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Learn more about how MIT Admissions is responding to COVID-19 in this blog post from our Dean and new dedicated FAQs.

Can you help with an ApplyWithUs problem?

Applicants submit their recommendations to MIT using their ApplyWithUs account. Students open an applicant account that allows them to send email requests to their evaluators. Evaluators then open a recommender account in ApplyWithUs using the email link from the student email.

Answers to Common Questions

Recommender Has Not Received the Request Email Instructions – The email address used to send recommendation requests sends a high volume of emails. As with almost any high volume email address, this leads to some spam/email filtering systems marking requests as spam. For some high schools, this can mean that the message was blocked before even going to the recommender’s spam folder.
1. Have the recommender check their spam folder.
2. They should add the email address [email protected] to their contact list.
3. Once you are sure they’re not blocking [email protected], you may wish to resend the request by pressing the resend icon, which looks like two arrows forming a circle.
4. If these steps do not work, cancel the request (use the small icon on your dashboard) and submit a new one with a different email address for the recommender (with a different domain) or send the request to yourself and forward it to the recommender. The recommender only needs access to the link in the request email to add the recommendation to their account.

ApplyWithUs Keeps Logging Me Out – This occurs when the browser being used is unsupported and/or does not have the correct settings. Make sure you are using the latest version of a supported browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, with javascript or cookies enabled, and private browsing turned off. If this does not work, try using a different device, as it is likely your device settings are causing this issue.

The Evaluator is Not a School Teacher – Evaluators may put N/A in the field asking for the name of the school and 0 for years taught.

Recommender Receiving Error Message “A parent or guardian must register…” – Close the browser, wait 15 minutes, reopen it, return to ApplyWithUs, and register with your correct date of birth.

Cancel Recommender Request – If the teacher has not accepted the request, the applicant can cancel the request on their dashboard by selecting the small red x icon. If the Recommender has accepted the request, then the Recommender must cancel the request on their dashboard using the small gear icon.

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