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Online info sessions: Meet the students!


Get to know the icons and legends, themselves! These are the MIT students who will be featured on our upcoming panels. Take a look, you might even have something in common with them.

Photo of Aidan
Aidan ’23

Major: Course 8 (Physics)
Minor: Course 6 (Computer Science)
HASS concentration: Music and Theater Arts

Clubs/groups: I’m an active member of the Tech Catholic Community on campus, which I’ve stayed surprisingly connected to during this virtual semester. I also provide moral support for the other incredibly talented members of MIT CelloWorld, the Institute’s only full-Cello ensemble.

Favorite place to eat: While I’m a fan of Simmons breakfast (shoutout to Orlando), my favorite places to grab food in the area are either Beantown Taqueria, which serves surprisingly great Mexican food hours after everything else has closed, or the nearby IHOP on the occasions I’m able to motivate my friends to get on the Red Line for midnight pancakes.

Unique aspect of MIT you enjoy: I truly love how much MIT promotes undergraduate participation across the institute. Despite showing up to MIT with no experience beyond high school physics and never having stepped foot in a lab, I found a support system that allowed me to secure a paid research position within MIT’s Laboratory for Nuclear Science in which I could pick up the tools of the trade of cutting edge physics research. This situation is not a lucky outlier at MIT, but a supported and encouraged part of MIT undergraduate experience for which I’m incredibly grateful.

Photo of Brian
Brian ’22

Major: Course 15-3 (Finance)

Clubs/groups: Nu Delta Fraternity, WMBR, Black Student Union

Favorite place to eat: On-campus is Next House Dining (shoutout to the stir-fry guys holding it down), and off-campus is Kung Fu Tea or Yamato II.

Weirdest place slept on campus: Lobby 13

Favorite anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, because…yes! No, actually I just really enjoy the model of changing the main character each part/season, the progression of the art style, the pretty unique power system, and overall wackiness.

Favorite HASS class: 21M.600 (Intro to Acting), or 21W.022 (Writing and Experience: Reading and Writing Autobiography)

picture of Cate
Cate ’21

Course: 2A (Industrial Design)
Concentration: Negotiation and Leadership

Clubs/groups: I’m an active member of Cru, one of several Christian groups on campus. We meet once a week on “Cruesdays” (Tuesdays) and have a lot of fun retreats and study breaks. I’m also a member of GEL—a program that works to educate and develop the character of future engineering leaders. Moreover, I love to take part in music groups—my freshman and sophomore year I was an Emerson Music Scholar and participated in Chamber Music Society.

Favorite MIT hack: It’s impossible to pick a favorite MIT hack! However, one that always holds a special place in my heart is the TARDIS hack. As an avid fan of Doctor Who, I love imagining how the hackers were able to put a full-scale illuminated Doctor Who-style police box on the roof of building 7. Then, only a few days later, it appeared on top of the Great Dome! My favorite part of this hack is after the police box appeared on MIT’s campus it “travelled” to Caltech, Berkley, and Stanford’s campuses. The TARDIS made it all the way across the country! 

Travel goals: I’d love to travel to all the states in the U.S.! As a student who grew up abroad, I didn’t realize how much variety of vegetation and climates the U.S. has. I think it would be really cool to do a road trip hitting as many states as possible!

Favorite HASS course: MIT has a lot of fantastic HASS courses. A personal favorite of mine was 21W.747 (Rhetoric). This class emphasized on learning how to make forceful arguments in oral and written form. I’m also currently in 11.011 (The Art and Science of Negotiation). It’s shaping up to be one of my all-time favorite MIT classes!

