stephen Hawking. Then I spent the first part of high school thinking that “the school down the river” (and ones just like it) was the perfect school for me – I wanted to be like those kids in the brochures, being an English major and reading Kant under a huge oak tree while wearing a really awesome scarf. I never considered MIT because I thought I wasn’t math-y or science-y enough and I had this preconceived notion about it being like the sterile institution in Good Will Hunting (don’t get me wrong – I love that movie – but come on, no professor is that bitter at this school and I guarantee that there’d be a student here who could solve that blackboard problem).

Somewhere along the way, I realized Good Will Hunting and 21 got it ALL WRONG and that I loved biology (not just snakes and bugs!). Now I’m a junior (wait… I’m not one of the babies anymore? Crap.) year at the ‘tute as a course 20 (biological engineering) major. I live in the [kind of] beautiful Simmons Hall, play cello in the symphony, UROP in Professor Langer’s bioengineering lab, chill with my fellow Tech Catholic Community pals, and – just for you guys – professionally blog.

I occasionally sleep as well. (Just jokes! I actually get about seven hours a night, believe it or not.)

I love science, comedy, poetry, Animal Planet, jazz and bluegrass music, people who are jazzed about research, Tina Fey and my eight-year-old brother. And I freaking love this school.