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What if my extracurricular activities were cancelled or changed due to COVID-19?

Many organizations, institutions, and individuals have responded responsibly to the pandemic by changing or cancelling their activities in the public interest. Our longstanding general policy for disasters and disruptions has encouraged students to focus first “on taking care of yourself, your family, your community, and your safety.” We will not penalize applicants for crises beyond their control or for doing what is best for their personal and public health.

We certainly understand (and empathize with) students who are disappointed that their activities have been disrupted by the pandemic. However, we also want to make sure that you understand there is no formula for being admitted to MIT: no magic set of clubs, sports, leadership roles, activities, or accomplishments that, of their own, get you in or keep you out. This is why we have long encouraged students to plan their high school careers around what makes them engaged and enthusiastic and not around trying to get into MIT. We are far more interested in what your choice of activities — whether or not they happened as planned — tell us about your match with MIT.

If you would like to tell us in more detail about how particular activities might have been affected by COVID-19, you may do so in our application.

This FAQ was last updated on 5/26/2020. We will update this and/or other FAQs as events warrant. 

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