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QuestBridge 2014 FAQ

Oct 21 2014 | Discussion

The Adventures of Comic Artist Girl (+ Doodles!)

In which comics class gets a talk from an award-winning cartoonist

Oct 19 2014 | Discussion

Interview Tips from an MIT Educational Counselor

Thoughts on how to prepare for your alumni interview

Oct 19 2014 | Discussion

Sexy MIT Engineers

My <3 for sMITe

Oct 19 2014 | Discussion

For Those Weeks When You Just Cannot

We all have those weeks, sometimes you need a break

Oct 19 2014 | Discussion

Below 48

Take under four classes, they said. You'll have free time, they said.

Oct 19 2014 | Discussion

How do you know when you’ve chosen the right major?

Oct 17 2014 | Discussion

i saw you

four ways to follow MIT students

Oct 16 2014 | Discussion

Slippery Slope: The Story of a Frazzled Sophomore

How NOT to spend the first month of sophomore year

Oct 14 2014 | Discussion

Talking to Strangers

Oct 14 2014 | Discussion

I Wrote an MIT Application Essay on Getting a B in Calculus

College Search 2KChel, how I found MIT, and how I turned the B around

Oct 12 2014 | Discussion

MIT Mini Maker Faire

Celebrating STEAM and creativity

Oct 11 2014 | Discussion

My new job @ admissions

like nick saban, but for nerds

Oct 9 2014 | Discussion

So Chance Me Maybe?

Hey! I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my SAT...

Oct 8 2014 | Discussion

When MIT Gets Tough, CAAAATTTT

Everything was terrible, and then I cat

Oct 7 2014 | Discussion

Dear Applicant

wishing you all the best and greatest

Oct 6 2014 | Discussion

Fall Festival 2014

Some actors came to MIT and told me about their units of measurement

Oct 4 2014 | Discussion

Finding Time

for you know, things that aren't psets.

Oct 4 2014 | Discussion

The Late-Night Juggler

In which I spend about twenty minutes trying to transcribe the Mass Ave cross signal sound exactly

Oct 3 2014 | Discussion

An Open Letter to MIT Applicants

Don’t Panic (and know where your towel is)

Oct 2 2014 | Discussion

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