MIT Admissions

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Rachel D. '16

Hi!!! I'm Rachel Davis and I am crazy. I fight fires and I love polymers. I get attached to equipment and materials when I work in labs, I wear an overwhelming amount of bracelets on my arms and I love to go to concerts and listen to music. I overuse exclamation points because I get overly excited very easily. In addition to being a volunteer firefighter back home on Long Island, NY, I am a volunteer EMT here at MIT. I really enjoy spending my "free" time helping people in every way I can, whether it is through EMTing or Medlinking or advising. I am Course 3 (Materials Science & Engineering) at MIT. I really like plastic polymers and the different things that I can create with them and all other sorts of materials. My favorite polymer is polylactic acid because it can be used to make plastic spoons and it is made from corn.