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Open Forum for Waitlisted Students by Admin

In the near future, we’ll have some advice and information here on the blogs about being waitlisted. In the meantime, feel free to use this forum to discuss anything waitlist-related.

66 responses to “Open Forum for Waitlisted Students”

  1. Kevin Zhang says:

    more waiting?FIRST

  2. So… how many student from the waitlist on average get in?

  3. gambo says:

    hey bros

    this is p. sucky I guess

    how many waitlisted people are there? and how many get in?

  4. anonymous says:

    Last year about 60 students were admitted from the waitlist, so there is still hope!

  5. Anonymous says:


    over 700 people waitlisted

    for probably not that many spots

    well, c’est la vie.

  6. bootherizer says:

    Are we going to find out how much financial aid we would get if we were admitted from the wait list?

  7. Anonymous says:

    ahhhh does anybody know how many students were waitlisted?

  8. Elias says:

    Uhm. More waiting. xD

  9. John says:

    How many of us are there? And how much of a chance is there?

  10. anon says:

    financial aid should be the same regardless if you got waitlisted or accepted…MIT covers all financial need

    Anyways, can’t say I’m really surprised that I got waitlisted. Congrats to those who got in, and those who probably will make it off the waitlist.

  11. mmswimfan says:

    Does anyone know if the waitlist is weighted or not? This sucks, how can I make a decision when I don’t know for sure if my number 1 will take me or not.

  12. last year like 400 were waitlisted. 78 got in…

  13. gambo says:

    it says on the cds that their waitlist is not ranked

  14. anon says:

    oh wow, they admitted less than they did last year. 1,611 this year compared to 1,675 last year. Interesting.

  15. gambo says:

    they admitted FEWER than they did last year

  16. dont despare everyone! I got waitlisted then admitted last year. I just kept sending updates to MIT about what I’m doing. And yes being waitlisted is much harder than being rejected, takes more courage.I remember the day I got waitlisted at MIT, the day before that I got rejected by Harvard, Princeton and Stanford, all in one day! yes I needed courage then, but it was not as bad and stressful as being waitlisted at MIT. Even if the odds look unbeleivably against you DONT GIVE UP!

  17. james says:

    that is really optimistic onagapyyear

    that gives me hope to keep waiting

  18. Andrew says:

    Yes, thank you OnAGapYear. That gives me a little hope, because MIT is my first choice…

  19. Reyyan says:

    I am wondering if there is an order for the 722 waitlisted? If they choose 100 by the end of may, who will get accepted??

  20. Reyyan says:

    I am wondering if there is an order for the 722 waitlisted? If they choose 100 students out of this huge list by the end of may, who will get accepted??

  21. Eric says:

    EA Deferred, and now Waitlisted.

    I feel like I am on the eternal waitlist.

  22. David says:

    I feel ya Eric, Same happened for me too hahaha
    wait, wait, wait, wait… that’s all I can do :(

  23. David says:

    I feel ya Eric, Same happened for me too hahaha
    wait, wait, wait, wait… that’s all I can do :(

  24. Waitlisted says:

    No way am I pursuing this, I have likely letters from two Ivies, so not worth it.

  25. '12 says:

    They review all the waitlist applications again when they know how many spots they have.

  26. Eve says:

    No one got in from my school, not one! Waitlisted along with the valedictorian and a close friend isn’t soul-crushing, but it is certainly excruciating. Big sigh. And the saga continues…

  27. Calvin Kao says:

    Man, so close yet so far away. This was my 1st choice (sigh). O well, at least we still have a shot.

  28. Anonymous says:

    since ive been waitlisted, i feel im gonna get rejected everywhere else

    i have shamed my family, only seppuku is left

  29. maggie says:

    i was happily surprised that i was waitlisted smile

    if i am planning on taking a gap year next year, should i accept a spot on the waitlist? or do i ask mit to review my application again for class of 2015…

    anybody know?!

  30. Hania ('14?) says:

    Is there any order of people on the waitlist?

  31. anonymous says:

    Question for anyone: If we want to stay on the waitlist, can we not commit to another school on May 1. Like I know that schools require you to commit by that day but MIT won’t pull kids off the waitlist until late May. Can we stay on the waitlist, commit to another school, then still come to MIT if we get in later?

  32. Sabrina says:

    MIT has great timing…

    EA decisions during first semester’s finals week, RD decisions the Sunday before the U.S. Physics Team semi-finals/AIMEs, and wait list decisions projected to come out during second semester finals. We should all be 4130 by the time this process is over.

