MIT Admissions

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Best of the Blogs Book

best of the blogs n.

  1. A zine created in hopes that you will check us out and become our friend!
  2. A publication made by MIT Admissions containing 10 of our favorite blog posts from over the years. Find more of them at

fan·zine n.
plural noun: fanzines
slang: zine (rhymes with bean)

  1. An independently—and often self-published, photocopied, cut-and-paste publication created for passion rather than profit.
  2. They are made for trading, communicating and sharing, and cover any topic under the sun, including Doctor Who’s Authority Record, cats, social justice, cooking, film, art or politics to name just a few.


You don't need to be a big publishing house (or an admissions office!) to create your own zine.

Here's how to do it yourself

  1. Find a topic you love: Food? Photography? Politics? Art? Politically inspired art? Whatever you're passionate about.
  2. Create your content: Will it be writing? Cut-and-paste collage? Comic strips? Visual narratives, artwork, reviews, fiction? The options are endless!
  3. Decide your layout and order: remember the emphasis is on low budget, and not just for practical reasons—the creativity you show in the format is part of the appeal.
  4. Create a master copy: this is where you can be as DIY as you wish. Fold 8.5x11 paper in half. In quarters. Use paper from the recycling bin and repurpose it. Use whatever you can find.
  5. Make your copies. Scan your master and print it at home? Make hand copies? Use a copier at the library?
  6. Distribute!