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Jobs: Admissions Counselor, Operations

Date Posted: March 31, 2022

Job#: 21039-5


What does the person in this role do? 

The Admissions Counselor for Operations assists the entire office by supporting their needs through our Technolutions Slate instance. In addition to translating team needs into Slate’s modules (Events, Forms, Inbox, etc), they will develop training and documentation processes, and serve as a key stakeholder in designing the long-term, sustainable structure of the systems that will meet the unique needs of our large, complex, and diverse office. 

How does this role advance the mission and vision of  our office?  

This role, as part of the Operations team, makes the rest of our work possible, by directly supporting all of our teams as they execute their initiatives through our Slate instance. 

What would make someone a good fit for this role, specifically? 

Someone who is a good fit for this role will like helping people solve technical problems, often under significant time constraints, and derive great meaning from the sighs of relief from those they have been designated to assist. Someone who enjoys mapping complex human needs to complex technical systems will thrive in this role. 

Where does this role fit in the organizational structure of the office? 

At MIT Admissions, an Admissions Counselor executes a range of tasks in support of critical programs.  The Admissions Counselor for Operations reports to the Associate Director for Operations, and works alongside several other members of the team. 

Characteristic Duties + Responsibilities 

Specific Role Duties + Responsibilities 

  • Serve as a primary contact to specific admissions teams, providing technical Slate support for day-to-day needs as specialist in all functionalities of the MIT Admissions Slate instance. 
  • Support ongoing project developments. 
  • Conduct regular database audits from an access and equity lens to assess process efficiencies or deficiencies and make recommendations or implement technical solutions to address our deficiencies. 
  • Support the development and execution of admission office Slate trainings and facilitations in collaboration with the Associate Director of Admissions Operations and the Associate Director of Training and Development, including the creation of training videos, materials, and documentation of our instance.
  • Additional projects and day-to-day operations may include (based on experience and interest) writing queries, creating reports and data analysis, providing support for event management including Campus Preview Weekend, Deliver campaigns, data import/export management, and more.  

General Admissions Duties + Responsibilities 

  • Read and evaluate approximately 2,000 domestic and international first-year and transfer applications annually, requiring regular evening and weekend work from late October through May. 
  • Participate in the first-year and transfer selection process.
  • Schedule, plan and present numerous regional recruitment information sessions throughout the country, generally requiring 3 to 4 weeks of travel.
  • Other travel requirements include attendance at local and national college fairs, and occasional professional conference participation. 
  • Regularly serve as the designated available Admissions Officer at the Cambridge campus, presenting information sessions and answering questions from visitors.
  • Other duties as assigned.  

Qualifications, Requirements, Preferences


The fundamental qualifications for an admissions officer include the following: 

  • The ability to read and write quickly, accurately, and well, with keen attention to detail, and the ability to discern pattern from chaos 
  • The capacity to rapidly form a well-supported opinion, and just as rapidly defer to the collective judgment of the committee when situationally appropriate
  • The adaptability to succeed in multiple professional contexts: reading at home alone, discussing cases in committee, and traveling to speak publicly before large audiences
  • The discretion and tact to discuss deeply sensitive matters, and the integrity to be entrusted with extremely important decisions
  • The initiative to work independently with minimal supervision over sustained periods

Certain roles in the office require specific skills, but these are the underlying attributes common to people who tend to enjoy, and do well in, the admissions profession. 


A successful applicant will be able to demonstrably meet the following requirements: 

  • A bachelor’s degree (in any field) 
  • Demonstrable ability to support MIT’s goals of access, equity, and inclusion 
  • Excellent project management skills
  • The interpersonal ability to manage the concerns and interests of many different stakeholders 
  • Experience taking initiative to transform ideas into practical solutions
  • The ability to perform regular evening and weekend work during the academic year, and a few (cumulative) weeks of travel by air annually 
  • A driver’s license 


The following attributes may be a plus, but are not expected or required: 

  • One year of relevant experience (e.g. supporting technical systems) 
  • Proficiency with Technolutions Slate