    “One of the important characteristics of the 41xx class of steels is their ability to be case hardened by carburization of the surface.”

    The core of the student retains its original properties, while the outside is significantly hardened to reduce wear and tear.

    This makes this grade of student an excellent material for MIT admission.


  33. @ maggie
    you should certainly accept a spot in the waitlist. that is what I did when I was waitlisted last march. After you’re admitted(I hope you get in), you can ask for a gap year, it is very easy to get a gap year in MIT, they actually allow up to 2 years off! I hope you decide to take a gap year whether you’re admitted or not, I am on a gap year now and it has been a very rewarding experience up to now,I shall never regret it.

    @ anonymous
    yes most certainly. That is what I did my self last year: when I was waitlisted in MIT, I stayed on the waitlist, and when May 1 came, I committed to University of Michigan Ann Arbor, but when I got accepted in the end of May, I just sent a letter to U.Michigan explaining every thing and politely saying I wont be coming, and I accepted MIT’s offer instead.
    Hope that helped a bit.
    looking foreward to seeing you all.

  34. maggie says:


    Are you on a gap year between years at MIT? What have you done while on your gap year?

  35. anonymous says:

    @ onagapyear:

    thank you, that did help. do you have any idea/guess as to the percentage of people taken off the list?

  36. Wes says:

    Looking at all these comments is depressing, but don’t worry guys, 722 waitlisted, 1611 accepted, we’re still in the top 15% of people who have applied to MIT. Even if we don’t get in that’s impressive.

    Hahahaha, let’s just hope that there are a bunch of people who were accepted that choose not to go.

    But as many of you have said, here comes some more waiting. Ah well, what can ya do?

  37. Alex says:

    I totally agree with Wes, I mean this is still really good to even get waitlisted. Plus there is still a chance (however small) to get in. So, anybody up for some more waiting??

    By the way, does anyone know how many people got in off the waitlist last year?

  38. Wes says:

    Last year there were around 550 people waitlisted, though I don’t know how many were accepted. Two years ago around 700 waitlisted and around 35 of them were accepted.

  39. Anonymous says:

    so i’ll never know if I could have gotten into MIT since i’m declining a waitlist spot and going to Caltech… i want my $75 back lol

  40. Anonymous says:

    haha, even tho im waitlisted, im fine because i didnt pay for my application fee

  41. Anonymous says:

    I’m a bit disappointed in myself. I wouldn’t feel as bad if I get rejected. Now, I feel like we are so close to it. I could have put more effort in my appliation and spent more time polishing my essays.
    I guess I’m going to Stanford now. I put in my 100% effort for my Stanford EA, and if only I did the same for MIT,…
    oh well, no more what ifs
    good luck to everyone!

  42. painful says:

    although i love mit and it is a great place, it is not fair with international students !!!

    it is like a hundred students admitted out of all the application. How unfair that can be and of course SAD at the same time !!! i still love you MIT, but u r not fair with everybody.

    I remmeber MIT said that no one have an opportunity more than the other !!! can you explain this now !!!! very dessapointed !!

    And to all who were admitted !!! you are exceptional guys best of luck in ur studied !!!

  43. Tanya Shah says:

    @ OnAGapYear ’13: how/where do you send updates to MIT on what you are doing? All suggestions appreciated.

  44. Asian Male says:

    Hurray. I’m in the crowd of 722. I had a friend who got in early that went to RSI, so I suppose that helps. I guess my downfall was when I expressed interest in Sloan when I went to ISEF for for engineering. Curious to see how things will work out on April 1st. My first two responses from colleges were both waitlists (Wash U and MIT), but I currently have a likely letter from Columbia Engineering and acceptance from Swarthmore, so at least I can breathe.

  45. Maggie says:


    Thanks so much for all the info!! The ’13 is what threw me off about your graduation year. I really hope to take a gap year, I just want to be sure I’d be productive while on it first…I don’t just want to spend a year doing nothing!

    It would be so awesome to be able to look forward to coming to MIT while on it…smile

  46. Mack says:

    Ahhh… the purgatory of the waitlist… at least the comments on this forum are more rational than the others

  47. Olivia M. says:

    Hi everyone!

    I think this is more positive than being rejected, seeing as their yield of admitted students is about 66 percent. Even if I am accepted to a top-tier school with similar standards, I’m staying on the wait list until the bitter end. This is a school that promotes learning for the joy of it and I love the quirky and kind community. I’m just going to be very persistent but respectful at the same time.

