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Reaffirming our support for undocumented students

and clarifying our policies for applicants as Regular Action approaches

Dec 9 2016 | Discussion

Checking in with EA Applicants

because I just saw Chris' post, and you probably did, too

Dec 8 2016 | Discussion

MIT EA Decisions To Be Posted Thursday, 12/15/16, at 6:28PM ET

Dec 7 2016 | Discussion

The Trashion Show

from rubbish to runway

Dec 6 2016 | Discussion

Watch Ceri on SciShow!


Dec 4 2016 | Discussion

Next House Thanksgiving 2016 (sort of a guest post)

A (very late) recount of last Thursday’s celebration

Dec 1 2016 | Discussion

Fantastic Course Numbers and Where to Find Them

A List of Ways MIT is like Hogwarts

Nov 30 2016 | Discussion

CASE: Identity and Intersectionality

and some bunnies if you hate everything else about this post

Nov 30 2016 | Discussion

Homestretch: The Final Weeks

A hand-drawn doodle post about classes and stuff

Nov 28 2016 | Discussion

Kevin’s Room

Portrait of an MIT Student

Nov 26 2016 | Discussion

Biological Engineering at MIT

My thoughts, feelings, and opinions (and slight ranting) about biology both at MIT and in general

Nov 20 2016 | Discussion

making dumplings

jiaozi / guotie / gyoza /

Nov 19 2016 | Discussion

Dear High School Senior

I know you're stalking us

Nov 17 2016 | Discussion

Virtual Reality, Startups, and Donuts

in a particular order

Nov 15 2016 | Discussion

Fears and Hopes

how to move forward

Nov 9 2016 | Discussion

Wish I Joined the MIT 100K as a Freshman

four years of this would've been great

Nov 8 2016 | Discussion

Finding Inspiration

encouraging motivational inspiration

Nov 7 2016 | Discussion

EC Gothic/Screaming (“I don’t want to work on psets”)

Apparently a work order has been fulfilled. But whose?

Nov 6 2016 | Discussion

“Failing” at MIT

for the record, this isn't

Nov 2 2016 | Discussion

A Recycled-Material Selfie Stick

Engineering and problem solving in developing nations (the most important problems only, of course....)

Nov 1 2016 | Discussion

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