Photo of Emily
Emily ’22

Major: Course 20 (Biological Engineering)
HASS concentration: STS (Science, Technology, and Society)

Clubs/groups: UA Innovation (Ask about the tattoo booth i started!), Asian Dance Troupe, Association of Taiwanese Students

Favorite places to eat: FIVE SPICE!!! There are two locations, one down on Mass Ave and one in Chinatown. It’s an *authentic* Chinese restaurant, and their one Chinese watercress or something changed entirely how I feel about vegetables. Once I went with like 10 other ADT people after we filmed a dance cover around Boston/in Lobby 10 and then we ordered like a million dishes and shared ’em all :’). I also like Caffe Bene on Mass Ave in Boston bc it’s the closest to the cafe culture in big Asian cities I can find. I spend $7 a drink there for the sparkly flower-scented sodas lmaoooo.

School you would have considered attending if not MIT: NOWHERE ELSE!! MIT RIDE OR DIE

Unique aspect of MIT you enjoy: Screaming on the bridge in the middle of the night aka screaming into the void

Just a list of memories Emily has:

  1. Late night trips to the stud, where my workout friend and I would go each night after the Z to instantly reverse all the hard work exercising we had just done
  2. My friends and I breaking into the McCormick dance studio in the middle of the night to learn crack dances or just do tricks and roll around the floor 
  3. Tagging each other in MIT Confessions posts :’)
  5. Meeting cool/famous people?? I met the lady who made the CRISPR technology last year o.o

Photo of Fritz
Fritz ’23

Majors: Course 16 (Aerospace Engineering)
Course 21M, Music

Clubs/groups: NROTC, MIT Symphony Orchestra

Favorite place to eat: At this point I should be sponsored by Sate Grill Food Truck, because I’m ALWAYS there. I probably talk about it more than I talk about Avatar: the Last Airbender, which is saying something.

Travel goals: My bed so I can nap.

Favorite HASS class: Considering I’ve only taken two HASS classes to this point, I feel obligated to say the class where I DIDN’T absolutely bomb my first essay. Therefore, American History Since 1865.

Picture of Gabrielle
Gabrielle ’21

Course 2A (Mechanical Engineering)

Club/groups: Varsity Cross Country and Track & Field, Alpha Chi Omega, tour guiding(!!!), the very select few people who actually go to bed before midnight and wake up before 8 am.

Favorite place to eat: Cafe Luna: best brunch in Cambridge hands down! I went so frequently my sophomore year that the owner recognized me on sight.

Travel goals: Doing a bridge walk to get to school in the morning. Having been kicked out of my sorority house, this is definitely the thing I miss the most!

Favorite HASS course: 21H.319 (Race, Crime, and American Citizenship)

Hobbies: Cooking, exploring Boston, hiking, spending too much money at Flour.

Photo of Isabella
Isabella ’23

Major: Course 20 (Biological Engineering)
Pre-med track

Clubs/groups: MIT Symphony Orchestra, DanceTroupe, Mujeres Latinas and almost all Hispanic organizations, College Against Cancer, SHINE For Girls, and ESG; I love to keep things busy, for sure!

Favorite place to eat: Oath Pizza and Kung Fu Tea are amazing, 10/10 recommend with friends!!

Favorite Book: “La Linea”

Travel goals: To travel the cities in Italy, the markets of Mexico, and beaches of California. (Or to just go back to campus…)

Photo of Kara
Kara ’22

Major: Course 10 (Chemical Engineering)

I like to think of myself as an unofficial cheerleader for the ChemE department; I am on the exec board of the MIT chapter of AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) and just generally love to talk about how awesome the department is. I also UROP in the Jensen Lab, where I’ve done some very cool things with nano-scale electrochemical synthesis reactions. 

Outside of academics, I’m involved in Greek life, where I’m on the executive board of my sorority, as well as a club called SHINE, which offers math and dance mentoring to local middle school girls to inspire a love of STEM. I play on the club water polo team, and in my free time, enjoy running along the Charles River at sunset.

