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summary: books, playlist, gratitude

Nov 25 2015 | Discussion

A Walk down CourseRoad Lane

A boulevard of broken dreams and dropped classes

Nov 24 2015 | Discussion

MIT Mac4Change

MIT students raising money to feed the homeless on Veteran's day

Nov 23 2015 | Discussion

Blended Learning at MIT

How technology is making its way into MIT classrooms

Nov 23 2015 | Discussion

Second Semester Senior

What you should do after submitting your application to colleges

Nov 22 2015 | Discussion

This Day, the Year I Applied

what I learned in college about application struggles

Nov 20 2015 | Discussion

When You Yourself Are Far Away

Donuts, used books, and some wonderful/terrible recipes you need not try.

Nov 16 2015 | Discussion

I never want to finish my P.E. requirement

MIT PE might be the best thing that's happened in my whole (short) athletic history

Nov 16 2015 | Discussion

Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair

#1 of 3 Boston Adventures

Nov 15 2015 | Discussion

It’s the middle of November. Do YOU know where your Early Action application components are?

How to tell if they are missing, and what to do about it

Nov 12 2015 | Discussion

What My College Essays Were [Not]

Unsolicited advice about writing.

Nov 12 2015 | Discussion

Dear Applicants: The College Essay

part 3 of the Dear Applicants series

Nov 12 2015 | Discussion

Dear Applicants: Parts 1 and 2

for Early and Regular Action applicants

Nov 12 2015 | Discussion

I Was Sitting Where You’re Sitting

Quick! Click here. :D

Nov 12 2015 | Discussion

Steady-state Equilibrium

Featuring screaming as stress relief

Nov 12 2015 | Discussion

Jalapeno Bacon Mac and Cheese for the Homeless

starting a campaign larger than myself

Nov 10 2015 | Discussion

Macarrones con Queso, Tocino y Jalapeño para los Indigentes

haciendo algo más grande que yo

Nov 10 2015 | Discussion

Summary of the Semester

I'm a senior and it's super weird.

Nov 9 2015 | Discussion


I'm broken I'm broken I'm broken I'm broken (but not actually)

Nov 8 2015 | Discussion

Beantown, H-Town, Blue Hills, House of Blues

With cameos by home, beatboxing, and happiness

Nov 5 2015 | Discussion

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