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Doggy Birthday

Meet Simmons Hall's smallest - and furriest - new resident, who just turned 8.

Sep 20 2014 | Discussion

A Written Post

Oh man my handwriting is atrocious

Sep 20 2014 | Discussion

Tetazoo Goes Camping

An adventure to the top of a mountain and a little cabin in the woods

Sep 20 2014 | Discussion

Summer Recap—The Book Launch

Oh hi there...yes, I'm back!

Sep 20 2014 | Discussion


my first three weeks being an actual student actually at mit

Sep 19 2014 | Discussion

Not Much Has Changed

except a lot has changed

Sep 17 2014 | Discussion

The Deadline

where I attempt to reason through an approaching all-nighter

Sep 17 2014 | Discussion

Great Expectations

i've never read the book, but the title seemed to fit

Sep 17 2014 | Discussion

EAPS Field Trip

In which I pretend to be Course 12 for a weekend

Sep 14 2014 | Discussion


The day before classes start is Registration Day. It’s also the day we welcome readmitted students home.

Sep 14 2014 | Discussion

Good Morning, Sportsracers!

*erases introductory post draft for the umpteenth time in the vain hope that he'll stick it this time around*

Sep 14 2014 | Discussion

MIT = Home

the excitement of a freshman

Sep 14 2014 | Discussion

Moving Out, Up, and In

Expanding, now in three dimensions!

Sep 14 2014 | Discussion

bloggers.addAll( newBloggers);

System.out.println("Hello, World!");

Sep 14 2014 | Discussion

California Love

a week in the life of an admissions officer on the road

Sep 12 2014 | Discussion

Mathematics for Computer Science - “Top 10 Proof Techniques NOT Allowed”

6.042 has been a very engaging and entertaining class thus far.

Sep 12 2014 | Discussion

“I am, and ever will be, a white socks, pocket protector, nerdy engineer…”

wherein Neil Armstrong's legacy kicks off a year of Unified Engineering, and I reflect on why I am where I am

Sep 9 2014 | Discussion

(My Third) First Day

In which I attempt (and fail) to do a timelapse vlog

Sep 7 2014 | Discussion

So You Want to Declare a Double Major?

This is why/how I'm doing it, in case you were curious

Sep 5 2014 | Discussion

MIT Grads Design the Jolt Sensor

to help high school athletes detect concussions better

Sep 2 2014 | Discussion

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