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emergency blog post because Lilly Chin ‘17 just won Jeopardy and is also the greatest of all time

"who is the spiciest memelord?" it's you

Feb 24 2017 | Discussion

Follow Me: A Video Tour of Campus

in which you get to hang out with my friends and walk around MIT through the magic of the internet and moving pictures

Feb 23 2017 | Discussion


wherein another blogger deposits her January photos (but this time it's in late February)

Feb 22 2017 | Discussion

Using to Write a Post About

behind the scenes: it's pretty meta

Feb 20 2017 | Discussion

Spotted: A Brass Rat in the Wild?

Is this an alumnus hacking McDonald's, or McDonald's hacking MIT? I can't tell

Feb 16 2017 | Discussion

three things i made recently

lasers, radio, and a chocolate chip cookie loaf

Feb 15 2017 | Discussion

Guest Post: Started From the Dorm Room Now We Here

starting a startup while at MIT

Feb 13 2017 | Discussion

An Early History of International Students at MIT

studying the people MIT made, and the people who made MIT

Feb 9 2017 | Discussion

Sights, Sounds, Smells, Tastes, and Feels of IAP

photo dump

Feb 9 2017 | Discussion

Twenty-One Days Abroad in Twenty-One Photographs

a curated photo dump of an IAP in Spain

Feb 8 2017 | Discussion

Stories from High School

you wouldn't want to be caught with MMS

Feb 5 2017 | Discussion

Life during IAP

i dump my brain a little

Feb 5 2017 | Discussion

MIT at Copley Square

Yet more photos of #NoBanNoWall protests in Boston, plus an update from President Reif.

Jan 31 2017 | Discussion


Jan 30 2017 | Discussion


Jan 29 2017 | Discussion

Augmented Reality in Action

one step before holograms

Jan 26 2017 | Discussion

hello, again

it me

Jan 23 2017 | Discussion

Anatomy of a Problem, Part 2

and the power of the many

Jan 22 2017 | Discussion

Anatomy of a Problem, Part 1

and the power of the few

Jan 22 2017 | Discussion

Ode to PNR

First semester in review

Jan 20 2017 | Discussion

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