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browser archaeology by Fatima A. '25

(fatima's version)

inspired by Alan’s browser archaeology post, I started looking at the tabs open on my phone to see if such a post would be worth doing. it was then, looking at the over 1500 tabs open, that I realized that I had likely not closed any tabs01 any is an overstatement but it was pretty bad... in the last 3 years, since I got my phone.

after closing the many repeated tabs of instagram, NYT games, gradescope, canvas, “<enter any city I have lived in the last 3 years> weather,” that I got it down to about 1300, which is still pretty bad.

then, I just decided to write about the most recent (I think?) 105 tabs open, because why not! will follow a similar format to Alan’s post :)

poems (18)

articles (12)

this is me mostly fooling you into reading more about poetry!

MIT websites (10)

  • MIT Integration Bee
  • Margaret Cheney Room, one of my favorite places on campus to take naps!
  • Student Lending Art Program. I participated in SLAP this year and got a piece of art to hang in my room for the fall!
  • how-to-dormspam. probably for someone else, I have never dormspammed myself!
  • hydrant. as one does.
  • DormCon’s REX website
  • Battlecode 2022 website
  • Math Learning Center
  • Hayden Library
  • Widener Library (that’s MIT, whatever do you mean!)

math (13)

I don’t have much math on my phone because I will keep to-read links somewhere more organized and also mostly read on my computer or iPad. these are mostly me struggling for my life.

physics/astro (3)

only a couple of articles here!

leave me alone i don’t know english (5)

wow fatima, you live in london? (3)

games you should not be playing (2)

wikipedia (5)

minus the wikipedia articles that already fit in other categories, here are the remaining few, which are truly a collection.

media (7)

I don’t really know how to classify this, I am just making up categories at this point. I think the first couple are probably from someone giving me recommendations and me just writing them down although I have no recollection.04 wait, I have a vague feeling this may have been Ross Gay.

places (3)

random (15)

???? (9)

  • “ragcat”
  • “crystal boba”
  • “bolognese dog”
  • “farkas lemma rock band song.” I have no idea what this means and I am too afraid to find out.
  • “raisins”
  • “how long does it take to fill an air mattress” (the real question I should have asked: how many MIT students does it take to fill an air mattress. the answer, three.)
  • “phalian”
  • “diamond rattlesnake”
  • “owo city”
  1. any is an overstatement but it was pretty bad... back to text
  2. today I learned this means you only live once... back to text
  3. Classical Mechanics II. I took this with Matthew during IAP 2023! back to text
  4. wait, I have a vague feeling this may have been Ross Gay. back to text
  5. south asian association of students back to text