My hobbies include eating good food and drinking strong coffee; Tatte Bakery and Cafe has my whole heart *chef’s kiss*. In quarantine, I’ve picked up my old love of reading, and my current favorite books are “The Goldfinch” and “Where the Crawdads Sing.” ​If you’ve met me, you know I love talking about my experiences ~abroad~ mostly through MISTI Italy last summer; after gallivanting around Europe I’ve now turned my attention to the US, and my dream is to drive around the country, live in my car, and explore national parks.

My favorite classes are Fluid Mechanics for my major, as well as Truth and Deceit in Spanish Golden Age Painting (actually a Harvard class that I cross-registered for)!

picture of kate
Kate ’21

Course 6-7 (Computer Science and Molecular Biology)
Minor in Course 18 (Mathematics)
HASS Concentration: Spanish

I’ve always loved a good adventure, but never expected that in my time at MIT I’d get to bike across the United States on the MIT Spokes America team, backpack at 16,000 feet in Peru, and mountain bike in the jungle in Borneo! These adventures came about from teaching STEM and doing research, things I’m also involved in while in Cambridge, from doing undergraduate research investigating depression and sleep to mentoring at Girls Angle, a math club for young girls. 

I’m a senior in 6-7 (CS + Bio), minoring in 18 (Math). My concentration is in Spanish, and I also speak soccer. Watch out because if I “meg” you (pass the ball between your feet), you’ll have to do a push-up, or at least that’s the rule I gleefully enforce on the Women’s Club Soccer team! 

I also am a part of MIT Cycling, Sigma Kappa, the Leadership Training Institute, running an FPOP, and generally running/hiking/biking around Boston/Cambridge/New England. From weekly Zumba on Maseeh 2 to begging friends to go explore the Fells with me, I love staying active and goofing around. Hopefully I’ll get better at convincing pals to join me on adventures after finishing the fantastic class 11.0111, The Art and Science of Negotiation! 

Journaling each and every night, I’m on journal #6 in my time at MIT, curating the “library of my life.” It’s my way of  trying to remember the incredible moments that happen each and every day, writing down the highlights and expressing my gratitude to be surrounded by such passionate people in the inspiring MIT community!

Photo of Katie
Katie ’21

Majors: Course 9 (Brain and Cognitive Science)
Course 7 (Biology)
Pre-med track

Clubs/groups: Club volleyball, MedLinks, UROP (in the Koch Institute researching the effects of aneuploidy on the development and treatment of leukemia and lymphoma), Simmons Hall house government, MIT Global Health Alliance, MIT Premedical Society

Favorite place to eat: Giacomo’s—best Italian in the north end, or Life Alive when I’m feeling like I need some more vegetables in my life.

School you would have considered attending if not MIT: Because I’m Canadian I wasn’t really considering many American schools (except MIT!). If I hadn’t gotten in, I would have applied to McGill or the University of Alberta.

Photo of Lily
Lily ’22

Majors: Course 12 (Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences)
Course 8 (Physics)

Clubs/groups: MIT Educational Studies Program, MIT Education Collaborative, EAPS Student Advisory Committee, Towards Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (TIDE) in MIT Earth Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences (EAPS), MIT Asian Dance Team (ADT)

Favorite place to eat: The best food is made at midnight in the German House kitchens :) Off campus, I enjoy going to Santouka with my friends for ramen. 

Favorite book: Currently, “The Stormlight Archives” by Brandon Sanderson.

Hobbies: Reading, watching anime, playing video games, DnD, cooking/baking, bullet journaling, and, recently, embroidering.

Favorite part of MIT: So many things! To name a few: housing (kitchens, living communities, etc.), free food, and UROPs.

Photo of Max
Max ’22

Majors: Course 7 (Biology)
Course 11 (Urban Studies and Planning)

Clubs/groups: Varsity Heavyweight Rowing, UA Sustainability, MakerWorks

Favorite place to eat: Flour is definitely a staple but I enjoy Yamato’s (all you can eat sushi)

I love being outdoors. If I’m not in class, you’ll usually find me on the Charles River rowing with the MIT Crew team, out on my road bike exploring the Massachusetts countryside, or messing around with a laser cutter engraving maps.