    I also wonder if being waitlisted has anything to do with your materials coming in late and still feeling the need to review your application at another time. If that is true, that might have happened to me. Regardless, the longer you hold out the more likely they’ll give you a definitive answer. By that time, the worst they can do is reject you and we will probably have another good school as a fall back if that happens.

  48. Waitlisted, still trying to decide if it’s sad I didn’t get accepted in EA/RA and that I have to wait and hope for lots of people to decide to not go, or if it’s absolutely incredible I got this far. A paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox.

    Good luck to us all, I hope a huge amount of people decide to go to other colleges this year so more of the waitlist can get in.

  49. @ Anonymous 8:02 PM

    You should commit to another institution. This includes paying whatever (non-refundable) fees they ask for confirming your spot.

    As someone else noted, if you are admitted to MIT off the waitlist, and choose to accept, the other institution will understand as long as you write a polite note, and don’t expect to get your deposit back.

    There is no way of knowing how many will be accepted off the waitlist. Some year it can be a lot, others none at all. It really depends on how many slots are left after the admits from Early Action and Regular Action decide. The Admissions Office will then decide again; there is no order in the waitlist by which students are selected.

    I was waitlisted when I applied as a freshman, so I know exactly how you feel. And I kissed several hundred bucks goodbye in mid-to-late May my senior year, when I gave up my deposit to go to the local state university when I did get admitted. My parents didn’t much care for that (after all, it was THEIR money), but oh well. smile

    Good luck, and know that you’ll do well regardless of where you wind up, so long as you keep your chin up and your head held high!

  50. joker says:

    Good luck for every one , I’m rejected and I’m dreaming to be one of you. I have done all what I can and more but.. in Vain. Tough I didnt lost hope and I believe I will enter one day this university. I’m SURE.
    I just was singing I’m yours to MIT.
    By the way, Could some one has a suggesttion to me to came back to MIT.
    Please, I need a response

  51. Transfer app says:

    wat about the transfers???…..we have to wait too :/ good luck to everyone

  52. Anonymous says:

    Okay, so if they tell us in LATE May if we can get off the wait list… Don’t we have to commit to a college by May SECOND?!

    So if I get into ivies, other tech schools, etc, but want to wait my chances on MIT, do I just not commit to a college? If I don’t get into MIT from the waitlist, then can I let the other colleges know I want to commit? or will they be like NO.

    Or if I commit to another school by their deadline, then weeks later MIT is like OMG HAI U GOT IN! =D Will I be allowed to go to MIT instead?

    Answer this please, Admission ppl xp
    I think we deserve to know…

    ty =]

  53. You should commit to another college by May 2nd. If you are accepted from the MIT waitlist, you can just contact that college to tell them you’re going to attend MIT. If you don’t commit by May 2nd, you might not have anywhere to go next fall. Colleges know that this happens sometimes.

  54. daisy says:

    thanks soooooo much onagapyear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you really have given me hope smile I’m of course delighted to even have gotten on the wait list!!! thank you mit for still considering me!!! smile
    I am an international student, and have already taken a gap year to find out how to apply to university, write sat’s etc. I wonder if I should take another gap year to try again if I dont get in in may… what do you all think?

    good luck everyone!! and keep strong,all those who are still going through with the waitlist smile

    by the way, do i have to return by a really fast mail, the card that i have to fill out, confirming that i wish to remain on the waitlist?

  55. @Maggie
    No, I’m taking a gap year before I come to MIT(a year off between highschool and college). As for what I’ve done till now:
    1-visited my home country(I am from Tunisia)
    2-tried teaching english as a second language in a kintergarden(extremely challenging, would not recomend it)
    3-am trying to learn calligraphy and crochet(enjoying this, though no masterpeice is on the way!)
    4-generally preparing my self for the coming fall(emotionally and otherwise)

    I found a great page for all those considering taking a gap year, be sure to look it up:

    There are 722 students on the waitlist. Check this page:

    If I remember right, last year there was about 500 on the waitlist and about 60 got in, so that’s a bit more than 10% accepted. But keep in mind that not all those who are offered a spot on the waitlist remain in it, so eventually if you stick with the waitlist your chances of getting in will increase with every student who decides to drop off the waitlist(practically speaking it would be more than just 10% who get accepted off the waitlist, so hang on there!)

