MIT Admissions

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Rachel D. '16

Hi!!! I'm Rachel Davis, and I'm crazy. I fight fires, and I love polymers. I get attached to equipment and materials when I work in labs, I wear an overwhelming amount of bracelets on my arms, and I love to go to concerts and listen to music. I overuse exclamation points because I get overly excited very easily. In addition to being a volunteer firefighter back home on Long Island, NY, I am a volunteer EMT here at MIT. I really enjoy spending my "free" time helping people in every way I can, whether it is through EMTing or Medlinking or advising. I am Course 3A (Materials Science & Engineering) at MIT with a concentration in Management. I really like plastic polymers and the different things that I can create with them. My favorite polymer is polylactic acid because it can be used to make plastic spoons and it is made from corn.