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May 30 2008


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With two weeks left until Bike and Build (donate donate donate!) I decided it was time to bring my casual bike ride form of training to the next level by joining the MIT Cycling Club for one of the Best Ideas Ever - Intercollegiate Ice Cream (ICIC) Rides.

Basically, some kids with bikes from Harvard and MIT meet up on Thursdays for a nice bike ride to a new ice cream place around Boston. Did you HEAR that?! Ice cream, biking AND inter-collegiate-ness. If that's not the best idea ever, I don't know what is.

It's meant to be an easy, social ride, which was good for me because it was my first time riding in a group, and I'm still a pretty novice cycler.


About halfway through, I was kind of tired and really looking forward to that ice cream.

A bit afterwards, I began to realize we had gone pretty far and had passed several perfectly respectable-looking ice cream shops already. Hmmm

Several miles later, I began to wonder if there really *was* any ice cream, or if this was some... read the post »

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May 24 2008

Neil Gaiman!

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1. As you apparently know already, Neil Gaiman came to speak at MIT today. Oh man - oh man - it was - just - wow. What a great speaker (and writer). But since Paul freaking liveblogged it (mumbles about Paul being an overachiever =P), there's not much else to say. Except that the part that Paul was too shy to blog (come on now. we're all adults) was that Neil Gaiman said his eyes were opened to what genre truly means when he accidentally reviewed a book someone sent him. The book was about porn - and to illustrate his point (what "genre"means), he compared porn to musicals. Both are genres, and both have certain elements that the plot is built around (songs, for example, are the main element of a musical, or in the other case....) that if removed, the reader would feel cheated. See? That wasn't so bad, Paul =P

Neil Gaiman also mentioned an Australian graphic novel interpretation of The Great Gatsby in which Gatsby is a seahorse when asked if there are any stories that should not be... read the post »

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May 20 2008


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I know, I know, I haven't written in forever and a week. Um, yeah, about that. Basically, Jess Kim summed it up as well as I could, so there's really not much else to say about that.

Incidentally, are there some people who you always think of by both first and last name all the time? Jess Kim is one of those people for me.

I was debating earlier on what the best way to talk about my life since I last wrote without publishing a novel and I decided a list would be the best way. I keep lists of pretty much anything you can imagine because I really enjoy, um, numbering things. Also, lists are really easy to comment on, because you can say "regarding 1, I actually don't think that Boston weather will be as great as you say it is, because I am a sane person."So yeah. A list it is.

1. I love Boston weather. Most people look at me like I'm crazy when I say this, but it's true. I find it so surprising. One hour it's beautiful and the next it's storming and the next it's hailing and I'm... read the post »

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Apr 18 2008

Happy Things

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This is what MIT felt like when I first arrived: Sunny, warm, people playing Frisbee on Kresge Oval.

Spring seems to have arrived at last, though this isn't the first time this year - we've had nice days on and off for awhile now. I've learned not to trust Boston weather, it'll probably snow tomorrow or something.

At least we haven't gotten any earthquakes though. I always miss all the good stuff in the Midwest - last year while I was on exchange, like all of Illinois got multiple snow days! Dang.

For now, though, it's byooootiful. The kind of weather I'd like to ride my bike in (not that any weather really stops me from riding my bike. Though I've never tried in an earthquake) if my bike hadn't gotten stolen.

Oh yeah, so you know those lists you've been writing compulsively about What To Bring To MIT Next Fall? If you're planning on having a bike, make sure to bring a good bike lock. Maybe four.

I don't actually know if it's been stolen - I have a tendency to...forget where... read the post »

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Apr 4 2008


Posted in: Prepare for MIT

It's ironic that I post this entry now - Matt just posted an entry about deferring for a year, and here I am giving you information on how you can get to MIT significantly before September. Well, the choices are yours. Soon you'll be getting "The Next Big Mailing," (or have you gotten it already?) with lots of information about...things...To be honest, I never really read through all that paperwork MIT sent out - there was so much of it!

...Anyway. I had fellow Senior House resident Milena write an entry for you guys on one of many summer opportunities for you guys - Project Interphase.


Summer is quickly approaching, and I’m guessing you prefrosh are trying to figure out the best way to spend that last summer before you come to MIT and get screwed over by the tsunami of work that is a term at MIT. For some of you, this might entail working a part-time at the mall scooping fro-yo for snotty little kids or watching people unfold shirts and throw them back with the rest of the... read the post »

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