    @Tanya Shah
    I just sent emails to [email protected], just dont forget to type your MIT Applicant ID# somewhere in the subject line, this is very important so that they know to which applicant file they should add the updates.
    Some other suggestions:
    1-Let family friends and teachers send additional letters of recomendation on your behalf.(personally I feel that this is what helped me make it to MIT most)
    2-Keep in touch with your interveiwer(some may be willing to help)
    3-Send updates often enough but dont bombard them at the admissions office, they’re already very busy(I sent an email approximately once a week).
    4-Always be polite. Dont lose your temper(everybody knows how stressfull it is for you, but not everybody can keep calm and not break down under the stress, so be from those who are strong, since those are the ones who eventually will make it through the stressful MIT education).

    I’m always happy to help!

  56. @daisy
    I sent my card by FedEx, but I’m not in the US, so I’m not sure if you should send it by express too or not. Dont worry though, your spot on the waitlist will not “evaporate”. As far as I know it is not a “first come first serve” process. But be sure to send the card in time for the admission committee to reveiw you application and send you the decision by the end of May.

  57. @Painful
    I’m an international student myself. I understand that things seem unfair especially we are the people experiencing it, but we have to realize that this is a wonderful opportunity and they are offering it to us. They can’t give much, but that’s because we belong to different countries: we have full rights and privileges at our own home countries. So if we choose to pass those rights and move on for something else, it is absolutely going to be more difficult. I am sorry if I accidentally hurt your feelings. I hope not! I am trying to make you feel better by reasoning it.

    I think everyone’s done an awesome job getting this far. But the thing is, the race is not over yet. smile So stay strong everyone.

  58. The letter says to send the card back by april 18. I do not live in the US and I haven’t received the card yet. How can I inform the admission committee that I want to keep my spot in the wait list ?

  59. anonymous says:


    they haven’t sent out cards yet so i wouldnt worry. if they have your address, you will receive one. if you get sick of waiting, just call the office.

  60. gbakes says:

    I plan to stay on the waitlist, who do I communicate with if i want to report updates to my app? is there a certain email address i should start sending things to?

  61. Olivia M. says:


    I would recommend sending e-mails directly to the admissions office. Or ,even better, politely ask for the e-mail address of the admissions representative for your region and send some of the information to that person. Most colleges and universities with large applicant pools have regional representatives although I’m not certain if MIT does. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to ask as long as you’re kind and respectful in the process. You should wait until you sign the wait list card, though.

  62. @ all

    The waitlist cards went in the mail today, so give them a few days to hit your mailboxes. If you don’t the card before the deadline just send the admissions office an email stating your intentions.

    @ gbakes

    If you have significant updates, please send them to us via email or snail mail, whichever is more appropriate. We won’t look to the waitlist until ~ May 1, so it’s also best to save up all your updates and send them in one batch in late April.

    Remember that the waitlist isn’t ranked, and you don’t get points for being the noisiest student smile

    @ Olivia

    We don’t do regional admissions, so just contact the main admissions office at MIT.

  63. Amory says:

    Hey everyone,

    What should I do to improve my application and make sure I try my best to get accepted even though I am on the waitlist?
    Should I send teacher recommendations (new)?
    Should I explain that MIT is my number one choice and that I will go there unconditionally?
    What else can I send with the card?

    Finally, I cannot find my ID number?
    I sent a email with my full name explaining that I wished to stay on the waiting list. Is that enough?

    Thanks for any kind of help.

  64. Olivia M. says:

    @MIT Admissions-Dave

    Thanks for clarifying that! That makes everything a lot simpler. I’ll be sure to express my interest in remaining on the waitlist when I have to send a significant update, though.

    Also, my classes are on a semester schedule, so would it be beneficial to send any updated transcripts by then? It will include any grades from the new classes I currently have (which will be released in May) and I wonder if the admissions office will be interested in seeing that come May.

  65. daisy says:

    thanks!!!!!!! smile I’d love to accept this opportunity to stay on the wait list too smile mit is my dream school… gr8 teachers, and it seems to be a place of REAL learning!!!!!!!!! sooooo fascinating smilealso, the ppl are supposed to be really friendly, kind, and community-like smile which is believable from reading these blogs smilesmile

    i also cant find my applicant ID, tho, to send the email when the time comes, and i wont be harassing the admin staff…

    btw, hi!!!!!!!!! every1!!!!!!!!!! smile

  66. Liang says:

    @ Dave

    Is there a way to electronically accept the waitlisted status? I assumed there would be and threw away the card.