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Fatima A. '25


hii!! i’m Fatima and i am a '25 from Pakistan. At the moment, i am a math major with some interest to double major in computer science. i love writing and will try to make a poem out of almost everything. i will romanticize the very mundane and tell you twice a day that something is ~so poetic~.

i live in Next House and i hate walking. on the contrary, i do love people and do a lot of things that involve people. having had at least two cups of milk tea every day for most of my life, i love milk tea! if you don’t, we can’t be friends, sorry not sorry.

my go-to mode of expressing excitement is repeating the last letter in all my messages and using too many exclamation points(they are the only valid punctuation!)

and why i am here? the only hope is to slow time down with our slightly longer stories and slightly unimportant details.