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On the DUSP

Course 11: Urban Studies and Planning

Mar 2 2015 | Discussion


A day well spent helping others

Mar 2 2015 | Discussion

Science Out Loud!

On teaching/making/producing educational videos and why it's so much fun

Mar 1 2015 | Discussion

Rachel Bloom @ MIT

In which a YouTube superstar gives MIT students a talk on the math of comedy

Mar 1 2015 | Discussion

An Uncreative Post

with an uncreative title

Mar 1 2015 | Discussion

Dormire et Laborare

Sleeping and Working at the Institvte

Feb 28 2015 | Discussion

Why Do We Fall?

so that we can learn to pick ourselves up

Feb 26 2015 | Discussion

Hilbert’s Third Problem (A Story of Threes)

Holy mathematics, Batman! Math at MIT, and why we need calculus to define volume.

Feb 24 2015 | Discussion

The Process of Psetting

And the technicals of technicals

Feb 23 2015 | Discussion

Mostly Harmless

Rifle. As in, the phys ed class. As in, I fired one.

Feb 22 2015 | Discussion

Blizzard Barbecuing

A few feet of snow never hurt anyone

Feb 16 2015 | Discussion

Happy Belated Hearts Day

copy/paste irl, afk and everything

Feb 16 2015 | Discussion

Thirteen Things To Do Over IAP: #6-13

Concerning the half I spent in Cambridge

Feb 16 2015 | Discussion

Jon and me

how I came to see the world

Feb 11 2015 | Discussion


in illustrated list form

Feb 10 2015 | Discussion

Approaching Adulthood

In which I spell out my semester to hopefully feel less overwhelmed

Feb 10 2015 | Discussion


An ode to the MIT tunnels

Feb 8 2015 | Discussion

Poker, Mountains, and Magic

The four words of this title have no other exact match on Google

Feb 6 2015 | Discussion

Pressing Pause

Taking a moment before the beginning of spring semester

Feb 3 2015 | Discussion

A Continuing Experiment in Cooperative Eating

or, every food picture I have ever posted from pika

Feb 3 2015 | Discussion

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