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REX at Random Hall

ice cream, epic meals, water wars and turing tests!

Aug 27 2015 | Discussion

Rowing at MIT: a guest post by Connor M. ‘16

Aug 26 2015 | Discussion

So apparently the Media Lab figured out how to 3D print glass

and it's pretty glorious

Aug 24 2015 | Discussion

Some Advice

Sometimes I wish I could tell freshman-me that everything's going to be okay

Aug 20 2015 | Discussion


Scheduling Tools and Tips for Incoming Students

Aug 20 2015 | Discussion

The Freshman Application Is Now Live

for prospective members of the Class of 2020

Aug 18 2015 | Discussion

dear frosh: here are the things we want you to know

a firehose of advice from upperclassmen: tips and tricks for freshman year

Aug 13 2015 | Discussion

The ‘How to College’ Masterpost

A comprehensive guide for frosh, from all corners of the interwebz.

Aug 13 2015 | Discussion

Best Free Software for College Students

must haves for productivity, security, and more

Aug 13 2015 | Discussion

Before You Arrive on Campus: Orientation Edition

On REX, safety, free stuff, and making the most out of it all!

Aug 12 2015 | Discussion

Central Ohio Summer Send-Off Event

celebrating the Infinite Connection

Aug 12 2015 | Discussion

How to Choose a Laptop for College

your companion for all four years

Aug 10 2015 | Discussion

Trip Report: IOI 2015 in Kazakhstan

of khans and computer science

Aug 10 2015 | Discussion

Before You Arrive On Campus: Packing Edition

for the pre-frosh we're excited to meet

Aug 5 2015 | Discussion

A (Belated) Letter to July

In which I start blogging again with an angsty video

Aug 3 2015 | Discussion

What It’s Like To Major In Science Writing at MIT

according to one recent alum on reddit

Aug 3 2015 | Discussion

Although of course you end up becoming yourself

Perspective and focus, brought to you by M. C. Escher

Aug 2 2015 | Discussion

Learn Coding Before School Starts

you've got one month left. go!

Aug 2 2015 | Discussion

Writing is difficult


Jul 31 2015 | Discussion

Ode to Freshman Days

composed in the wee hours of morning

Jul 29 2015 | Discussion

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