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Dear July

A video experiment just for the heck of it

Jul 30 2014 | Discussion

What Essay Questions Should We Ask?

Jul 27 2014 | Discussion

Blogger Application 2014!

Jul 21 2014 | Discussion

An Admissions Excavation

Chris gave me a box of stuff and this is what I found inside

Jul 17 2014 | Discussion

MIT Guests on The Colbert Report

All the MIT guests Stephen Colbert has had on his show.

Jul 17 2014 | Discussion

IAP in China through MIT’s China Development Initiative

A week-long mentorship program in Xiamen, Fujian

Jul 17 2014 | Discussion

Studying in China on MIT’s Budget: a Guest Post by Saul W. ‘14

Saul double-majored in Math and Asian & Asian Diaspora Studies.

Jul 14 2014 | Discussion

This Bathroom Ceiling

Some science, some fiction: traverse the space and time of our bathroom ceiling.

Jul 12 2014 | Discussion

I Suppose It Was Inevitable That We Have An Office Instagram

a list of some other places you can find the blogs (and the bloggers)

Jul 10 2014 | Discussion

They Call Me Yankee

The stars at night are big and bright - deep in the heart of Texas!

Jul 6 2014 | Discussion

Happy Birthday, ‘Murica!

(Even though Boston celebrated Independence Day Eve)

Jul 4 2014 | Discussion

Summertime Happenings

A summer of research and relaxation in Boston

Jul 4 2014 | Discussion


Some Links to Summarize this Summer

Jul 3 2014 | Discussion

Adventures in Time Travel (in the Library)

Jul 1 2014 | Discussion

What are French House residents doing this summer? Round 2

Microsoft, brains, British accents, hiking in the Alps, weightlifting, HIMYM

Jun 30 2014 | Discussion

Closer Calls

and rising unease

Jun 28 2014 | Discussion

Hardk0re: The Twinned Rise of East Campus and the Hacking Ethos (Guest Entry by Danny Ben-David ’15)

How’d that get on the roof?!

Jun 28 2014 | Discussion

What are French House residents doing this summer?

Writing code, making models, reading, buying comic books, eating brownies, playing Guitar Hero 3...

Jun 26 2014 | Discussion

College Application Anxiety

what if your biggest fear is getting *into* MIT

Jun 26 2014 | Discussion

A bear encounter and a wild cow-milking contest

Summer adventures

Jun 24 2014 | Discussion

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