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The first video in a vlogging experiment

Aug 31 2014 | Discussion

Now and Then and Maybe Later

Tying up loose ends and weathering the calm before the storm we call "Fall Semester"

Aug 30 2014 | Discussion

Credit for Reddit

i am internet and so can you

Aug 29 2014 | Discussion

Trendy Reif Strikes Again

this time with the ALS bucket challenge.

Aug 26 2014 | Discussion

Roller Coasters and Dance Parties

Sunday was the East Side party! Lots of loud music and prefrosh!! Still, no fun.

Aug 25 2014 | Discussion

Hello, My Name Is Sunshine

Transformative advice from the kids of Camp Kesem

Aug 24 2014 | Discussion

The Sorting of the Frosh (MacGregor Style)

We don't have a Sorting Hat, but this is how MacGregor does In-House Rush

Aug 24 2014 | Discussion

East Campus Rush 2014: RAW SCIENCE

There shall be no entertainment or amusement in our courtyard, only roller coasters

Aug 22 2014 | Discussion

MIT Application Now Available

here we go!

Aug 20 2014 | Discussion

Don’t Forget These

I forgot to bring them when I first came to MIT.

Aug 19 2014 | Discussion

How to Get Home from the Airport for Free

For prefrosh who are like me and terrified of entering dank underground tunnels they haven’t seen on Instagram.

Aug 18 2014 | Discussion

The Newest Member of Our Family

What could possibly be more exciting than prefrosh?

Aug 17 2014 | Discussion

What Are We Waiting For

answer: FPOPs to begin!

Aug 17 2014 | Discussion

Where did my Summer Go?

Written 30,000 feet above the ground in a giant piece of metal

Aug 15 2014 | Discussion

Seattle: Land of the Strange, Skies of the Free

where pirates roam the streets and dogs play the bucket-drums

Aug 14 2014 | Discussion

The Blogs Turn 10: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

data and narrative, past and present

Aug 13 2014 | Discussion

There and Back

It's like a reunion tour, kind of.

Aug 13 2014 | Discussion

Bumps, slumps, trips, and ...

Breaking out of a slump, now with more Cleveland!

Aug 13 2014 | Discussion

Flux and Flow

Thermodynamics as therapeutic analogy; or, the longest way I've ever said, "I'm still figuring things out"

Aug 12 2014 | Discussion

Perspectives from Deutschland

Ich bin Anna und ich studiere Astronomie!

Aug 12 2014 | Discussion

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