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Adventure Time at MIT

We went on a hiking and camping adventure!

Apr 22 2014 | Discussion

What if You Didn’t Like CPW?

is MIT still the place for you?

Apr 21 2014 | Discussion


Ask Me Anything.

Apr 20 2014 | Discussion


On music and becoming an old man

Apr 15 2014 | Discussion

Blown Back to Oz

the close of the 2014 Design/Build/Fly competition: day 4.

Apr 15 2014 | Discussion

Teaching Abroad: a Guest Blog Post by Elizabeth Q. ‘14

Learn a new language, teach science.

Apr 13 2014 | Discussion

We Are All Slaves to the Wind

it gets pretty windy here in Kansas. Day 3 at the 2014 Design/Build/Fly competition.

Apr 12 2014 | Discussion

CPW Update - Featuring Tim the Beaver as Miley Cyrus

Everything is awesome!

Apr 12 2014 | Discussion

No Touching

one plane, two planes, red plane, Corn Dog

Apr 11 2014 | Discussion

Not in Kansas Anymore

oh, wait...we actually are. Day 1 with the MIT Design/Build/Fly team.

Apr 10 2014 | Discussion

Events, Food, and Awesomeness: CPW

A story about how CPW is more awesome than lobsters

Apr 10 2014 | Discussion

CPW at Random Hall!

Plus lots of awesome advice from MIT students!

Apr 10 2014 | Discussion


I asked current freshmen about the things they wish they knew for their CPW!

Apr 9 2014 | Discussion

Spot the Blogger

where you'll find bloggers during CPW, and some bonus tips!

Apr 9 2014 | Discussion

CPW 2014…The Parent Edition

Suggestions for getting the most out of CPW when you are a parent

Apr 9 2014 | Discussion

Admitted Student Gathering

Thank you MIT Club of Northern NJ for throwing a great one!

Apr 9 2014 | Discussion

Studying At Cambridge 101

An Expert's Guide To Tackling The Revision Process

Apr 8 2014 | Discussion

Wait List Confirmation Form

If you're on the wait list, we sent you an email last week.

Apr 7 2014 | Discussion

How I Spent My Sophomore Spring Break

I didn't go to Florida or Cancun, but I still had a lot of fun!

Apr 6 2014 | Discussion

My Final Blogpost

With a heavy heart, I say goodbye to the MIT blogosphere. The journey was all too short, but it was wonderful.

Apr 1 2014 | Discussion

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