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On Essay Writing

A guide to essay writing for the express purpose of obtaining admittance to an institute of higher learning

Jul 22 2016 | Discussion

Everything I Miss and Don’t Miss About MIT

Frolicking in nostalgia

Jul 22 2016 | Discussion

Growing Up

bringing it back to 2007

Jul 20 2016 | Discussion

Chris inspired me to do dumb things

I went to Disney World. It was fun, I guess.

Jul 20 2016 | Discussion

Sometimes, I am invisible

and other female experiences

Jul 18 2016 | Discussion

How To Dye Your Hair Like An Engineer

the hows and whys of rainbow hair coloration

Jul 18 2016 | Discussion

My Least Responsible Purchase

I'm an impulse buyer but THIS was a bit much

Jul 17 2016 | Discussion

On Moving

A goodbye that took me a semester, and some distance, to write.

Jul 16 2016 | Discussion

The HackMIT 2016 Puzzle Just Launched

and it'll (probably) take you all across the Internet

Jul 16 2016 | Discussion

This is where my decisions have taken me

perspectives from grad school

Jul 15 2016 | Discussion

Alien in America

A display of feelings; a post that might not make any sense.

Jul 14 2016 | Discussion

what are we to do?

we are not helpless in the face of injustice.

Jul 13 2016 | Discussion

These are the drones you’re looking for

Aerospace engineers: what do they do in their free time?

Jul 12 2016 | Discussion

Life of a Black Person

A followup to the amazing Black Lives Matter Post

Jul 11 2016 | Discussion

A Guide to Farmer’s Markets

We found lychee in a hopeless place.

Jul 10 2016 | Discussion

We Made the World We’re Living In, and We Have to Make It Over

Envisioning alternative futures

Jul 10 2016 | Discussion

Black Lives Matter

until they don't.

Jul 8 2016 | Discussion

The New Iron Man is a 15-year-old MIT Student

and lives in my freshman year dorm

Jul 8 2016 | Discussion

A Summer Reading List

The exciting hobby that I never have time for during the school year...

Jul 5 2016 | Discussion

snapshot of the last two weeks

picture of my brain

Jul 1 2016 | Discussion

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