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My school changed its grading system due to COVID-19. How will that affect my application?

As always, students will not be penalized in the application process for disruptions outside  of their control. We will closely attend to your specific circumstances to make sure that we understand your constraints and opportunities and, ultimately, your academic preparation for MIT.

You can help us by making sure that any changes to your grading system or academic offerings, and how these changes affected you, are explained clearly and comprehensively in your application. We anticipate that many schools will be providing standard information — in a counselor letter and/or additional document — explaining their institutional decisions and modifications in general terms.

You don’t need to repeat what your school has already explained, but you should help us understand how universal changes affected your individual trajectory, if at all, by writing about it in our application.

This FAQ was last changed on 5/26/2020 and explains our current best-efforts response to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We will update this and/or other FAQs as events warrant. 

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