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[Pinned] Be a Blogger 2016!

how to be a blogger

Jun 28 2016 | Discussion

Breaking Normal

From Freshman Spring Archives

Jun 22 2016 | Discussion

Notes from the Road: NorCal, Netherlands, Nick Cannon, and Nerd Camp

where I've been, what I've been doing

Jun 22 2016 | Discussion

Turning the Tide

My thoughts on an important report

Jun 20 2016 | Discussion

What’s happening with Senior House

The thing that happened, why the thing is upsetting, and what can hopefully be done

Jun 13 2016 | Discussion

A Home, not just a Haus

fighting the good fight

Jun 12 2016 | Discussion

PSA: The 2016 Siemens Competition is now open

Jun 11 2016 | Discussion

Local Boston Startups at Mass Innovation Nights

Over 700 to be (sort of) exact

Jun 10 2016 | Discussion

Weekend Trip to Salem, MA

romance, adventure, and no witchcraft

Jun 7 2016 | Discussion

Matt Damon’s Commencement Speech to the Class of 2016

Turn towards the problems you see

Jun 6 2016 | Discussion

Chang Ning District, Shanghai


Jun 4 2016 | Discussion

“Never Calculate without Already Knowing the Answer!”

xTalk about the "Art of Insight" by Prof Sanjoy Mahajan

Jun 1 2016 | Discussion

a semester

customary end-of-semester blog post: sophomore spring edition

May 30 2016 | Discussion

1st Year at MIT

Everything there is to know about my first year here

May 28 2016 | Discussion

Advanced Standing Exams: know your stuff, get out of a semester-long class!

You should really consider taking them.

May 24 2016 | Discussion

I am a bachelor of science and a master of engineering.

In which I make a Voltaire reference and the soup is a metaphor but luckily also not a metaphor.

May 21 2016 | Discussion

neutrality isn’t about objectivity—it’s about who has the power

some words on facebook trending topics, and also net neutrality

May 20 2016 | Discussion

PSA: I’ll be at Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend

and so will other people from MIT

May 19 2016 | Discussion

The Most Revolutionary Technologies at TechCrunch DisruptNY 2016

breathing office walls and credit-card sized computers

May 19 2016 | Discussion


end-of-semester atmospheres

May 17 2016 | Discussion

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