Perhaps it was because I grew up in a forest and my parents signed me up for National Parks camp every summer when I was little, but I’ve got a fierce love for the environment. Here at MIT, I chair a small project oriented team on the sustainability arm of our student government (UA), where we work to create green spaces on campus, reduce waste in off campus housing, and push to convert sailing and rowing safety boats to fully electric.

pic of maay
Maya ’21

Course 6-2 (Electrical Engineering/Computer Science)
Course 2A (Mechanical Engineering)
HASS Concentration: Theater Arts

Clubs/Groups: Varsity Soccer, Alpha Phi Sorority, Math Department Grader, UPOP, Society of Women Engineer

Favorite Place to Eat: On campus, Bullet Train is my guilty pleasure. Not recommended for those afraid of a little (actually a lot) of grease, but I love the teriyaki beef with fried rice. As far as off-campus, Flour for the sticky buns or cauliflower melt sandwich (great for cheese melt stretch pics) or Toscanini’s for ice cream.

Favorite Book: Love Harry Potter

Favorite Movie: Mulan

Favorite Podcast: How I Built This, Crime Junkies

Hobbies: Anything outside! Rollerblading, hiking, swimming, spikeball, tennis; Oh and cooking! Follow my food-insta @mayasgoodeats

Photo of Naylah
Naylah ’23

Majors: Course 16 (Aerospace Engineering)
Course 17 (Political Science)

Clubs/groups: Sakata Afrique, Black Student Union, Black Women’s Alliance, National Society of Black Engineers, Undergraduate Association Committee on Community & Diversity

Favorite place to eat: The Mad Monkfish (under a mile into Cambridge, serves an amazing Pad Thai dish)

Favorite book, show, etc: My favorite book is “Holes” by Louis Sachar. Being that I only consume Anime for visual media, a few of my favorites include Hunter X Hunter, Haikyuu!!, Ping Pong the Animation, and the Monogatari Series.

Unique aspect of MIT you enjoy: The infinite hallway is more awesome than it seems at first. Since most undergrads must pass through the infinite at some point to attend their class, you end up seeing more of MIT than if you only had to interact with those in your class or major. It is a warm reminder that you are a part of many communities within a larger community that embraces your differences.

Photo of Nyssa
Nyssa ’21

Major: Course 3, Material Science and Engineering
Minor: Theater Arts

Clubs/groups: Lecture Series Committee, The Tech, Black Women Association, Black Students Union, Baptist Student Fellowship

Favorite place to eat: Abide and Tosci’s

Favorite book: “The Hunger Games”

Travel goals: Currently eyeballing the Scottish Moors

Favorite HASS class: Acting with the Camera!

Photo of Sarah
Sarah ’22

Major: 11-6, Urban Science and Planning with Computer Science
Minor: Energy Studies Minor
HASS concentration: Economics

Clubs/groups: Asian Dance Team, Society of Women Engineers, MIT Energy Hack, Code for Good, ProjX

Favorite place to eat: On campus, would be the stash of chocolate things I keep in my dorm room and off campus would hands down be Yume Ga Arukara for udon to fulfill my noodle cravings when instant ramen just doesn’t cut it

Favorite hobbies: Watching the Great British Baking show and aspiring to their level of calm-collectedness and insane baking talent, following YouTube exercise challenges to offset my attempts at baking stardom, getting stressed out and feeling the need to make endless to do lists and lots of art! I really enjoy photography and watercolour painting.

Favorite HASS class: 21L.011 (The Film Experience), because what other class allows you to bring popcorn and watch movies for three hours every week! But in all seriousness, I really enjoyed being exposed to new film genres and having meaningful discussions around them.

Unique aspect of MIT you enjoy: How everything at MIT has number (-: I always like to think that all the numbered courses, buildings, and classes are a secret language.

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